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Iris While formulaic I enjoyed this book than I expected The progression of Iris from a spoiled snobbish child who though only of herself and what she wanted She starts out proud that she doesn't know how to work or cook or clean a house to a woman who enjoys the frontier the freedom and open spaces A woman who realizes when her demands create burdens on others and who has learned to appreciate what others teach her and what they do for her In other words Iris progresses from a caricature to a person who thinks and feels on her own not following what someone else tells her to think and feel This was a re read one of my favorite romances ever My least favorite book in the seriesthus far I got tired of the wishy washy heroine Never did understand the attraction between the characters that being said I still like the Randolph brothers and their struggle to rise from the ashes Great bookLove the continuing saga of the brothers This one was really good Wonderful story enjoyed the bits of humor that tied in so well with the individual characters I enjoy the stories so much may have to read the first ones over One of the most annoying heroines I’ve ever read More than half way through the book and there is nothing redeeming about her still She’s spoiled and a know it all uestions Monty and people who’s given her no reason to uestion but when people like Frank and or her illegitimate brother start doing uestionable things she wants to be sure they’re not false accusations and she gets mad when Monty fires them Almost wished she was trampled into a coma until they reached Wyoming already Lol DNF WonderfulA great addition to this series opens of the relationship between the brothers A heroine you can get behind and watch grow as a person Argue here argue there argue almost everywhere The hero and heroine are both stubborn ^^ Listen I read this because it's sounded badAnd it wasAnd I loved it Considering the fact that Iris starts out the spoiled darling of society I couldn't help but find her incredibly irritating at times However she redeems herself in the end by becoming determined to be the kind of wife she thinks the hero Monty Randolph wantsneedsso I can respect her now Especially since he is of the same mind—making himself and his life over into what he thinks Iris wantsneeds At times this story was truly touching At others everybody and their brother especially Iris's needed slapped A Tarnished Past Rough and ready as any of the Randolph boys Monty bristled under his eldest brother's tight rein All he wanted to do was light out from Texas for a new beginning But a spiritied beautywas hot on his trail bringing with her a blazing passion he couldn't deny and painful memories he couldn't forgetA Shining Future An orphan with nothing to her name except a herd of cattle Iris Richmond had to get her livestock to Wyoming's open ranges before rustlers wiped her out As luck would have it Monty was heading that way but the bullheaded wrangler flat out refused to help her Nver one to take no for an answer Iris saddled up to coax rope and tame the ornery cowboy she'd always desired

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