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My Fathers Dream It’s a tantalizing offer to anyone fallen on hard times Here’s a business that promises to make you 150000 in your spare time in just a couple of years All it costs to get started is 250—and a dream A salesman from the network marketing company Amway made this pitch to Erik German’s father in the early 1980s and touched off the darkest chapter in his family’s past Two decades later armed with a reporter’s notebook German investigates the grim reality behind the gleaming promises of a company that offers personal deliverance in the service of selling soap

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  1. Trixie Fontaine Trixie Fontaine says:

    Nothing super fancy but after I read the sample I wanted to read the rest of the story which is pretty straightforward about this one family and this one business organization but it's hard to read without feeling this one story says a lot not just about how Amway hijacks dreams but how American culture values and business ethics or lack thereof encourage the same Definitely not preachy and doesn't try to jump out of the confines of the story to make big judgments like that but the brainwashing and the buying into the empty promises feel so familiar and endemic to our culture that it just felt so hollow and SAD that at the same time it is still so alluring that it sidetracks you from what you really want by pretending to give you something you desperately need easy moneyTight well done little piece that is just the right amount of moving for reading on a lunch break

  2. Saloni Mittal Saloni Mittal says:

    I cried a little inside by the time I finishedLoved itmust read A true picture I was almost going to get lured in one such setting But the book saved me

  3. Janette Fuller Janette Fuller says:

    Have you ever heard of Amway? I imagine each one of you answered a resounding YES to that uestion Amway is a direct selling company and manufacturer that uses network marketing to sell a variety of products primarily in the health beauty and home care markets It was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVoss I recently read My Father's Dream Kindle Single by Erik German This is a poignant story about how Erik's father uit his job as a journalist and went to work selling Amway products as an independant network marketer in the early 1980s Roger German's family had fallen on hard times and a close family member introduced them to the Amway opportunity at a time when the family was in desparate need of extra income This business promises to make you 150000 in your spare time in just a couple of years All it costs to get started is 250 and a dream Roger worked hard and recruited over 100 people to sell under him but instead of making a profit he amassed a crushing Amway related debt The author tells about the night when his tearful and incoherent father was standing in the kitchen of their home The family had an empty gas tank out in the yard an empty gas tank in the car empty cupboards and an empty band account It was a final culmination of bills due and no money to pay them The family went to live in the basement of Erik's paternal grandparents home for eighteen months His parents both worked constantly to pay off the debts After they moved out of his grandparent's home his father found work as a remodeling contractor and gave up journalism for good Two decades later Erik German is an investigative journalist and sets out to learn how Amway works and how it failed his family Mr German reveals Amway's formula for recruiting and motivating sales people The author found that the secret to making big bucks with Amway is not selling the products but by selling motivational books and tapes to your recruits I highly recommend this book It should be reuired reading for anyone considering a network marketing opportunity Read it and weep

  4. Ary Chest Ary Chest says:

    Wow The writing in this was on a level I did not expect It was fantastic Commentary on materialism the American Dream desperation and hard choices are woven in the short story that spans decades and results in the same downfall every time

  5. Mary Anne Mary Anne says:

    This is the story of one family's experience with the Amway dream For that family there was no dream realized just a mountain of debt failure and heartbreak The story is written by Erik and tells about his father's invovlement with Amway as a means to make extra money to support his young family on a beginning journalist's paycheck This was a very short kindle single and an easy read It was informative on how Amway pulls people in with visions of a rosy future when they are in desperate need of a dream Definitely should be read by anyone considering getting involved with Amway or similar company

  6. Nenette Nenette says:

    I never got the hang of network or multi level marketing I tried it once for a company that sells skin care products but had to uit even with uite an investment already It's really not my cup of tea After reading this story most of my thoughts were reaffirmed they're not so nice thoughts so I won't write them here I give it to the people who go into multi level with the aim to really sell and in the process earn something for themselves but not for those who are set to earn big time no matter who gets hurt in the process

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