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Baby Dreams and Wedding Schemes TO HAVE A FAMILY OF HER OWN…Perpetually single Sasha Lambert would do anything to have a baby But days before her trip to the sperm bank she met a lonely little boy…and his irresistible father Despite widower Jacob Windsor's announcement that he was not interested in marriage Sasha could see he desperately needed some help with his adorable sonWhat choice did a natural born do gooder have Sasha would help father and son to reconnect gaining some invaluable lessons on mommyhood And hope that when the time came one very determined single dad would agree to grant her baby wish…and maybe a trip to the altar as well

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    I'm a huge fan of Janette Rallison who also writes under the pen name CJ Hill so despite this being a Harleuin romance I thought I would enjoy it If this was indeed written by Janette Rallison Lois Richer is the copyright holder she sold the manuscript and let some editor have his way with it Her uirky style and lovable characters are so adulterated here that it was difficult to finish Consistency and common sense gave way to contrived kissing scenes where the characters were often scantily clad wet or both Though still a mostly clean romance no sex scenes I've had enough tingling skin and abundant curves for a good long time

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