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Instant Mommy Recently widowed and burdened with a baby he can barely look at rancher Deke Crandall's life is capsizing But when Mollie O'Brien pounds on his door Deke realizes he's found the answer to his baby problem he just needs a new wife Easy peasyWhen Mollie was seven she decided that she wanted to marry Deke Thirteen years later she gets the proposal she dreamed ofwith some vast differences For starters the marriage is purely a business arrangement And now for the bargain price of one wedding ring Mollie has gone from being struggling student to wife and momHas she married a manor an employer Honestly I don’t know how to rate this oneIt has it’s sweet fluffy and awww so adorable moments and just as many annoying and downright unacceptable elementsThe h’s had a crush on the H since the day she met him at 7 yrs of age he was 22 They never meet again although they live in the same small Texas town She never forgets him weaves dreams about him and hopes to marry him when she grows up Of course as with all such daydreams he goes on to marry someone else and she goes to collegeIn the present day she’s 20 and home when she learns of his wife’s death in childbirth and his inability to cope with his grief and a small newborn baby Her tender heart in turmoil not showing though she’s a sensible calm girl she goes to visit him and offers to keep house and baby for him during the summer vacation till he finds someone permanent He’s grouchy and ungracious but accepts She moves in and then fast forward it’s December Apparently she helped for a while and then went back to college He visits her at UT and makes a proposition No surprises of a moc and we are set on our path for a heaProblems? view spoilerHe’s a stupid selfish man with the maturity levels of a self absorbed teenager I cannot abide an adult who wilfully ignores as in practically abandons a baby and leaves her to be bandied around among strangers for her basic daily carewhile he lolls around in drunk and disgruntled self pity Unforgivable Had it not been for well meaning townsfolk who made a roster to feed and look after the baby and his home I cannot even imagine how the poor practically orphaned baby would have faredThen he sees the h and lusts after her right from the beginning So the offer of marriage is uite a propitious one Has to be said his asshattery is never trained on the h but on the poor helpless childShe of course accepts happily ‘a dream come true’ has never been truer And suddenly college is de trop as a dream life of clean wash cook care and drudgery calls From my HP experience such once bitten and burnt Hs are chary of remarriages at least are not such blushing grooms But well the romance part is the sweet part of the book so no complaints thereBut birth control? He never wanted baby 1 and certainly doesn’t want any baby 2 So why protection never enters his mind or why it’s never discussed with his virgin bride? Stupid much or serendipity much? Bit of both? Better bits?The hH have a sweet easy chemistry that bubbles happily after the initial hitch Things move fast pre and post wedding The hH contact for half of the book is uite fleeting The intimacy the banter the bedroom bits all get an A The h is an amazingly sorted young girl nature’s balance? and her connection and one sided chats with Jolene the baby are heart melting And like every good HP stepmom she does her bit in making the H to accept his childAlthough one thing that jarred is that when she’s back for the wedding it seems that she doesn’t go for days? to meet the baby till after the wedding That was one discordant note in the otherwise perfect stepmom roleThe H turns around uickly no prolonged hairshirt wearing hide spoiler Recently widowed hero needs a wife so she can take care of his baby girl Mollie has loved him since forever so she accepts his marriage proposal Her dream is that someday Deke will come to love her the way she loves him Sweet and romantic love story it warmed my heart and made me swoon Mollie and DekeThis wasn't as OTT as most harleuins Mollie is 20 and Deke is 35 She has had a crush on him since she was a girl but he doesn't really remember her and then it is only as a little girl Mollie comes back to town in between college semesters to find out that Deke's wife died shortly after having his baby Mollie is practical and very level headed for a woman so young She's a born homemaker though and can't resist offering her help to Deke with his infant daughter Deke has become a drunken hermit and won't have anything to do with his daughter It's awkward for her to care for the daughter because it's a small town and people gossip so he offers to marry her The marriage turns into than he expected and less than she hopedBut even though Deke isn't a deep thinker he recognizes a good thing when he has it and finally opens upDeke's first marriage was difficult and his early years were hard Marrying a woman who cares for him is something he has difficulty trusting in But he's not one of those H who takes the whole book to change There's a nice arc through the book of them growing closer and facing their fears The book is pretty PG sex but it's not very descriptive No OW angst despite there being his first wifeThe difference in years was nicely defined and less important because Mollie is so comfortable with herself and Deke is a bit immature emotion wise

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Instant Mommy
  • Annette Broadrick
  • English
  • 12 November 2015
  • 9780373191390

About the Author: Annette Broadrick

Annette Broadrick was born on November 26 Her mother read to her until she read to herself From that time on books became her closest companions and teachers She was an only child until the middle of her 16th year when her sister was born She married immediately after high school graduation in the middle of her 18th year Twelve months later she had her first son She ended up having four son

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