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Multiple City Founded by the chieftain Kempe Gowda around 1537 the story of Bangalore has no grand linear narrative The location has revealed different facets to settlers and passers through The city the site of bloody battles between the British and Tipu Sultan was once attached to the glittering court of Mysore Later it became a cantonment town where British troops were stationed Over time it morphed into a city of gardens and lakes and the capital of Indian scientific research More recently it has been the hub of India’s information technology boom giving rise to Brand Bangalore an Indian city whose name is recognized globally Hidden beneath these layers lies a cosmopolitan city of sub cultures engaging artists and writers young geeks and students People from every corner of India and beyond now call it home In this collection of writings about a multi layered city there are stories from its history translations from Kannada literature personal responses to the city’s mindscape portraits of special citizens accounts of searches for lost communities and traditions among much UR Ananthamurthy writes about Bangalore’s Kannada identity; Shashi Deshpande maps the city through the places she has lived in since she was a young girl; Anita Nair draws a touching portrait of a florist who celebrates the glories of the Raj; Ramachandra Guha describes his close bond with Bangalore’s most unusual bookseller; and Rajmohan Gandhi recounts the Mahatma’s trysts with the city From traditional folk ballads to a nursery rhyme about Bangalore from poems to blogs from reproductions of turn of the twentieth century picture postcards to cartoons Multiple City is the portrait of a metropolis trying to retain its roots as it hurtles into the future

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  1. Pallavi Kamat Pallavi Kamat says:

    A great collection of poems fiction and non fictiom about the city founded by Kempe Gowda Bangalore is variously known as pensioners' paradise city of gardens lakes and the Silicon Valley of India

  2. Smitha Murthy Smitha Murthy says:

    The city I grew up in Bangalore continues to fascinate me with its secret stories of history and nostalgia I am a bit late to the scene For most of my childhood and also my adulthood I am not sure there is a difference I was a Bangalorean who didn't bother to know the city I knew it enough by being born here didn't I? That attitude hasn't taken me very far So it's with some anger at myself that I have taken to reading about my beloved crumbling city over the past year or so These essays have been carefully curated and while some are dull together they serve to represent Bangalore this is Bangalore interesting mundane rich poor chaotic calm cultural and modern hell all at once

  3. Aditi Mahale Aditi Mahale says:

    An excellent read for anyone who wants to know about the origins and development of this city From its lake phase to the garden phase to the IT city that it has become now The book is an anthology of writings from several known and unknown writers including RK Narayan Mahatma Gandhi Winston Churchill Ramchandra Guha Pankaj Mishra Thomas L Friedman and others A walk down memory lane it makes you want to discover the old Bangalore of South Parade and the Cantonment of wanting to eat and sit in on debates in the lanes of Basavanagudi and the 'pets' The books balances the old and the new very well to create enough intrigue to make the reader want to spend weekends looking up the places mentioned Personally I loved the old city stories the Kempegowda story and the link between Cubbon park and Central Park in New York Definitely a recommendation

  4. Indian Indian says:

    The book of 40 short stories cartoon strips translations from Kannada poems in English with the basic theme of BangaloreGives a goof historical gist of Bangalore Britishers built it first as an military cantonment to keep watch over the Mysore Maharaja who was installed by the Brits after they got rid of the erstwhile ruler Tipu Sultan So that explains how Bangalore old city cantonment were built power was shifted from Mysore to Bangalore only after Independence how the first Chief Minister got the impressive Vidhan Soudha built to parallel the best of the Raj Era buildingsFascinating are the accounts of Sir Venkat Raman as the Chairman of IISC Bangalore during 1940's the Jew settlements of the city the Koramangala lake which was transformed into posh area the transgender community the old timers who were truely into a cosmopolitan city of India next only to MumbaiHow Kempe Gowda founder of the city built the first fortified areas of the then city how LalBagh was built as gardens by Hyder Ali RK Narayan's commissioned stories featuring Karnataka by the state govt the food joints of the Udupi's the Agrahara's Agrahara means Brahmin CommunitiesBesides Dalrymple's account of the first KFC joint in India set in Bangalore in 1997 Thomas Friedman's Bangalore coverage over Infosys a wide gamut of stories spread over 1500 to 2009A recommended read for anyone interested in the city's history

  5. Swati Swati says:

    What a delightful book Filled with essays articles poems and cartoons on Bangalore this book gives you a multi directional perspective on the city I never knew that Bangalore had a Jewish albeit small population and that one of them went on to become the President of Israel; that Woody's on Commercial Street was formerly one of the biggest shoe shops in the country; that Premier Bookshop had such a rich cultural history interleaved with that of Bangalore While a few of the essays were really dry and bordered on dull much of the other content in the book is brimming with details and reads like deftly painted vignettes of various aspects and neighbourhoods of the city Read this book if you are eternally in love with Bangalore like me

  6. gramakri gramakri says:

    51 short pieces of writings with a common theme Bangalore cover the entire life span of the city right from the days of its foundation being laid by Kempe Gowda to its current transformation into IT Capital of IndiaSelections both originals and translations from a wide variety of literary genre stories poems plays articles book extracts blogs etc are employed to convey the multi faceted multi cultural nature of BangaloreA must read for every present past and aspiring citizens of Bangalore More details athttpbookwormsrecosblogspotin201

  7. Ramya Ramya says:

    If you are interested in the history of Bangalore citydo read this bookThe book is a collection of writings about Bangalore Time range is from the time of Kempegowda's Bangalooru to present day BangaloreFrom the way the city was laid outthe foodancient festivalscommunitiesscience strongholdold architecture to city specific caricatures by famous artists

  8. Adam Adam says:

    The Jewish community in Bangalore the late lamented Premier Bookshop these are two of the subjects in this interesting anthology of articles about Bangalore BengaluruA good companion for citizens of and visitors to the city

  9. Mukul Lele Mukul Lele says:

    Starts with some history and past stories of Bangalore It mentions how Bangalore was formed events in the past etc Later it also gives insights about important areas of Bangalore like Sadashivnagar Basavanagudi Good to read this part Other snippets from old novels and poems written by Kannada authors didn't interest me

  10. Hareesh Hareesh says:

    An engaging collection of short essays about BangaloreBengaluru The ones dealing with the history of the city and it's founding were a real treat to read

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