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Harvest Moon Cat Clan #1 Emma is a member of the Cat Clan She is an animal shifter who was brutally turned when she was only fourteen years old Wheeler is the leader of the Cat Clan He is another shifter who brought Emma into his realm when he scented her presence in another state Because of her violent introduction to the world of weres Wheeler has been dancing around Emma for years waiting for her to adjust and realize their innate attraction On the cusp of that relationship Emma is taken by a group of humans that ruthlessly use shifters as big game and experimentation Both will fight to overcome circumstances Emma will battle to survive Wheeler will struggle to find Emma before it’s too lateThis is a novella of approximately 33500 words It is paranormal romance and a companion piece to the Moon Trilogy Black Moon Amber Moon and Silver Moon

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  1. Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} says:

    Set after the Moon Trilogy I enjoyed this so than those books It was the slow burn that did it The hero and heroine don't get together until 5 years after they first met and the hero is the alpha of the Cat Clan that's some self control However when Wheeler found Emma she was a mess Damaged by the one who had turned her and forced to kill him to escape and then with no advice or support she was doing her best to survive on her own She didn't trust anyone especially not some strange Cat Alpha It took her a very long time to even step on to the Cat compound and even longer to become part of their community But because of the Alpha's obvious interest in her no one could get close enough to her to become her confidante and therefore impart valuable information on mating so she didn't understand the alpha's interest in her I loved the retrospective scenes where we come to understand Emma's background and her relationships and position with the Cat Clan She may be a small wereanimal as an ocelot but she's fierce and cunning My Favourite Scene Security conscious Emma is an Ocelot to Wheeler's lazy arrogant Lion'The economy of movement through the leaves of the tree made little noise but it was enough that Wheeler turned his massive leonine head in her direction The sight if a thirty five pound ocelot flying directly at him must have been disconcerting The comical expression on the feline face would have been rib tickling if Emma could have taken a moment to stop and consider itHe was amazed that Emma was doing what she had done The with bruising force she abrubtly connected with his body wrapping her claws around his neck digging into his back with her rear legs in a manner that made Wheeler suddenly erupt with fury She bit his neck as he leapt upward bucking her like a horse with an unruly rider Sharply Emma spun on his back and raced backward down his spine leaping over his violently slashing tail into the brushWheeler roared So much for his serenity Mere seconds later he was bellowing after her Emma goddammit What the hell was that?'

  2. Brigitte Brigitte says:

    Gave it a 3 because I like there to be a HEA It is a free book After she is kidnapped Emma's chapters are her waking in a cage trying to escape a forced breading program and to not be hunted Kidnappers are humans who conduct experiments bread and sell hunting experiences Wheeler is a lion shifter and alpha Emma is an ocelot shifter and Wheeler's 2nd Wheeler has known Emma is his mate from the first time he caught her scent That was 5 years ago His chapters alternate with hers Wheeler's chapters are progress on getting her back Mostly his memories of them starting from the first scent Emma was a forced change as she was attacked at 14 On vacation she was attacked by an ocelot in the jungle kidnapped by the shifter to be his mate and escapes 8 weeks later after killing him It is never said but strongly implied in those 8 weeks she was violated Wheeler remembers their time together her taking back control to become stronger and all his waiting Emma doesn't know about mates or understand her feelings for him No HEA because it just ends at her rescue Book 2 Blood Moon picks up like the next day or something

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    Loosely connected to the Moon Trilogy series by some of the characters introduced in Black Moon I have to say that this was my favorite story of the group The characters felt well rounded the action moved along and the glimpses of the past kept me interested I loved Wheeler for his decision to let Emma grow into herself I thought it was very well done and it gave him a chance to learn who she was while still making me feel like they were two characters who were destined to be together Emma's lack of understanding as far as the mating habits of the Clan made sense as did her standoffish attitude with the other shiftersOverall it was a fun fast read that kept me interested and entertained from beginning to end The world is nicely realized and the characters are intriguing enough for me to want Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  4. Judy Judy says:

    This book is not included with the Moon Trilogy but if you read them this is definitely an extra plusEmma was turned unwillingly when she was fourteen by a feral were ocelot She made it on her own for six years and then one day in New Mexico Wheeler found her He is the Alpha of the Cat Clan in Colorado After a year she finally trusted him enough to move to the compoundWheeler new that Emma was his mate from the beginning With her past though he could not force her Now that they were finally moving forward Emma is kidnappedA group of humans are kidnapping were's especially females They are experimenting on them and starting a breeding program Also they are letting men pay to hunt themThe book is written between Emma's views and Wheeler's A good readFree at Smashwords

  5. Shadowstorm Norwicca Shadowstorm Norwicca says:

    This was a wonderful short novella that introduce Emma a shifter changed against her will and her family pushed her to the side as if it was her fault she was changed Wheeler is the leader of the Cat Clan and he scented Emma on his way to a meeting He knew she was his mate and knew he had to tread lightly for his mate had been hurt and violently attack by one of his kind As Emma realizes that she wants to give Wheeler her heart she is taken by a humans only interested in hunting her kind for sport and using the women for breeding experiments This was a intense ride of a strong woman who wants to prove herself to be strong and a leader who loves a woman he had to stay away from I love the story and couldn't stop reading it

  6. Porche Porche says:

    I adored the fiery little heroine in this book She was soooo strong and her terrifying history made a true champion out of her I would love to see this one in a series I feel the story was a bit unfinished One can only assume what happens with Martinez' family and his little newly forcibly turned Were I'd like closure Other than that this was a daring adventure and I am warmed by the Lion's strength of character patience and concern

  7. Nook Worm Nook Worm says:

    I got this as a freebie on Smashwords and started reading it to take a break from a series I was reading I honestly could not put the book down I had started it at about 1130pm and stayed up till after 3am until I finished I really loved the story line and the characters I would love to read about the world and lives of the Cat Clan I definitely reccommend this for shifter fans

  8. Michelle Louise Michelle Louise says:

    I loved this book just because you got to read wee bits of Emma and Wheeler in the Moon Trilogy I think it is great that Emma and Wheeler got their own book And what a book it is It shows you how they met in Mexico all those years ago I love reading about WereCats so this book was right up my street It's a must buy

  9. Laura Campbell Laura Campbell says:

    I had this book on my Kindle for ages before I finally read it the other dayIt was a free Kindle book so I wasn't really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be really goodWe have some well rounded characters a nice plot no spelling mistakesAll in all a good read I'd like to see from this these two characters in particular

  10. Charlie Charlie says:

    Awww this one is a good oneThis kind of follows on from the events of the moon trilogy and we head to the pack of Donovan the H from book 1 of that setThe Alpha Wheeler has been in love with the h since he found her 5 years ago but she has had a tough time of it She is not a natural born were she was turned when she was 14 on hols with her parents CentralSouth America She was kidnapped by another shifter who wanted her and when she was found weeks later she was different and that guy was deadHer parents couldn't cope with a were daughter so she ran away and they haven't tried to find her Wheeler finds her working in a café when he is visiting town and despite recognising her as his mate offers her sanctuaryShe eventually takes him up on his offer although it takes her several months and she proceeds to start fitting in with the community although she doesn't really understand the mate thing and is innately distrustful She eventually beats a mean were the 2nd to the alpha and becomes the new 2nd Shes an awesome fighter and thinks the weres inc the H have become complacent so she fights with him literally very often did I mention H is a lion?Anyway her jb is to find weres and offer them a place in the clan esp turned ones and shes good at it She gets tricked however and kidnapped and this is the story of how the H comes to rescue her and the other weres we also get to meet several characters who will get their own stories Solid start to the series

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