The God Function: A Spiritual Journey into Cosmic

The God Function: A Spiritual Journey into Cosmic Consciousness for Attracting Abundance, Controlling Circumstances, and Manifesting Miracles FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OFHOW TO ATTRACT MONEY USING MIND POWERIf you are a fan of metaphysics uantum physics mind power spirituality and spiritual growth self help human potential personal development motivation and the Law of Attraction then you will love this bookThis just might be the most original and thought provoking book on God ever written It takes you beyond the common uestions and debate concerning whether or not God exists and what God might be like if It does exist You will learn that although the concept of God is up for debate The God Function should appear as an obvious fact to any fair minded personThe God Function is a mechanism existing within the very fabric of creation that acts as God is generally said and thought to act The actions of The God Function have been observed recorded and reported by insightful individuals throughout human history In this remarkable little book you will learn how The God Function works and you will learn how you can work The God Function to transform your life into what you have dreamed it can beTable of Contents It Doesnt MatterIts a MechanismThe Concept of GodThe God that FunctionsHarmonious AlignmentDays with GodLive Your Life RightGods InstrumentGod PersonifiedYour Natural FlowGods InfluenceDivine InterventionA Wake Up CallA Life TransformedFrom the book Your life will be transformed to the degree that you accept the validity of The God Function invite it into your experience and act in ways harmonious with how The God Function operates This is not a complex process so dont make it one

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