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The Hot Blooded Groom He didn't waste any timeBryce Templar's father had given him an ultimatum Bryce had one year to marry and produce an heirWhen Bryce met Sunny the attraction between them was like a bolt of electricity Business was forgotten passion took overand Sunny was stunned when Bryce proposed marriage the very next morning

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re The Hot Blooded Groom Emma Darcy does a whirlwind romance set in my personally favorite place in the world to get married Grab your Led Zeppelin t shirts and smile for a selfie with Liberace we are goin' to Las Vegas HPlandia styleThe H and h meet when she gives a sales presentation for his company When the story starts we learn that the H's dad is really keen for the H to get married and start producing mini H's as he has a heart problem and may not be around for much longer The H's dad likes the institution of marriage so much that he has been married five timesThe H's mum was his first wife and after she passed away the H's dad gave it whirl four times The H is naturally leery of marriage because his mum died when he was three and his father only seemed to marry a succession of ladies who wanted the dad for his moneyThe H is in high demand on the gold digger circuit himself so since his father is demanding he marry or lose the top slot in the family conglomerate the H decides to try and find a semi decent gold digger he can tolerateHe has actually found one when he sees the h for the first time She is almost as tall as he is they are both over 6ft tall and her smile lights up the room The H is all set to go after her cause he was his hit hard by the HP Lurve Force Mojo Thunderbolt of Mega Mojoness but he spies an engagement ring on the h's finger and decides to back offBut the h is not happy with her current engagement The h wants a family both of her sister's are married and starting families and the h wants one too So the h has been seeing a co worker for the last eight months and things were going great Until they got to Vegas and the co worker fiance turned into a desperate gambler He is gambling insane amounts of money and completely neglecting his duties as an employee at a corporate conference Even worse he is completely ignoring the h and belittling her when she tries to get him to slow down and pay attention to his jobThe h finally has enough of the co worker fiance's megalomania and gives him back his ring while he is making insane bets The H is riveted to the scene right away and as soon as the now ex fiance turns back to the betting tables the H makes his moveHe chats the h up straight off and soon has her whisked away for a walk deep conversation roofie kisses and an all night Purple Passion Lurve Club event When the ex fiance shows up drunk to interrupt the H and h's uality time being cast adrift on the golden shores of transcendent bliss the H personally tells him to take a hikeThe next morning the H calls up the gold digger who is raising the asking price for her to have a baby in lawful wedlock with the H and dumps the bovine lady Then he proposes marriage to the h The h is massively into the H she fancies him rotten as she says but she is not all sure that a hasty marriage is what should be happening hereEnter the seriously drunk and evil ex fiance of the h He calls her really nasty names and makes some Tart for Hire assumptions and the h verbally smacks the drunken slime pustule off the block This verbal attack motivates the h to action She wants a baby the H wants a baby and since the two of them are generating Lurve Force Mojo power than Hoover Dam she agrees to marry the HIt is off to a high end designer boutiue for a lovely wedding dress a very formal and classy Las Vegas Chapel wedding and then we are jetting to Sedona Arizona to meet the H's father The H had already explained about his dad wanting him to have a child the H also explained that his father has a heart condition and is doing poorlyBut before the H and h can make their Arizona escape the H's former gold digging fiancee shows up and tries to start some drama The evil bovine ex calls the h a bargain basement bride and the H verbally flays the woman with her greedy demands in their pre nuptial agreementThe h is shocked that the H was negotiating a marriage via a pre nup But she is also reassured cause the H made no mention of pre nuptial agreements with her The h also firmly states that she would never marry a man who demanded a pre nup and the H firmly applauds that statement Tho in his case it was a necessity because of the bovine ex fianceeThe H and h finally make it on the private jet to go to Sedona and the H's dad is pretty snarky but the h sorts him right out and then we are off honeymooning at the Grand Canyon Lake Powell and Bryce CanyonThe h and H have been practicing production for the future mini H like bunnies and the h is staring to worry because the H's motilators haven't hit the target yet Since it has only been a few weeks since the h ditched her birth control the H isn't too worried about anything and we all go to Sydney to meet the h's family insteadThe h's family is really happy for her tho one of her sisters mentions the drunken slime pustule ex and the H and h have a small moment about the H sending him off the first time The h soon gets over her snit when faced with the utter besottedness of the H But now a month has gone by and the h still isn't preggers The h starts to worry she and the H set up their life together in Santa Monica California but as another month passes with no stork announcement the h has a mini meltdownThe h loves the H desperately but she is really worried that she and the H will have to divorce if she is unable to have a child When the h tells the H that she should get fertility testing and then file for divorce if she is infertile the H panicsThe H loves the h madly and isn't letting her go no matter what So he goes to the sobbing h and cuddles her up and tells her that he is NEVER letting her go he loves her she is his light in the world and divorce will never be one of her options in their life together The h is amazed to find out the H loves her as much as she loves him and we jump to a really cute little epilogue where the H and h have just had an adorable baby boy The H and h still fancy each other rotten and the H's dad is thinking the h's widowed mother would make an excellent wife number six for a full on pink sparkly unicorn powered ED HPlandia HEAThis one is pure fluffy pink sparkly romance the h is really nice and really sweet and the H is pretty great too I am very biased on this one tho I have to confess Mainly cause mr booge and I got married in Las Vegas and have have many many many years of wedded bliss every since Not to mention I only live a few hours away from all the places the H and h visited on their honeymoon and mr booge and I have very fond memories of visits to all of them and regularly visit them again to make Anyhows if you like a nice fluffy happy romance this is the book for you and it is also makes very nice happy feeling HPlandia outing

  2. LLC LLC says:

    I liked this book The h is a 29 year old gorgeous talented and very likeable Australian The H is the CEO of the world wide industry that the h works for She is in Las Vegas for a work conference Her Fiance works for the same company and is there also but he has developed an immediate addiction to gambling and roulette and has ignored her and his work obligations for the four days they have been there Finally on the last day of conference the h Sunny confronts him and hands him her engagement ring and says the wedding is off The H Bryce has been eyeing Sunny since she gave a presentation that afternoon and happens to see her break her engagement and he immediately moves to make a claim The H is also engaged and is unhappy with his engagement He got engaged to satisfy his father who has health problems and is demanding that he get married and produce an heir His engagement is purely a business arrangement and his high society fiance is demanding and money in the prenuptial agreement to produce a child The H is disgustedSunny and Bryce have an immediate sttrong sexual attraction and within hours are in bed and Bryce is proposing marriage Sunny is tempted she really wants a child and is wildly attracted but her commonn sense says this too fast Then her jerk ex fiance accosts her calls her names and she decides go for it They get married within 24 hours of meeting Getting to the HEA was an effort but they made it There's a sweetcute ending

  3. Penny Watson Penny Watson says:

    Rating 25 starsThis was a weird book First of all the marriage at first sight thing was ridiculous Second of all there was pretty much no plot Guy sees girl and decides he wants to marry her and have babiesand that's it There wasn't really any conflict at all 3rd the hero's character did not seem real like a cardboard cut out of a Harleuin hero gorgeous sexy successful lusty obsessed with marriagebabiesI couldn't get a handle on either hero or heroine Hero had no depth at all and heroine spent most of the time wondering Am I doing the right thing marrying a guy I don't know AT ALL after literally just breaking up with my fiancee a few seconds ago? I'm whispering NO YOU'RE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING ARE YOU CRAZY?Chucking the gambling obsessed fiancee was the right thing for sure Marrying a stranger who admitted he wanted a baby right away because his father is dyinguh maybe that's not such a great ideaBut hey What do I know? In Harly Land that's a speedy road to HEA EvidentlyNote to self Do not re read this one

  4. Calysta Calysta says:

    This was a nice and easy wish fulfillment story very low angst and a good palate cleanser for after the last two books I read

  5. Anuradha Anuradha says:

    Good beginning Whirlwind affair of one night hero proposes marriage the next morning For her own reasons uite valid ones she agrees They are married Incidentally she works for his companyThen the story becomes somewhat regressive He has promised his sick daddy that he will marry and produce an heir uickly The girl takes the matter of having a kid so damn seriously that she gets into a big depression because she is not yet pregnant Within a month of marriage Come on I don't think any woman would be stupid enough to fret just because she had her first period after marriage A year or two may be But one month really Second month baby arrives All is well HEA Rather pointless second half Racy first half

  6. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    He didn't waste any timeBryce Templar's father had given him an ultimatum Bryce had one year to marry and produce an heirWhen Bryce met Sunny the attraction between them was like a bolt of electricity Business was forgotten passion took overand Sunny was stunned when Bryce proposed marriage the very next morning

  7. Denise Holder Denise Holder says:

    Really liked itOnly wish it was a little detailed Fast read For those who love Harleuin I definitely recommend it Enjoy

  8. NYRicanHSMAMA NYRicanHSMAMA says:

    Very insta love I felt as though Bryce was very possessive and domineering

  9. Diane Diane says:

    Fun Read This is one of the fun and lighthearted books I've read Emma Darcy is one of my favorite authors and this book doesn't disappoint

  10. Mahareni Sukadi Mahareni Sukadi says:

    35 deh

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