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Northern Fascination Back in Georgia Jenna Rathburne was known as just the pretty blonde But from crushing on the smartest boy in school and being rejected by him to starting her own business in Alaska Jenna has always defied everyone's expectations Still when her high school crush comes to Good Riddance Jenna knows her own expectations and her self control are about to get seriously testedGeologist Logan Jeffries is in Alaska on business Specifically to buy out the town of Good Riddance for a mining company It's a fantastic offerif only he could get someone interested in it But someone is very interested in Logan and he doesn't need a science degree to know his chemistry with Jenna is off the charts And the longer he stays the harder it is to say so long to Good Riddance

About the Author: Jennifer LaBrecque

First let me say this is how I show up at my desk every morning to write Dahling I couldn’t possibly write a word unless I was wearing 3 inch heels with a Martini at hand NOT But it’s so different and face it infinitely less scarey than the way I usually work running shorts and t shirt with a cup of tea nearby that I had to put this picture upI’ve been an avid reader ever since I was g

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  1. Penny Watson Penny Watson says:

    Northern Fascination Harleuin Blaze by Jennifer LaBrecueWhen a friend on Twitter saw this cover she sent me a link Alaskan setting dude with a plaid shirt ripped jeans excellent scruffy beard and a nice six pack for good measure The book blurb says he's a geologisthe sounds and looks like a rugged good time Basically my dream guyUnfortunately this was a matter of false advertising as well as a few other problems1 The hero is a weenie executive not a rugged geologist He is in Alaska to buy out the entire town for a mining ventureto make money This is the most asinine premise for a story ever2 The heroine was grating3 This book could have been set in any small town anywhere The Alaskan setting is completely ignored4 The heroine is a 29 year old virgin who turns into a nymphomaniac5 The best part of this book is the secondary storyline involving a shaman which completely disappears at the end of the book with no resolution WTF??6 There is a broken condom and an unplanned pregnancy Of course It's a freakin' Harly7 The hero decides not to shave for ONE WHOLE DAY and he feels all rugged and Alaska y One day? Are you crapping me? What do you want a medal for that? One day's worth of stubble does not make you a mountain man you executive weenie For the love of God8 Nor does wearing some boots or a plaid shirt for one day He was still using his Blackberry Weenie9 Funniest line everright after the 29 year old virgin has sex for the first time what does she say to the hero? Oh myThat was better than masturbating in a hot tub Haaaaaaaaaaaa Oh snap Because nothing jacks up a guy's ego than kicking a hot tub's ass for sure10 At one point the heroine thinks Way cool Um 29 or 13 years old? Way cool?Sigh If you promise me a plaid shirt wearing scruffy faced rugged dude in Alaska don't give me an executive weenie one step up from a hot tub To be fair if I didn't expect a mountain man story I would say this was an okay not great read It still had lots of problems ridiculous story arc unresolved secondary storyline irksome Hh overlooked Alaskan setting etc etcGrade C

  2. Janine Janine says:


  3. Wminbc Wminbc says:

    I love this little townthis one was a bit lower for me and I'm not sure why reallyI loved Jenna in the last books but in this one we didn't get enough of herThere was the NelsonEllie story playing out and that is great and all but with the story being about Logan and JennaI wanted them and of them and of the long awaited passion that had on hold for the past 12 yup12 yearsSounds like another Logan Belong to Me by Shayla Black which incidentally is a great read only like eighty gagillion times steamy and kinkyI loved that these two didn't beat around the bushesJenna calls 'em as she see 'em but still she cracked a bit at the end seemed out of character to me Also what happened with Sven and his number crunching??? I was just totally confused by that part I mean Teddy went to all the trouble to go get those three Alaskan breakfasts from Gus' and then no ate??? I hate wasted food even if it is in a storyMaybe I am grumpy tonight or melancoly would better describe my moodthe HEA should sweep me awayand this one was merely pleasant and I was happy for Logan and Jennasoooooo 4 stars

  4. Marie Jermy Marie Jermy says:

    This book as with the others in the Alaskan Heat series was okay but for a while now I have found the Blaze line to be well not blazing Apparently Blaze is Harleuin's boldest and most provocative series But with lines like felt as if fireworks were going off in her She'd read books seen pictures but was that going to fit inside her? referring to the hero's cock and She was like a delicate flower opened before him her petals glistening as if drenched by a summer rain referring to the heroine's pussy the only reason my knickers were wet was not because I was getting turned on but because I was laughing

  5. Suze Suze says:

    I'd have this as a 35 Nice in that you know what you're getting read Not too steamyThe story line is the geeky guy who turns down shy girl when she invites him to be her date for homecoming is now the big oil guy wanting to buy the Alaskan village where she now lives in order to mine the gold under itI didnt really get into the story line interested in the Nelson and Ellie story prompts ready for the next book in the series Also I was travelling so only getting snatches of time to read itHave read sexy ones by this author but good for a rainy day with no surprises

  6. Bec Bec says:

    45 StarsI really enjoyed this series when it started and have been dying for it to continue I'm so glad that Jenna has gotten her happy ending I'm gagging to read Nelson's story though

  7. Krystean Krystean says:

    Jennifer LaBrecue never disappoints me

  8. Tricia Tricia says:

    #4 in the Alaskan Heat Series Jennifer LaBrecue was not as good as the first 3 in the series I liked it but it just didn't have the same interest as the others

  9. Cortez_jk Cortez_jk says:

    oh the sappiness of it all lol

  10. Tremont G Tremont G says:

    Corny unbelievable at times but still a uick fun read

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