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Divine Wine This is one of the weirder novella's I've ever read Not weird bad or weird haha but weird hmmm I like itI see that some people on have tagged it as a erotica or erotic romance or even a rape fantasy I don't really understand any of these tags The main character doesn't really consider the victim if you could call a serial killer a victim to be on her level He is a project that will yeild the results she desires if she puts the right effort into itAnd she does Yeah weird Definitely going to have to check out any other stuff that Ms Trees has put out “Divine Wine” by Diana Trees is a fun story for readers that can handle the anti hero concept with violence taken so far it becomes comical The lead character seeks out violent criminals and places them in a nightmarish situation with every bit of inhumanity brutality and beyond what they gave to their victims This “Evil meets Evil er” story not for the faint of heart gets the reader laughing as the outrageous creatures have their own agenda outside of human society and are than happy to bring in new criminals to satisfy their need for entertainment Congratulations four stars Short and sweet Violent and crude the way vampires should be Where did the cuddly ideas come from anyway? Bit short for me but then it had everything needed A good read that comes recommended to vampire fans everywhere The night turns brutal in Atlantic City when a serial killer who indulges in necrophilia crosses paths with a vengeful Vampire Cyber punks and tourists make way for the Vampire and killer as they suare off in a blood soaked romp under the harsh glow of neon and a full moonIn the light of day Atlantic City is like a war zone At night city's glitzy exterior of neon and multi billion dollar casinos masks the grime that lies just below the surfaceThe best part of Atlantic City is the number of disposable teens that stalk the night streets with sneers and baggy pants The former is a result of the bravado of perceived invulnerability The latter slows the little youths down to a pants yanking shamble Many of Atlantic City's youth are cheap wanna be gangsters who know nothing about real life and death They're the kind of punks who brag about guns and murder and their plans to one day move to the Big City where they'll be players with plenty of whores and drugs in easy reach These little thugs beat and rob tourists rape girls and boys in back alleys and fight endlessly over perceived territory violationsThey are the kind of scum that the police would just as soon uietly disappearedShe's the vampire for that particular task Approximately 11500 words50 typed pages

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