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Kleptomania Ten Stories In this brilliantly versatile collection of stories from the award winning author of Harvest the reader will encounter a range of themes from murder mystery to science fiction The author's vision of a post apocalypse future is dark but rendered with a rich vein of irony and humour that allows us to roller coast with her into a world where air and water and the earth itself take on new shades of meaning Then there are the here and now stories of bodies turning up in backyards of love betrayed and sexuality discovered of bitter awakenings and upbeat endings Intelligent opinionated and playful this is a collection that defies limitations of time space and imagination to conjure up new morality tales for our time

3 thoughts on “Kleptomania Ten Stories

  1. Abeer Hoque Abeer Hoque says:

    What an incredible variety of stories M has written from scifi to murder mystery to love lit to south asiana Her voice is fun wry smart even for the stories I didn't care for as much

  2. Alicia Jacob Alicia Jacob says:

    An interesting read

  3. Emi Zhi Emi Zhi says:

    Each story leaves a lasting pause and new fond tales on the specifics

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