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The Magic School Bus Sees Stars Magic School Bus I was excited to use this book in my stars lesson but it just didn't have the info I was looking for It defines stars shows different sizes but doesn't go into color or why we can't see them during the day or even why they twinkle Still it has a place in the science center Children will love being able to imagine that they are in space while learning about stars don't be bossy and be honest Title Author The Magic School Bus Sees Stars by Joanna Cole1 Awards the book has received none2 Appropriate Grade Levels 1st 5th 3 Summary Ms Frizzle’s class wants to buy their friend Dorothy Ann a birthday gift after a mishap with the birthday gift they made her The TV is playing an infomercial saying you can buy stars Keesha won’t buy anything without seeing it first So Ms Frizzle gathers her class and they all head to the Magic School Bus or better yet Magic Space Bus where they all take a trip to the space and visitlearn about the stars 4 Review I love the Magic School Bus books They are great for teaching our studentschildren while imaginative and creative I believe this book would spark a lot of uestions and really grab my students attention 5 2 3 in class uses Students “buy” their own star They choose a star write a description about it and give it a name they can describe their star using facts they learned about stars in the book Students turn and talk What would you name your star? What would it look like? Then draw a picture of their star We love the Magic School Bus series These books are so informative and visually appealing for readers of all ages The Magic School Bus takes the children on a space adventure of star exploration to choose one to buy Great science information included This was one fabulous and very informing read In this story Ms Frizzle takes her classmates to outer space to help them find out all about the stars The classmates find it hard to believe that stars can be so old but discover that even a star that is two million years old is still a very young star While they are in space Horace Cope the tv star helps to lead them through their adventure with Ms Frizzle They discuss the gas and dust in the air as well as the age of some of the other stars and how long it would take to reach them In the end they end up buying a star for DA and name it after her Then they watch the star explode and share what happens when one explodes; another is born Afterwards they return to school and share with Dorothy Ann what happened I would recommend this book for second and third graders because the content is very informative and would be useful in using them to help with lessons The vocabulary can be understood by this age level as well as the contentThe illustrations in this book by Bruce Degan are wonderful They are very bright colorful drawings that show a lot about the information in the book and help to understand the contentI gave this book four stars because it was a fun book to read and was helpful in learning about the stars in the sky We've read so many of the stories in the Magic School Bus series and our girls have loved them all Sometimes they can be a bit of a pain to read aloud especially if there is a lot of dialogue or extraneous notes but we still enjoy reading them together and they are so interesting that it makes science fun I love that In this story we learn a bit about stars And while it's just a tiny fraction of the information available about stars it helps to reinforce what they've already learned for example that the sun is a star and it expands their knowledge about how stars are formed and how far away they are We really enjoyed this story and will continue to search out the few remaining books in the series we have not yet read Magic School | Un Escape Game l'cole de sorcellerie Magic School Le conseil magiue est inuiet Pedro s’est empar d’une baguette magiue destructrice u’il a cach dans un chateau A vous de la retrouver en vous infiltrant dans le chateau Vous avez minutes Difficult ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ joueurs % % % Photos Rservez dans votre ville BORDEAUX MONTLIMAR PARIS LA DFENSE ROUEN Presse | FA | News Elizabeth Banks sera de The Magic School Bus The Magic School Busde l'auteure Joanna Coleet de l'illustrateur Bruce Degenest un classiue anglophone pour les enfants La srie de livres parus de a t adapte en dessins anims The Magic School Bus TV series Wikipedia crer un forum The Magic School Portail The Magic School The Magic School The Magic School Portail Le Deal du moment % – % sur le Ventilateur sur pied OCEANIC Voir le deal € Rechercher Interne Google Rsultats par Messages Sujets Recherche avance Derniers sujets Vampires vegetariens Solitaire Reste Mar Ao The Magic School Bus theme HD YouTube Educational tv show from the 's The Irregular at Magic High School — Wikipdia The Irregular at Magic High School – Le Film – streaming 劇場版 魔法科高校の劣等生 星を呼ぶ少女 Plusieurs annes ont pass depuis leurs dbuts dans cet tablissement Tatsuya et sa petite sœur Miyuki entament leur dernire anne l’cole de magie Le frre et la sœur se rendent en compagnie de leurs amis dans une villa prive sur l’le d’Ogasawara The irregular at magic high school Saison Cour Magic School | dafontcom Magic School Aperu Taille Magic School € par FontMesa dans Gothiue Divers The Irregular at Magic High School Nautiljoncom Light novel The Irregular at Magic High School Anne L'histoire se droule dans un monde futuriste o la magie existe Toutefois cette magie est The Magic School Bus Sees Stars is such a cute and interesting book I loved reading it when I was a child in school and still enjoyed it 15 years later Ms Frizzle and her class take a journey into space to see stars after some class mates decided they wanted to see what a star looked like up close They wanted to do this because they saw an add on television that was selling stars for just seven dollars and they needed to buy their friend Dorothy Anne a present After they went and visited the star they potentially wanted to buy they learn that it had been sold they then decide on buying a red supergiant star After buying it the star explodes and the class learns about star age and rebirth of stars I highly recommend this book by Joanna Cole It is a must have in an Elementary classroom and in the library

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