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10 thoughts on “Horrible Histories The Savage Stone Age

  1. Alina Alina says:

    The first book I’m going to talk about is Savage Stone Age and is actually the third one I’ve read but its special subject forces me to put it in the top of the list Throughout this book you will read about the timeline of human evolution and the three prehistoric periods of mankind in a brief introductory chapter how Stone Agers lived the animals they hunted till becoming extinct We will also learn about the food they ate how they cooked it about their weird beliefs and gruesome burials about brainy archaeologists treasure hunters accidental discoveries stone circles legends and mysteries including many fascinating facts about Stonehenge and many other curious facts which won’t let you put the book or reading device downI don’t want to spoil your read in case you plan to go through this book but I will give you a tiny hint For example in the chapter Rotten Rituals among many bizarre and pretty horrible funeral rituals you will find out that there are many stone circles spread across Britain and their presence brings luck and good energies Unfortunately nobody knows exactly what they were made for Tradition says that if a girl wanted to know who will be her future husband she had to travel to Arthur’s Stone at Gower near Swansea Wales wait until midnight when the moon was full and put cakes milk and honey on the ancient stone Crawl around the stone on your hands and knees and if the vision of your lover appears then you will marry him If not then he’s probably too busy watching telly Loc 969 970There are also some little tests through which Terry Deary challenges you to remember what you have learnt about the Stone Agehorrible histories Period But don’t worry if you get the answers wrong because you are doing it just for fun For instance there’s a test where the author asks you a few uestions about the way Stone Agers lived and you have to choose the correct answer If you get all the answers right then you are a modern human being If you get less answers right depending on the number of wrong answers you are a Neanderthal chimpanzee or less than thatBefore ending this review I must tell you that although Savage Stone Age is a book for children it helped me understand better my anthropology class and those history lessons from my childhood Through the jokes and anecdotes inserted between the lines the author reminds us that history can be child’s play and its main role is to captivate the audience because history also means storyhttpelitererosavage stone age

  2. Chloe Chloe says:

    I won't be giving these numbered ratings but I had a good chuckle reading this one And I learnt some things about Stonehenge

  3. Klinta Klinta says:

    The book was interesting some jokes better than other It had some fun facts in it that I didn’t know or had forgotten so that was really cool to read about Nevertheless I had a problem with the author's continuous explanations that one is wrong and the other thing is right He even used the words “stupid archeologists” describing a group of people who tried to prove something they believed in but weren’t successful and someone else proved them wrongIt might have been meant to be a lighthearted remark but it struck me as cold and evil Many of the things that are presented as truths are actually guesses it is mentioned even in the text “The guess is” And that is obvious because we still find artefacts bones fossils etc and learn new things about our past So I don’t find it correct to say that something is the only right thing especially if it is a guess and don’t think that people with older ideas and research deserve bashing If something is considered to be truth at the moment you don’t have to all the other theories in the field some might be true AS WELL come on it is historyThe book is uite harsh on religion too I am not religious but I think that some of the comics went a bit far

  4. Mary Francis Mary Francis says:

    This is my second trip into the world of Horrible Histories and it didn’t disappoint – Terry Deary is truly brilliant at translating history to be accessible funny and very interesting for children in a way that can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults too It does not include uite as much range as the Frightful First World War; however this can surely be expected given that we know a lot less about the Stone Age Indeed history as a discipline is explained well in the book emphasising that with every new discovery our understanding of early humans is changing This even debunks the ‘savage’ stereotype stating that over time our perspective on Stone Age people and early humans has become sophisticated and thus appreciates that they were a lot intelligent than they have previously been given credit for ‘These were clever hominids and not simple hairless apes Can you say the same about your classmates?’ p18 This is a good assumption to debunk due to the negative stereotyping it can cause towards people who continue to live in hunter gatherer based societies This thus teaches children to appreciate that modern Western civilisation is not the only way life should be lived This book not only informs you about early and Stone Age humans but instils in children an excitement for discovery learning about others and the practices of archaeology and history

  5. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    My history mad son really enjoyed this as a bedtime read

  6. T T says:

    I love the eponymous BBC show so naturally I love these books I wish they had been around when I was growing up Granted had this been the case I would have become an even bigger history nerd than I already am but I'm ok with that These books are accessible and fun for anyone And yes I even learned stuff I didn't know

  7. jeans jeans says:

    i impulse bought a box set of horrible history books and theyre just as incredible as i remember mr deary spitting FACTS also the story at the very end of the book nearly made me cry thanks mr deary

  8. Heather W Heather W says:

    Not much you can say about these books as they are exactly what you would expect a funny informative and interesting journey into the past I loved it

  9. Cat Cat says:

    I remember the first time I read a Horrible Histories book it was actually about Ancient Egypt I loved it then it was history but the real history Things you don’t normally hear about because of how gruesome it isReading it now as an adult I still love it I’m obsessed with history and it feels like there is always something new to learnI cannot wait for my children to read these booksSavage Stone Age is a fascinating insight into what “humans” did back in the Stone Age I also learned what people today think and do with artefacts from that time periodWhat I learned most of all we humans love to destroy things that have been around for thousands of years because of our stupidityAt the end of the book is a uiz to see if you were really paying attention Not only do I think this is great for young people but for everyoneEasy to read a book for all agesIf you love the TV Show then you are going to love this

  10. Joseph Leskey Joseph Leskey says:

    Alright When I read a history book I expect historical fact I'll willingly excuse some inaccuracies in some history books if their focus is not just history; however I do not disregard such blatant rejection and misinterpretation of facts as found in this one Nor do I savor the incomprehension that caused it which is always clearly manifested unto the reader in such writings I must say that some parts were enjoyable and uite a few parts could easily have been therefore I grant an extra star But simply because of the fallaciousness and sheer foolishness of the words I cannot afford it three

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