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  • Paperback
  • 125 pages
  • Sooner or Later
  • Bruce Hart
  • English
  • 05 September 2016
  • 9780380429783

10 thoughts on “Sooner or Later

  1. Carla Carla says:

    I came across this book in one of my trunks I have kept it since the first time I read it and fell for Bruce and Carole Hart's writingAs I turned each page the flash of me as a teen filled with wonder excitement and lost within the pages hit which had me devouring the book in under an hourA great an easy read filled with the high emotions of a 13 year old girl trying to come into her own as she is attracted to a 17 year old boy I might have read Judy Blume but the Harts understood meJessie Walters is like every girl was when I was growing up I even think I was a form of Jessie She uickly finds herself attracted to Michael Skye and the torment deception angst beginsThis is the first of Jessie and Michael's trilogySimple writing fast read but 5 stars because for an hour I was a teen again

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I first saw the television adaptation of this story then was delighted and surprised to find the novel in the YA section of my local bookstore I actually like the book than the movie It treats teenage love with the reverence it deserves I also related so strongly to Jessie's desire for romance glamor and excitement at the young age of thirteen The prospect of leaving my suburban home in NJ with a rock star harkened back to my earliest David Cassidy fantasies Yep I wanted to run away with David Cassidy when I was 5 Call me precociousThe two seuels to this book Waiting Games and Now or Never are eually strong I was happy they didn't let me down as this story has always been dear to my heart

  3. The The says:

    Sex education is a joke Precocious 13 year old Jessie Walters surmises about three seconds before getting caught reading Babylon in Flames when she's supposed to be watching a Sex Ed filmstrip Oops I guess the joke's on her because about three pages later she meets Michael Skye the shaggy haired 17 year old suburban rockstar and Atlanta transplant strutting his stuff at the local mall in Hackensack Jessie decides it's true love and so naturally cannot tell Michaeldid I mention she just happens to stumble into a Eddie Nova's guitar studio and Michael happens to be the teacheranything remotely resembling the truth about herself If I remember correctly the cheesy 1979 movie starring the baby goddess Denise Miller most recently seen in the lesbo romcom April's Shower and Rex Smith came first and then the novel Jessie is adorable and smart and innocent but at the same time very savvy Still she's THIR FUCKING TEEN and as her friend Caroline astutely points out Older boys are different They're like MEN only youngerThe prose is a bit dodgy and reads something like thisMichael is sexyMichael is sexy?Is that a chicken on the lawn?Michael and I should be rolling on the lawnand so forth Still rereading it made me feel 13 again and I had to watch the movie and listen to the soundtrack namely You Take My Breath Away sang in all kinds of cheesetastic glittery earnest by Rex Smith sigh

  4. Steph Anne Steph Anne says:

    I dedicate this review to my 13 year old self who read this book a total of 30 times I kept count I still find the story very touching and will admit to owning a copy of the film gone are the days when a career could be made by appearing in the right TV movie at the right time see Rex Smith

  5. Gina Sharp Gina Sharp says:

    I read this when I was a young teenager and loved it It was one of those books that made me fall in love wth reading I found it and rebought it at a used book store and it is still sitting on myshelf now that I am 41 yrs old

  6. J.J. Johnson J.J. Johnson says:

    Wooo doggy Talk about judging a book by its cover and blurb My friend and I bought this book and its seuel for a uarter each at the paperback exchange when I was 12 ish I hid them from my mom I can't say it was transcendent writing but obvs it was transcendent reading for a 12 13 year old Stayed with me all these years Of course I loved Judy Blume as well but these stuck with me as scandalous AND mind reading I remember so much of it lines like if you buy a bra it's like buying a garage for your car and then you're sure to get breasts unless I'm remembering wrong I must re read these books pronto Where can I find them??

  7. Joanie Joanie says:

    I loved this book when I was younger and loved the movie adaptation too A 13 year old girl gets a makeover at the mall and then goes to see a band play also in the mall of course and catches the eye of the lead singer can't remember if he's over or under 18 but he's right around there She winds up taking guitar lessons from him and pretending to be older and they start dating but he has no idea how old she is Everyone I knew read this book in junior high loved it

  8. Zamora Zamora says:

    It helped that while reading this book this beautiful face stayed in my mind I really loved the movie and the book added even layers on it I'm going to read the next in the series

  9. Arlene Allen Arlene Allen says:

    Ah the movie of the same name made a star of Rex Smith Who? If you grew up in the 70's you would know himhe was also Daredevil in the Incredible Hulk tv series The book was okay; it was Rex we loved

  10. Loraine Kelley Loraine Kelley says:

    Great read about becoming a teen and learning about boys and dating

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