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Nobodys Perfect What a great book It is not only a great baseball book but also a great lesson in life Both of these men handled themselves in such a classy way under difficult circumstances I am especially impressed with Armando Gallarraga if only everyone could conduct their lives the way he has conducted his He is a real role model for kids when most athletes are not Jim Joyce also has my admiration for the way he took responsibility for his actions When the incident happened I was mad at him and couldn't imagine what he was thinking now I know and I admire him It was the most difficult for him but he handled it like a man I was also very interested and impressed with the way everyone involved handled the situation from everyone in the Tiger organization to the other umpires to GM for their generous gift to our Almost Perfect pitcher I truly enjoyed this book especially because I am a Tiger fan but I think anyone baseball fan or not could learn valuable life lessons from reading this book All baseball fans have seen the ending of Armando Galarraga’s almost perfect game almost perfect because of the botched call at first base by acclaimed umpire Jim Joyce We were fascinated by how everyone in the ballpark saw the play as an out as verified by instant reply aside from one person whose opinion is the only one that mattered And in the middle of all this heartbreak and mayhem stood this young kid from Venezuela and his unexplainable smile I was hooked into purchasing and reading this book based on the plethora of good reviews but it turns out that the story that concerned the fateful call on June 2 2010 didn’t have too much ground to cover The saving grace of this book as with most sporting biographies is the coverage of the featured character’s journeys up the professional ladder I appreciate learning the complete story of which should have been the 21st perfect game in professional baseball but it should be acknowledged as simply a solid afternoon read rather than an all time favorite wow really good book i really like how the two have alternative chapters through out the book the thing i like the most is how Galaragga teaches others how to react when something goes wrong we might get mad but it doesn't matter what you feel like in the inside than it's how you look on the outside he smiles because he can't be mad because he's having to much fun and nothing will bring him down this book is about one of the most talked games in history of baseball and wriiten to full deatil and reaction and what the went through both of them to get too the point that they were at when the perfect game was underway A great book to read if you're a fan of the Tigers or a fan of baseball in general Interesting to hear the stories of two very different people coming up through the system and coming together on the field for such an historic game The perfect game is one of the rarest accomplishments in sports No hits no walks no men reaching base In nearly four hundred thousand contests in than 130 years of Major League Baseball it has only happened twenty times On June 2 2010 Armando Galarraga threw baseball’s twenty first perfect game Except that’s not how it entered the record booksThat’s because Jim Joyce a veteran umpire with than twenty years of big league experience the man voted the best umpire in the game in 2010 by baseball’s players missed the call on the final out at first base “No I did not get the call correct” Joyce said after seeing a replay But rather than throw a tantrum Galarraga simply turned and smiled went back to the mound and took care of business “Nobody’s perfect” he said later in the locker roomIn Nobody’s Perfect Galarraga and Joyce come together to tell the personal story of a remarkable game that will live forever in baseball lore and to trace their fascinating lives in sports up until this pivotal moment It is an absorbing insider’s look at two lives in baseball a tremendous achievement and an enduring moment of sportsmanship After retiring twenty six batters in a row Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga is one pitch away from achieving a perfect game one of the rarest feats in all of professional sports Then Indians shortstop Jason Donald smacks a 1 1 pitch toward the right side of the infield and takes off full bore to first base Galarraga runs over to cover first base and the throw from first baseman Miguel Cabrera is on the mark just ahead of Donald’s foot Perfect gameAnd then veteran umpire Jim Joyce raises his arms and calls “Safe” Immediately after the game Joyce watched the replay and knew right away he not only made a mistake but he also robbed Armando Galarraga of his place in baseball history Sure it’s just a game but sometimes the game reveals important things about humans and what happened next was extraordinaryJim Joyce admitted his mistake in front of reporters and apologized face to face to Armando Galarraga Joyce invited Commissioner Bud Selig to fine or suspend him He accepted full responsibility for his mistake and invited the conseuences of his error And Galarraga did something extraordinary too He immediately forgave Jim Joyce and then went home to walk his dog and take his wife out for midnight cheeseburgers at SonicI clearly remember the media coverage of this incident and how impressed I was by the grace displayed by both men There is no shortage of stories of professional athletes behaving despicably but this story featured two professionals behaving not uite heroically maybe but certainly admirablyIn Nobody’s Perfect Daniel Paisner strains a bit to make a book out of one split second botched call but I enjoyed reading about Galarraga’s path to professional baseball from his middle class upbringing in Caracas Venezuela and Joyce’s journey to professional umpiring Paisner expertly captures the voices of Galarraga and Joyce presenting them in alternating chapters leading up to the moment that forever links them in baseball history Nobody's Perfect is the non fictional account of major league pitcher Armando Galarraga's perfect gameonly it was never officially recorded as a perfect game because umpire Jim Joyce botched what should have been the last call of the game and called a runner safe who was clearly outI am a baseball fan and as such I enjoyed this book I think even those readers who are not baseball fans would enjoy this book for its human interest elements Galarraga handles his disappointment with a great deal of grace and forgiveness toward Joyce who openly shares with the reader the strong emotions he felt after the callThe book also contains many chapters about the paths these gentlemen took toward the major leagues I found the story of Jim Joyce's path to major league umpiring particularly interesting Most of us have probably heard about the path a variety of pro athletes have taken but never before had I heard the behind the scenes information about the path of an umpireThe book is fast moving Some of the writing is a bit choppy as I believe the writer Daniel Paisner tried to be faithful to the words of Galarrage and Joyce It did not distract from my enjoyment of the book howeverA satisfying read Good read for any baseball fan but even if you are not a baseball fan this is a great story of how to react in difficult situations Galarraga made the best of a bad call and did not care his spot in history was taken away from a bad call The umpire suffered great regret about taking away a spot in history but immediately owned up to his mistake and continued on with his job and trying to do the best he could to own up to his mistake In a situation where so many would not own up to their mistake or where so many would hold a grudge and not forgive it is refreshing to see how two humans can handle a difficult situation in a way that we all wish we could if we were in similar situations Overall I was highly disappointed Most of the book has nothing to do with the game or the call but with AG's growth and baseball career from being a teenager If you want to learn how Venezuelans become Baseball players in America this book gives you some idea of that The Switching between characters was a nice touch but I appreciated the Jim Joyce articles much simply because they were not written in God Awful English This book was an obvious marketing ploy just looking for money and the only reason I did not rank it lower was the fact that it contained useful information on Umpiring playing and toward the end the Infamous call For anyone who saw the call or has heard about the call this is a book worth reading It goes back and forth between the two men and what they were thinking before and after the callBoth men come off as very humble and respectful of one another I think in not throwing the perfect game Galarraga could be famous now As for Joyce it is hard for him because he is one of the most respected umps in the game and now he has to deal with this However he handled it with class admitting his mistake a good read for any baseball fan

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