Deliciously Debauched by the Rake Rakes in Disgrace #3

Deliciously Debauched by the Rake Rakes in Disgrace #3 very short and since i skipped the sex scene it felt even shorter he took her to a brothel a very expensive sort to ignite some sparks fire and flame whatever overall idea was good but taking her to a decadent brothel? wasn't so happy with that atleast they went off to a private room Really liked it though the heroine's lack of certain experience seemed contrived I really like these very short stories of Ann Lethbridges and this one is no exception Miniseries Rakes in Disgrace Absolute rubbish Annoyed me first she breaks up with him and then five seconds later ok i am not this scared widow any which she hasn't been for five years she's been with him this time Gaaawh I thought this would have been Captain Read and Caroline's story it wasn'tdisappointed Not impressed with John's story Miniseries Rakes in Disgrace I really don't know why such books are placed in HR novellas or novel categories they are nothing but Soft porn with a tad bit o'plot thrown in Elizabeth Bentham has been John Lord Radthorn's lover for five glorious years But she wants him to have a chance to marry a respectable lady not a woman with her tarnished reputation Elizabeth thinks telling him their relationship has lost its spark will help him move on; but John isn't prepared to lose her and sets out to prove their passion is as strong as ever

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