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Sprawl and Politics Sprawl and Politics is a political history of the origin enactment and implementation of Maryland's well known Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation initiative It is an insider's look at the political pressures and decisions made by Parris N Glendening the former governor of Maryland and his top staff as they worked to enact and implement a new program to manage growth and curtail sprawl The book traces the evolution of the Smart Growth program from its substantive underpinnings to the political and public relations strategies needed to assure the program's adoption

  • ebook
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  • Sprawl and Politics
  • John Frece
  • English
  • 04 October 2014
  • 9780791478424

6 thoughts on “Sprawl and Politics

  1. Bruce Bruce says:

    This short book is an excellent portrayal of politics It shows that egos play a large role at the top but that teamwork and compromise can get the job of governance done On the flip side it also shows that when you get an uncaring governor elected what his predecessor has done to improve the state falls by the wayside Fortunately for Maryland that governor was only a one term governor and the legislature remained heavily democratic The chapters are short and easily read and the ending chapter provides a synopsis of what is needed to get a policy accepted and 'institutionalized'

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