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  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    Yarooh rof tenhsif sgnikcotsThis volume is about magic in the DC universe ie Superman’s bitch Paul Dini one of the movers behind Batman The Animated Series is the big contributor here What you have is solid stripped down storytelling – no crossovers no big events no cameos by Batman The Spectre Detective Chimp Bobo please and Dale Colton do make appearancesZatanna a magician is not a major player in the DC universe but here she gets a worthy collection of stories Her background is explored – she hates puppets she threw up on Oscar the Grouch she uses flash cards to memorize words backwards A nice blend of workman like art humor and action are a befitting tribute to a strong well developed and fascinating characteruestion Was there ever a continuation of the Brother Night storyline?If you want a fairly coherent version of DC superhero comics I would highly recommend checking these out along with Superman the JLA incarnations and Batman Beyond on DVD Sadly DC did not take a cue from this for building their cinema worldShe casts her spells by saying the words of the spell backwards Example Snug otni stibbar Guns into rabbits Also see top of page

  2. Gavin Gavin says:

    Dini has always written great Batman stuff and Zatanna was one who showed up in a few of those To read her in her own book is interesting because she's always doing something different and yet always battling evil but still sometimes only on a minor scale It is also nice to see her cosmic scale and how major she is Interacting with The Spectre for one Though there's no Batman appearance that's OK I would like to see of Dale Colton and Brother Nighttoo bad this is the Second and Final Volume of Dini's series and now she's been rebooted for New 52but maybe we'll see something there?

  3. Robert Robert says:

    m'I lla tuoba annataZ This was wonderful stuff charming refreshing not overly burdened by the weight of backstory and mythology at times outright hilarious at times downright disturbing That this character is not being tapped for a film or TV adaptation or at least her own monthly series is a real shame

  4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    These Zatanna graphic novels are great I like the sense of whimsy and fun mixed with the intrinsic warning that magic can have an allure and be misused and abused by dark forces While I am afraid of clowns than puppets I can completely see Zatanna's trepidation when it comes to puppets And it turns out she has excellent reason for it The story arc about the puppet was spooky in a good way and it had plenty of twists to it Zatanna's stories go from humorous to very dark and while Zatanna is a character with an inner light she is very well euipped to handle even the worst magical bulliesUnfortunately this series got cancelled with the 52 reboot so we don't get to see the conclusion of the Brother Night story I hope that they come out with Zatanna adventures outside of her work with the Justice League Dark I really like her style

  5. Logan Logan says:

    Good So this wasn't too bad Unfortunately this is the last volume as this series came out just before The New 52; so this collects the last 10 issues This definitely wasn't a finale you'd expect as it is very much just 5 6 short stories Some stories were very good and some were just okay but overall I liked it The Artwork also changed each story; the stand out being the 3 4 issues; Cliff Chiang Who did the artwork for most of New 52 Wonder Woman did; I really just like that kind of artwork Some stand out issues; was this one issue with an intense action scene; you'd expect to see in a batman comic I don't think Paul Dini wrote all of them though there were many teams working on this volume which may throw some people off as like I said there's no real main plot; just the random misadventures of Zatanna But overall a nice volume

  6. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    I really felt that the book series took off after this story Sadly it appears that the company wide reboot killed this in its infancy

  7. Roy Gloeckl Roy Gloeckl says:

    I loved this collection of stories They really showcase what makes Zatanna one of my favorite characters Her wit playfulness and sass Not to mention her powers As a writer it seems only natural that I would love a heroine whose powers originate from her usage of words In one of these stories we see a tween Zatanna fresh from the orthodontist She's sloshing her words so badly not to mention spraying everyone in range that no one can understand her While she's at the mall a robbery occurs Trying to live up to the example of her father she pursues the crook but realizes that with the braces on her spells won't work That's when she spies a Speak 'n Spell in an educational toy store She snatches up the display model types in a backwards spell and conjures a cage from her bracesAnother story pits Zatanna against a trashy hick with a nasty looking sword with a fairy chained to it Imbued with the fairy's energy the sword is incredibly deadly and is able to cause a uick rewind in time When Zatanna attempts to stop him she learns that with this rewind ability he is causing her backwards spells to go the other way negating them completely The solution come up with palindrome spells Pretty clever on the writer's part I thinkGreat stories Read 'em

  8. Joshua Joshua says:

    Paul Dini does an incredible job with this book he makes me want to read Zantana books

  9. Liv Liv says:

    A fun read with a variety of stories I love Zatanna

  10. Kite Johnson Kite Johnson says:

    Shades of the Past is the second trade paperback finishing off Paul Dini’s run on Zatanna as well as the finale of the book before the big New 52 relaunch Sadly this was not one of the books to be relaunched either in neither the first wave nor any of the subseuent ones It is uite a shame as well as she is a character with so much potential Currently though you can find her in Justice League Dark for all new adventuresI found this particular volume better than the first There was action in it which kept the story moving at a bit of a uicker pace and the stories themselves were interesting Also it felt like Dini himself got a better handle on the character and was comfortable writing her as the series progressed Compared to the first volume which I looked at earlier it was miles ahead better than the first Not to say that the first one was terrible but if I were to re read them I would definitely go for this oneThe best story dealt with a possessed marionette or accurately a man transformed into one by Zatanna’s father Zatara It was a good blend of story and action with just the right atmosphere to accompany it It was fun and creepy talking dolls and it had Zatara – one of the best characters ever It is not often we get to see Zatara in a comic and when it happens it is usually pretty awesome The other stories were good but this one was the best by far Good stuff all aroundOverall it was a very solid ‘second’ chapter of the ongoing series Again it would have been nice to see where Mr Dini would have taken us if the New 52 had never come alonghttpthetelltalemindwordpresscom

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Zatanna Shades of the Past The latest volume in the series starring the Mistress of MagicEverybody's got that one thing that just creeps them out beyond all reason For Zatanna Zatara it's puppetsCreepy horrible soul sucking puppets But why is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth scared of little wooden men in cheap suits Finding out is what's got Zee back in therapy but she might not uncover the truth before the truth comes Satanic sorcerer Brother Night lost his magical powers when Zatanna defeated him atop Mount Diablo But in prison he's forged a bloody pact that could make him the most dangerous nemesis she's ever faced Last time her friends barely escaped with their lives; this time they might not be so lucky