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Persuade Me Darcy Friends #2 When do you let your heart rule your headWhen it comes to love Anna Elliot is stuck in the past No one can compare to Rick Wentworth the man she gave up ten years ago at the insistence of her disapproving family What if she’s missed her only chance for real happinessSince Anna broke his heart Rick has moved on – or so he thinks Out in Australia he’s worked hard to build a successful career – and a solid wall around his feelingsThe words ‘forgive and forget’ aren’t in Rick's vocabulary The word ‘regret’ is definitely in Anna’s So when they meet again on his book tour of England it’s an opportunity for closureBut memories intrude – the pure sensuality of what they once shared the pain of parting And she has to deal with another man from her past while his celebrity status makes him the focus of unwanted attentionWith Anna’s image obsessed family still ready to interfere and Rick poised to return to Australia can she persuade him to risk his heart againThis contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s last completed novel is the second book in Juliet Archer’s Darcy Friends series offering fresh insights into the hearts and minds of Austen’s irresistible heroes Hmm Okay how do I say this without sounding kinda crazy I accepted this for review but I was really unsure of whether I was going to like it That makes me sound like a jackass so let me explain it's contemporary and it has a gorgeous cover those are 2 things that put my guard up because contemporary no matter how much excellent contemporary I read translates to fluff in my stubborn mind and I've been burned by the Pretty Cover Curse one to many times But I liked Juliet's excerpt last year and talking about her with the book so I was willing to accept it and hope for the best I mean it's so pretty  But me hoping for the best is kinda laughable so I was still a little nervous when I picked this up that I was going to read it not like it and then have to be a jerkface to the sweet JulietAnd Oh me of little faith This was so good It's great chick lit without being fluffy or throw away and I was amazed at how simultaneously Juliet was able to be very contemporary and modern and still very faithful to the Persuasion There are some changes that are of a departure than others but in a way that both worked for the story Juliet was telling and as a logical modern extrapolation of the original There were so many times that I found myself thinking 'Huh that was a clever use of ' And because of this it provided another layer of enjoyment that I wasn't expecting It works as a modern romance it works as a Persuasion retelling and it works as this sort of Easter egg filled nod to Jane and Janeites with all of these little bits of really well plotted parallels to the stories Jane toldIt's not just in plot points that Juliet was faithful though For all their modern sensibilities and the way their habits interests and tendencies would have to be adapted to fit the setting Archer's characters remained true at their core to the characters they were based on Take Mrs Clay for example in Archer's version she has wormed her way into the lives of Sir Walter and Lisa aka Elizabeth as a fake French masseuse who flatters the vanity of both Elliots and makes herself indespensible to them Her grasping social climbing using her wiles ways are a bit bold than Mrs Clay but all the well suited to a modern adaptation because of that She's still very much Mrs Clay and everyone can see through her except those who need to it just works Similarly Rick's treatment of Anna in the beginning and his spiteful little thrill of pleasure the first time he sees her and she's looking worn down and messy things like this were a great interpretation of Persuasion done in a way that makes rings true to the modern reader Twists like this were really clever and fun to meNow I've talked a lot about how faithful this is but I want to be clear it's not just a regurgitation of Persuasion in a modern setting; Archer did adapt some things and completely change some things but she did so in a really sensible way that I don't think would much bother even most ardent faithful Janeites  This is not the chaste love story of Austen's time nor is that necessary or even very believable in a modern setting This is very modern and very relatable to today's audience even those who haven't read or gasp didn't like Austen but most of all it's just really readable I have a habit of not picking books up until late into the night when I should be sleeping This book had me repeatedly uestioning just how much sleep I really neededAll told I'm definitely going to be picking up Archer's The Importance of Being Emma  for next year's Jane in June Oh the drama Anna Elliot and Wentworth were desperately in love but oh so young Her father and godmother convinced her to leave him and pursue her education He was heartbroken and angry Years pass he becomes a famous marine biologist and she gets a professorship where she teaches Russian lit They meet again He is on a book tour and is still angry She swings between wanting to see him and not wanting to see him She has never replaced him with someone else while he has tried to replace her Then his girlfriend dumps him Instead of trying to get back with Anna he decides to get back AT Anna Lots of heartbreak lots of misunderstandings He has than enough dramatic thoughts to ualify for a lead role in a Russian novel While she is much level headed but she also ualifies as a door mat uite often Good fanfic of one of my fav Jane Austen novels 😊 A second chance at romance comes for a pair One lives with regrets and the other some bitterness over their parting Jane Austen's Persuasion lives again in this modern retelling of the old classic second chances storyPersuade Me is book two in the Darcy and Friends series but is can be read standalone or out of orderAs with any modern retelling I was immensely curious how the author would choose to both flesh out the classic and bring her own style into play The story does follow the class closely but there is a lot of fun and originality in the telling This was a sparkling romantic comedy in its own rightAnne as a Russian literature expert and Rick as a celebrity marine biologist was a fun twist It started out painful between this pair but I loved the way things came along steadily as the past was viewed in a new light and the pair had an opportunity to get to know who they are now years' later The romance was sweet but there was a pinch of spice that worked well late in the story after all the miscues and failsI found the surrounding cast of characters were written well Anne's sisters and dad were perfectly obnoxious and her best friend's fun William was smarmy as was Cleo the masseuse The Musgroves were a riot and I liked the bi play between Rick and his sister SophieAll in all I had a great time with this one and now want to pick up the others in the series Austen fans and those new to Austen but like a cute second chance romance are the right audienceCOYER Summer Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunt clue #29 a story without magic Dr Rick Wentworth a successful marine biologistcelebrity author is preparing for his extensive seven week book tour in England with a book provocatively titled Sex in the Sea With a flourishing career a modest amount of wealth and popularity a supermodel girlfriend and a very attractive physiue it would seem Rick has everything he has ever wanted But he doesn't He doesn't have Anna Elliot who was persuaded by her family to give him up ten years ago and whose rejection still haunts him all these years later Since Anna's rejection of him Rick has let disappointment and resentment rule his heart living by the motto “never forgive never forget” Now returning to England Rick wonders if their paths will cross and if Anna Elliot will feel something like regret for giving up on the love they once hadAnna Elliot a professor of Russian Literature does know regret In fact when she lectures about Anna Karenina and how she gave up everything for her lover Anna Elliot feels deep regret for not doing the same ten years ago Instead of following her lover Anna went to university finished her studies and became a professor of Russian Literature Anna has learned to be content with her simple and comfortable life yet deep in her heart she yearns to travel back in time to the summer when she was eighteen and hopelessly in love with Rick Wentworth To continue reading go to

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Persuade Me Darcy Friends #2
  • Juliet Archer
  • English
  • 16 May 2015
  • 9781906931216

About the Author: Juliet Archer

Juliet Archer describes herself as “a 19th century mind in a 21st century body – actually some days it’s the other way round” The youngest of four girls she was born and bred in North East England where she met her future husband Unlike Anne Elliot in Persuasion she resisted well meant advice and married young before graduating from the University of Nottingham with a First in French and Ru

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