First Appeared in the Anthology With This Ring PDF/EPUB

3 thoughts on “First Appeared in the Anthology With This Ring

  1. Mary Havlovic Mary Havlovic says:

    Short uick easy romance read about a woman named Miranda who plays the piano and is love with her best friend's brother Julian who she has betothed to since they were very small As Miranda grows up she realizes that she is in love with AndrewJulian's cousin and now must figure out a way to get out of her this pre promised marriage

  2. Bethany Swafford Bethany Swafford says:

    I was rather disappointed in this one The characters were not well thought out Miranda for instance speaks of how she always urged her family to go to London for the season where there would be nothing but people and barely a sentence later she is descibed as shy and nervous around people It made no sense It was a uick read and not one I would pick up again

  3. Erin Erin says:

    A good short readI liked this book The characters and story were good And it had a little spiciness but nothing descriptive

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First Appeared in the Anthology With This Ring Meek Miranda Granville only comes alive at the pianoforte but even there Andrew Owen intimidates her His own playing moves her like nothing else but his critiues of her spoil the effectAndrew only wants to share the advantage of his training with Miranda but his words always seem to come out wrong The trouble is he’d rather be running his fingers over her than the keyboard but she’s been promised to his rogue of a cousin Julian since childhood When Julian stands Miranda up at the village bonfire celebration Andrew gets a chance to strike a chord with her – but if he wants to make her his he’ll have to outplay both his cousin and her fatherFirst Appeared in the Anthology With This Ring

  • Kindle Edition
  • 75 pages
  • First Appeared in the Anthology With This Ring
  • Jennifer Malin
  • English
  • 14 February 2014