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10 thoughts on “A Mother for Cindy

  1. Beth Beth says:

    This was one of those kinds of books you read when you just want a uick story However I think watching a Hallmark movie would have been better This book wasn't terrible just the dialogue was frustrating to read because it was predictable and unrealistic The story also starts out with the Jesse and Nick meeting over Jesse trying to call her two geese off from attacking him Such an intriguing chapter with potential but the geese become an afterthought and the story pretty much didn't hold my interest after the second chapter

  2. Melissa (LifeFullyBooked) Melissa (LifeFullyBooked) says:

    25 stars Decent LI sweet romance although nothing really stands out

  3. Dorel Dorel says:

    I liked Cindy my heart broke 💔 for her with that being said that's the only thing I liked about this story This book's story line was boring put me to sleep 😴

  4. Dee Dee says:

    Two haiku reviewShe's a matchmakerSeeking wife for new neighborNot looking for selfA Christian seriesParts seemed unnecessaryI liked characters

  5. Hannah Hannah says:

    This is the first Love Inspired book I read it is still my favorite after reading lots of other books by Love Inspired such a sweet story and very touching

  6. Tiff Tiff says:

    Cute and fun story

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    While the story line was decent enough to keep me from falling asleep after the 3rd giant grammar error I was morally obligated to stop reading

  8. Daniel shola Daniel shola says:

    It was cool simple and CANT STOP WHEN U START READING and if any has an interesting end hmm it has great for cindy her prayers came to pass and for her dad no business could worth visiting than her

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A Mother for Cindy Yours mine and ours Young widow Jesse Bradshaw was content to be a loving mother to her son a devoted granddaughter a doll maker and the keeper of a gaggle of pets She couldn't imagine having anything in her already crowded life until jaded Nick Blackburn and his daughter moved next door Cindy needed a mother's love something the wealthy businessman couldn't provide for his precious child Jesse tired to use her matchmaking skills to find a suitable wife for the workaholic widower but what would she do when she realized she was Nicks' perfect match The Ladies of Sweetwater Lake Like a wedding ring this circle of friends is never ending

  • Kindle Edition
  • A Mother for Cindy
  • Margaret Daley
  • English
  • 06 May 2015

About the Author: Margaret Daley

Margaret Daley an award winning author of seventy six books has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love When she isn’t traveling she’s writing love stories often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household To find out about Margaret visit her website at