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At Play in the Killing Fields JOE KAYE 1976 2031 The False Prophet of Fenni Place Joe Kaye was an American poet philosopher schoolteacher and author of 11 books Born in New York City Joe taught in New York Hawaii and Michigan In Hawaii he started writing and by the age of 25 he published his first manuscript He later moved to Michigan and then to Wisconsin where he developed a tumor which began to give him delusions His delusions led him to construct a giant labyrinth on a tropical island He also had an obsession with looking for a message he believed he had left for himself in a past life in the form of a poem song or story He went insane with paranoia and believed the karma police were coming to take him away He also became obsessed with cheating death practicing a religion called Voodoo Botany believing it would make him a god On a late night talk show he made a prophecy about the extinction of the human race He was sent to rest at Fenni Place Institute The maze was never finished He died broke and penniless