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Lola Carlyle Reveals All When ex supermodel Lola Carlyle learns that some very ahem private photos of herself are being peddled on the Internet she hides out where there's sun and she thinks safety until the gossip dies out Then the private yacht she's blissfully napping on is commandeered by some man who says his name is Max Zamora and that he works for the governmentIt sounds crazy but Max is telling the truth his cover's been blown he's on the run and now he's confronted by a very angry and beautiful woman He's seen Lola before barely clothed on covers of fashion magazines But she's beautiful in person From the top of her pert blonde head to the tips of her little painted toes Max finds her sexy curvy and a pain in the butt And that's before she blows up the shipNow the unlikely pair is stranded in the middle of the ocean it's getting very hot not just from the sun and Lola is about to reveal it all Complete fluff It kind of ended in a HFN happy for now as I really could not get behind Lola and Max staying together forever At some point he would be restless and resentful and her amazing double D's would fail to sidetrack him from his boredom The plot was a little thin although I respect Ms Gibson for having done some obvious research into tactical ops The sex scenes were decent but that's really the only chemistry there was between the characters IMONOT my favorite by Ms Gibson she has better books to offer Lola Carlyle is an ex supermodel who falls for Max Zamora an ex Navy Seal turned black opsLola has escaped to a private island in the Bahamas to get away from all the attention generated from nude pictures circulating on the internet thanks to her ex fiancé SamMax Zamora on assignment in the Bahamas in which his cover has been blown takes control of the Dora Mae a private yacht Unknown to Max Lola is aboard sleeping as he does so The two end up stranded in the Atlantic OceanHere the story just dies for me The time frame from when they are stranded to the time they manage to escape is very long The story stalls picks up a little and then stalls again They get stranded in chapter two and they manage to escape at chapter 11 This part takes place over the period of one week; in reading it it felt like several months It just seemed to go on forever without a whole lot of actionThey go their separate ways after escapingbeing rescued but of course eventually wind up back together Here the story stalls again and just doesn’t come alive for meIn the end they do come together and have a happily ever after but to me it was sloppy and contrivedOne Star 12252014 Re read and loved it all over again05292012 5 StarsWhy Because I did I just loved this story I'll say this a few times before this review is over I think this is my favorite Rachel Gibson I only have two to read so can safely say this is the BOMBSomehow she is always consistent I love her stories I love her characters She takes us deep but only for a moment Like the great tease She isn't afraid of hair pullin' passion for her characters She can make a kiss tender angry raunchy or just plain inside out intimate This book was a bit different than her series books It is the story of Lola Carlyle She is a former swimsuit model who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time In comes Max Zamora Don’t you just love these names Max is on a mission for the government and absconds with the yacht Lola is on in order to escape a Columbian drug lord whose son he just killed Long story It all goes south in a hurryWe meet Baby Doll He is the 1yr old Yorkie son of Lola He is integral to this story and helps us fall in love with Max Max loves to hate BD won't call the damned dog Baby Doll too pussyRG knows how to tell a story She keeps them light until they’re not I laughed out loud reading this and got tears in my eyes during other moments I was angry with Lola angry for Lola I loved and hated Max This is one of those perfect reads I absolutely loved itI think anyone could find something they liked in this book I loved the scene Lola thinks she is going to die We have three rowdy drug runners hootin’ it up on the beach with loud Mexican Fiesta music within hearing distance of her and Max They have guns Lola and Max do not Baby Doll has been discovered and nabbed and Lola is heartsick Lola begs Max to “love” her and he does boy does he And trying to have sex in the bushes really great sex in the bushes and be uiet Stuff of legendsJust loved this story and just know you will too if you give it a goHappy Reading 35 Stars

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Lola Carlyle Reveals All
  • Rachel Gibson
  • English
  • 05 November 2016
  • 9780380814398

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