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Valley of Shadows This book was very interesting and a uick read The story of 2 strangers who come together unexpectadly and their trials of trying to keep each other alive in the face of drug lordsIt The story takes them from Va to Yhailand and backgood story line This book was not up to the standard of writing I have come to expect enjoy from Shirlee McCoyIt was not believable and seemed to drag on I finished it but it took awhile Very disappointed This was a great book I couldn't put it down once I started it So I have mixed feelings about this one which resulted in a 25 as the actual rating but I bumped it up for the star ratingMiranda Shelton was just going for a late night walk to clear her head on the eve of her nephew’s funeral She ends up at the funeral home that will be performing the burial not wanting to leave her nephew Justin alone after all the years of caring for him while his absent mother Miranda’s sister traversed the world as a model But what she finds there makes her blood run cold Two men about to kill another and put his body through the cremator Unable to standby and let it happen she springs into action complete with a flower pot???Hawke Morran is just working another deep cover job for the DEA when his cover gets blown Working at a disadvantage he does his best to take out his potential killers and gets help from the most unlikely of people A woman with soft eyes I think that’s how he describes them at some point Now he has to look out for himself AND her as the drug cartel gets him pinned with murder His goal get them both out of the country to Thailand where he can keep her safe while he goes directly to the source of the problem to clear their namesThis book is not as subtle as other Shirlee McCoy Christian romance novels This one kind of smacks you in the face with it repeatedly Long story It’s not a low key ‘I believe in God but I’m not going to heap it on your as a person who has lost faith’ type character thing This is a ‘my name is Miranda and I believe in god even though this horrible thing has happened to me And I know you doubt but you should trust in God and you too will see how he works in mysterious ways’ How Hawke comes aboutwell whatever but I feel like smacking someone over the head with a bible would be the only way to be less subtle in the writingShort story If you like God to be mentioned on repeat every couple of pages or so this one is for you I personally like the subtle Christian romancesHawke calls Miranda Babe every single time I think I can count on one hand how many times he called her by her name but I would have to go back and have a running tally of how often she was called Babe Babe Babe Babeplease any other term of endearment I beg you I watched Babe the movie far too many times as a kid to enjoy that endearment then a few times So that was a personal annoyanceAnother personal annoyance this book aims for the HEA Happily Ever After effect So they have known each other for about a week longer for Hawke 2 weeks because Miranda spends 5 days sleeping in the hospital But upon awaking Miranda and Hawke are MOVED to confess they want to be in each other’s life forever and that they love each otherMiranda gets home takes a month or two to sell off her business and her townhouse closer to a month somehow buys a new place in Virginia I think??? and is moving in when Hawke decides HEY I’m going to propose with a puppy and a ring Okay proposing with a puppy is a sure fire win I’ll admit And she accepts UghSo in two months if we are being generous they go from being complete strangers who had never seen each other before to engaged Beg your pardon what??? I am a huge fan of realistic times lines in my romance novels The fastest I have ever witnessed anyone get engaged in real life was 9 months and I was nervous for them But with a 15 month engagement it smoothed the worry So the only thing I think was handled well was there was absolutely NO mention of when they were going to get hitched So I just it’s of a HFN Happy For Now situation? I dunno Also Lauren should stick it Random feeling I needed to express Working deep undercover was dangerous Mercenary turned DEA agent Hawke Morran found out just how dangerous when his cover was suddenly blown His life hung in the balance until a mysterious woman saved him from certain deathHawke was a lone wolf used to bringing down the bad guys by himself Without a partner Yet now he and Miranda Shelton were running for their lives desperate to uncover the identity of Hawke's betrayor Journeying from the mountains of Lakeview Virginia to the valleys of Thailand Hawke vowed to protect the lovely Christian woman in his care A little unrealistic with some insta love but so action packed I don't care 45 rounded up to 5 I absolutely LOVED this book Seriously I did not want it to end It was completely up to parr with full length novels and one of the best Love Inspired Suspense books I've read Maybe that had something to do with the fact that I could totally picture Hawke as a Russell Crowe alla Proof of Life type of man just with longer hair insert grin here The characters were very well developed Miranda represented the everywoman She reacted how I think a lot of women would react in um lets say difficult circumstances At least how I would personally react maybe that's why I liked her character so much The suspense was superb and had me flipping the pages like a madwoman I really wish that it was a full length book for many reasons but most notably 1 Some people might not like the fact that all of the actionsuspenseromance takes place over a few days Some writers may not be able to handle that very well making the story seem hokey and unbelievable Shirlee McCoy however is not one of those writers The relationship between Hawke and Miranda actually comes across as genuine and real well developed versus thrown together before the final pages 2 The second reason is because I just didn't want to stop reading about this couple and their adventures Ha I wanted to read of their story because I was SO invested I highly recommend to readers who enjoy Ronie Kendig's books This is my umpteenth reading of this book and totally loved it We learn so much about how God brings the most unlikely of people together to overcome great obstacles Hawks and Miranda are so perfect for each other because they complement each other so well Miranda saves Hawke at the funeral parlor while saying goodbye to her nephew Justin He must take her with him to save her Lots of action and adventure in Thailand follow them as they try to clear their names loved this simple romance suspense

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