The Challenge of Creation Judaism's Encounter with Science

The Challenge of Creation Judaism's Encounter with Science Cosmology and Evolution This should be reuired reading for anyone interested in the confluence of science and Judaism I was enthralled by Slifkin's direct use of secular and religious sources with a thorough analysis of each argument and how it may or may not be in conflict with various strains of thought Also the book is far from dry and answers uestions about the Torah and evolution that I did not even realize I had I cannot recommend this book enough to an audience that is searching for resolution to conflicts of religion and science I've read many books on Science vs Torah debate This is one of the best Rabbi Nathan Slifkin never guesses he uses watertight logic along with commentaries of very well known Jewish sages to cover the first few chapters of Bereishit He's both a scholar and a scientist and both of these ualities will hopefully satisfy both skeptic and believerHis approach makes so much sense I closed this book hungry for of his writing Some impressive rhetoric but seriously lacks rigor to account as a serious philosophy or even apologetics books Still the best and most honest to a degree I've seen in the Judaism department I hearty recommend you give it a read if you're interested in the subject Carefully methodically and eschewing sensationalistic or dogmatic claims in favor of reasoned analysis it shows how some of the greatest Jewish thinkers explained Judaism and Genesis in a way that complements modern science rather than conflicts with it The Challenge of Creation is an invaluable resource for anyone grappling with conflicts between science and religion It is a profound work that is sure to become a classic

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