Guide to UNIX Using Linux PDF î UNIX Using PDF/EPUB

Guide to UNIX Using Linux (Networking (Course Technology)) Written with a clear straightforward writing style and packed with step by step projects for direct hands on learning Guide to UNIX Using Linux E is the perfect resource for learning UNIX and Linux from the ground up Through the use of practical examples end of chapter reviews and interactive exercises novice users are transformed into confident UNIX Linux users who can employ utilities master files manage and uery data create scripts access a network or the Internet and navigate popular user interfaces and software The updated th edition incorporates coverage of the latest versions of UNIX and Linux including new versions of Red Hat Fedora SUSE and Ubuntu Linux A new chapter has also been added to cover basic networking utilities and several other chapters have been expanded to include additional information on the KDE and GNOME desktops as well as coverage of the popular OpenOffice office suite With a strong focus on universal UNIX and Linux commands that are transferable to all versions of Linux this book is a must have for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge of these systems

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