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Just One Last Night Juggling life as a stand in mom Grace is already under fire before meeting new boss Brent Cartwright Brent's the ex who has always held of her heart than she'd ever want him to know As impossible as he was to forget Brent is now even harder to resist Dare she dream of one last night with him

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  1. Alison Alison says:

    I've read this before I know it but I can't find a review so here goes againAlthough this was written in 2011 it 'feels' much older like 1990s Dr Grace Perry is a senior doctor after the tragic death of her sister and husband she is suddenly at nearly 40 years old looking after her teenage niece Natasha and nephew Benji In order to take advantage of her large family she is moving back to Melbourne Australia from Brisbane and is interviewing for the Head of Emergency Medicine at Melbourne Ventral Hospital Arriving at her interview flustered after a fight with her niece and the flight from Brisbane she is horrified to find one of the other candidates for the position is her first love Dr Brent Cartwright 20 years ago Grace made the decision to leave Brent despite being desperately in love because she wanted a career and he as the product of the child welfare system desperately wanted a wife family dog and white picket fence To make matters worse Brent has been acting Head of Emergency Medicine for several months so basically he's a shoe inAs I said earlier this reads like a standard category romance of the 1990s even though it was published in 2011 the women are allowed to have careers but actually turn out to be failures at pretty much everything Grace can't get through to Tasha and can't stop Benji having nightmares heck she can't even get him onto a football team until Brent steps in and offers to let him join the team he coaches She goes from interviewing for the Head of Emergency Medicine to working part time family friendly hours reporting to Brent Brent on the other hand despite being twice divorced is a paragon brilliant doctor; good with children; patient; yadda yadda yadda Oh and nothing naked happens until very late in the book and only once Grace has admitted to herself that she is a failure and made a wrong decision and is probably responsible for global warming come to think about itIf you can overlook the slightly anti feminist message then this is a sweet second chance romance

  2. Tracey Tracey says:

    Wonderfully written and a heartbreakingly emotional read that had me gripped to the endWhen Grace comes face to face with Brent the man she left behind to save her career he's surprised to discover she now has the family that he craved Especially because her refusal to have children was why she left him Neither is willing to relive the past even though their bodies tell them otherwise But how can Grace cope with her angsty teen and their grief without him?Prepare to want Brent as your teen tamer oh and prepare for tears in this sensual and emotional delight

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    I enjoyed the characters They were both uite emotional due to their own issues The setting was great and believable Enough with the honey jumble though Tash's experiences were both real and emotional Great read

  4. Sandra R Sandra R says:


  5. Patty Patty says:

    this is a story about the one that got away what if you find your first love 20 years later? that is a uestion a lot would wonder the improbable what if???the book was super emotional about the grieving of the death of the sister than about the romanceBrent is just perfect the whole packageGrace left him because she wanted to pursue her dreams only to end up in the place she loathws to be she wanted to have a career and knew that a family will only stop her so she left 20 years later she has the family of her sister and realizes that a career is not everything and that there is time and space for and for BrentI liked it even though there is mor grief than romance

  6. Caro Caro says:

    This was an ok book I liked how this was written the scenes the characters and the ending However I just really couldn't connect with the characters all the way This was a slower feeling book for me and is something for passing time or just something to read The main characters got on my nerves and I definitely wanted to bash a few heads There were plenty of emotions I really liked the ending though it was touching cleansing and perfect for these characters Overall a good read but not something I would search out

  7. Jodi Jodi says:

    Won from the Harleuin blog

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