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  1. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    Update It's a bit sad but not really surprising that I have to defend my position after giving multiple examples especially after plenty of other people have come forward and agreedI'm not going to argue with people who haven't read the book seriously? There's a huge difference between a sexist worldcharacter and a sexist authorAn author is able to create a fantasy world with a different map magic system religion but can't help himself and has to respect the status uo about sexism It's what he knows and he might not even realize it but damn does it get frustrating and frankly boring In any world even a sexist one there would be at least one person who feels differentlyIt's too convenient to excuse it by saying it's fiction so yes I will call it out when I see itPlenty of authors are able to write well rounded characters from any gender The opposite sex is not alien Plenty of authors are able to write characters that are monstrous or sexist without seeming sexist themselves Don Peters from Sleeping Beauties anyone??Every word was a choice No one forced the author to write about ridiculously debilitating period for the main female character No one forced him to tell us about how physically attractive each female character was or if their breasts and nipples were satisfying enoughA simple line with a female character rolling her eyes at a male character for being sexist would have been enough to make me not mention any of thisInstead we have a main strong female character who spends a whole battle in a revealing dress that oh so inconveniently split open at the thigh and is apparently still hung up on a man she hasn't been with in over 15 years The fact that only men have had an issue with my opinion says it all Take a second to think about itI’m a little torn hereI really like the ideas in this book The world and magic system are different and fascinating You will need to push yourself to read the first 100 pages before it gets better The magic system is confusing until thenThe writing isn’t the best same with the dialogues but the sexism is what is ruining it for meI could tell you which women are the prettiest in order and who has the best boobs LiterallyReal descriptions in the book Woman who is forty is still beautiful and has nice skin even though she’s starting to have wrinkles Really? What about the guy next to her? No? He’s fine? OkWoman who is forty has saggy breast Really? Did I need to know that? Does the man next to her have saggy balls? You won’t tell us that uh? Ok What's up with the obsession of 40 years old women?At one point one of the main character Kip a horny 15 years old insecure fat boy thinks to himself after falling that he seems to spend time on his back than a whore who thinks this is funny?Adding one someone just reminded me of During a battle Kip falls face first into the cleavage of a woman how inconvenient I loved how much it added to the storyWhat really annoyed me though was the main female character She is a badass fighter part of the Blackguard and has great magical powers But the poor girl is insecure about her manly shouldersAre you freaking kidding me??Anyway I did like the overall story I'm not sure it truly deserve my 4 stars so I'll reduce it to 3 but I really wanted to love thisI will be continuing the series but I’m disappointedReview

  2. Regan Regan says:

    Updated 2020 rating 454

  3. Petrik Petrik says:

    455 starsAn incredibly original and entertaining start to a memorable high fantasy series The Black Prism the first book in Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks was one of my first forays into an adult high fantasy novel I can’t honestly say that I’ve been a devout follower of this series since its conception; The Black Prism was first published in 2010 and I started this series almost exactly three years ago all the way back in October 2016; it was near the release date of the fourth book of the series The Blood Mirror Now that the fifth and final book of the series The Burning White is coming out in less than three weeks I figure that it’s about time I finally reread this series that I loved before from the beginning again Why? Because I’ve forgotten TONS of details about it and this reread strongly proved it “All power is a test” Rereading is always a fascinating experience for me; I won’t lie that I have my share of issues—mostly due to overwhelming TBR and unfinished series I’m stuck in—with the idea of rereading just for the sake of refreshing memories in order to be able to appreciate the nextlast book of a particular series However statistically speaking rereading a bookseries actually deliver a superior reading experience compared to my first read through often than not; The Black Prism is another great example of this situation and it makes me wish I have time to re read many books that I’ve read before The first time I read through this book I found the first 200 pages uite a struggle to get through; on my reread I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the section that I found difficult to read I can’t pinpoint the exact answer behind this change in reading experience; it could be because I’m a well seasoned high fantasy reader compared to before it could be because I found the learning curve too steep back then or maybe it’s all simply because I’m on my reread and I have the benefit of hindsight One thing I can say for sure though is that I can appreciate the intricacies and subtleties of The Black Prism on my reread Picture The Black Prism by breath art Jian GuoThe most important thing you have to know before you read The Black Prism is that there’s a lot of things to learn and remember here and I’m not just talking specifically about this book Lightbringer is a high fantasy series that’s complex rich in world building and lore accompanied by a deeply intricate magic system—Chromaturgy—that in my opinion is on par with Sanderson’s It has been years after I finished reading through the available books of the series and I don’t think I’ve read many high fantasy series that made the implementation of their magic system so undeniably crucial to every aspect of the world as much as this series does From the plot progression combat scenes weaponry infrastructure method of transportations and many ; it’s frankly mandatory that you as a reader understand how the magic system actually works The downside to all of this would be that if this is your first time reading through this novel the first 200 pages might end up being a bit of a learning curve because Weeks’ method of exposition can be a bit info dumpy but necessary; I strongly advise you to persevere through it the rest of the book is so worth the learning curve that gradually gets easier as the story progressed “Moments of beauty sustain us through hours of ugliness” You may find yourself shocked and entertained by several revelations in The Black Prism and if you do enjoy those believe me when I say that the first book was just a glimpse of Weeks’ talent as a great storyteller Lightbringer is in my opinion one of the most well plotted series I’ve ever read; I can’t think of many series that constantly made me skip my heartbeat This is high level plot crafting I didn’t realize how many hints and subtleties for the big revelations in the next installments were embedded already in this book Plus the main characters introduced in The Black Prism were characters that never stops developing throughout the whole series; in both journey and mentality Gavin Guile Kip Karris Ironfist and Liv—whether you love or hate them is a different story—were well realized characters that I found to be compelling and entertaining to read Let’s take two of the main characters Gavin Guile and Kip as an example Gavin can be considered as Gary Stu; he’s the Prism—the most powerful man in the world Plus he’s also full of wit and charm that makes everyone heads over heels for him But the rules of the world applied don’t make him an immortal being; every Prism has a limit to their lifespan he’s also not safe from weaknesses and he does make mistakes On the opposite spectrum we have Kip a fat teenager who constantly self loathe and self bash his own weight I know that many readers have voiced their complaints about Kip’s self loathing behavior and dirty thoughts but I personally think that Weeks’ captured the personality of a teenager going through puberty uite spot on through him; Kip’s upbringing and the way he was treated also influenced his present behaviors greatly I loved how each of the characters’ past in the book matters to their developments; the juxtaposition in the interaction between the characters and the way their relationships developed and influenced by their past and current circumstances were superbly done “You might want to think twice before you try to use a man's conscience against him It may turn out he doesn't have one” The methodically structured momentum building eventually leads to a glorious well written battle seuence that concludes the first book in the Lightbringer series delightfully With engaging politics great characterizations immersive world building and a colorful magic system full of conseuence and rules reminiscent of Sanderson’s Warbreaker in both intricacies and ualities; The Black Prism signified the start of a heart pounding high fantasy series to remember I plan to spend the next WEEKS of OctoBRENT rereading this series so I’ll be jumping into The Blinding Knife immediatelyYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  4. Andrew Obrigewitsch Andrew Obrigewitsch says:

    This book is really tough for me to rate The story is a flintlock fantasy With some really brilliant ideas a very interesting plot cool magic system and great action So what's wrong with it? You may ask other than the fact that the narrator made the main character sound like a surfer dudeWell the problem with Brent Weeks' writing is that you feel like you are being told a story by a very creative and imaginative 15 year old boy with no real life experience and not a lot of study under his belt The focus on sex is exactly how a 15 year old boy would focus on it The than necessary gore in battle scenes is exactly how a 15 year old boy would describe it The cuss words thrown in at the most awkward places just to sound cool the use of teen slang the way things are described with the focus on the most random things under the situation for example the focus on womens' breasts in the middle of a battle scene and the way the characters think and act are all exactly how a 15 year old boy would describe it I can actually see how Weeks is a very successful fantasy writer as the majority of fantasy fans are males between the ages of 12 22 His books must really speak to them But unfortunately I'm a 33 your old male that's lived in other countries outside the US had uite a bit of real life experience and I'm also very well read I frankly find the way his characters act and the dialogue to be utterly ridiculous and childish If he were to stop the pretense and admit he writes YA fiction I would not be so harsh and I would give this book 3 stars Until Weeks does so I have to rate it with other adult books his books just can't stand up Here is an example of the 15 year oldness of the storyAt one point the villain murders over a thousand people but the hero and main female character are upset by the fact that the hero had a kid 15 years earlier which means he cheated on her as they where dating then but broke up 15 years ago I mean come on that's way important then a bunch of innocent people laying dead all around you right? Or maybe in a combat zone you might be thinking of how you don't want to be spotted as there may be enemies lurking around to find any survivors? Or maybe you might be so disgusted at the over 1000 decapitated courses that you can't think of anything else? If you have a 15 year olds mindset and have never seen a dead body then you might think an over decade old love interest was important than all these things Another example is how Weeks seems to discover a new word that he beats to death throughout the book with it's synonyms in this one is was vomit In one of his other books I read it was feces I remember when I was 12 thinking it was funny to learn a new word that meant vomit too P S It was still 1000 times better than Night Angel But if you only read a few books a year and are not a male between 12 and 22 go with something else The Powder Mage Series is better The Black Company by Glen Cook is far better anything by Brandon Sanderson is better and heck if you uestion wether a book is better or not ask me

  5. Petros Triantafyllou Petros Triantafyllou says:

    You know you are reading a masterpiece when out of 95 chapters and 5 different POVs not even one is slightly boring I have heard a lot of things about Brent Weeks' second trilogy and most of them have been proved true so far He has grown up as an author improving not only his prose and narration but his imagination as well You might want to think twice before you try to use a man's conscience against him It may turn out he doesn't have oneThe Black Prism is absolutely a work of art The world building is exceptional the magic is system complex yet easy to understand and the characters are well crafted and masterfully developed The real gem of the book though is the story itself If i had to explain what Epic Fantasy means The Black Prism would be my example A thing that characterizes all of Brent's work is the tremendous mix of fun and action giving you a laughing fit at the most inappropriate of times Worth mentioning is the juggling of several compelling and intertwining POVs with a straightforward prose while the subaueous ualities of the facture contextualize not only the characters but the society's structure as well If you call yourself a fantasy fan The Black Prism should be the next book in your TBR listYou can find of my reviews over at

  6. carol. carol. says:

    Let's be honest; I've been dreading reading this Why? Because The Night Angel Trilogy ended up a broken promise Good beginning steady decline in the uality of characterization and plotting and need I mention a sexist hot mess? At any rate Weeks seems to have been going for something different here or at least something developed say perhaps Epic and it works much better Except it's so damn conscious of being epic that I roll my eyes just looking at it that heft The matte black cover The half hidden silhouette The bold text Impress yourself much?It is Epic epic with an intentionally capitalized 'E' This is a book that wants to dominate your shelves expand into a series and crowd out all the others Weeks has built a blocky but solid foundation that will no doubt carry him a Jordanian expanse This is Epic Crank with one damn crisis after another and if they can't all fit into book one well surely they'll show up in books two three and four There's no shortage of conflict large and small An almost orphan with a drug addict mother a village rebelling against a ruler a woman caught between two brothers an occupied city an unfulfilled prophecy for a world a religious revolution Brothers fighting for their father's approval Magical tests Deception Bandits Isolation social and physical Magic and madness Discovering inner potential A siege A country made up of kingdoms only nominally working together A school of magic that may be rotting from within Familiar ingredients and I dare say that there isn't much original with them beyond composing the story around an uniue and interesting magic system and throwing the entire kitchen sink into one book I'm sure you've heard all about how 'light' forms the basis of magic and it is one of the concepts that sets this book apart Magic users get so many opportunities to use that magic before it drives them insane or at least that's how the canon goes Some users on the other team are giving madness a shot one of the interesting plot lines in the bookWhat I did discover is that Weeks can write an engrossing story when he stops jumping around different characters ala Night Angel and gets to the business of writing Here he limits himself to Kip the orphan boy; Gavin the most powerful magic user in the land and spiritual head of the religion; Karris a magic user and top notch fighter; Liv Kip's tutor fellow townie and daughter of a famous traitor; and one other spoilery character that seems to be crazy I know that's a lot of people but it's a score less than the Night Angel series so I counted myself lucky I could just about tell exactly where the plot was headed and I read anyways that's how fast paced it is and how good Weeks is at sucking one in It's just the thought of committing to that big fat book and it's subseuent followers that leaves me shying awayIt's Epicness will surely meet most Epic readers needs and that it will meet my Epic needs if I discover I have them in the future It certainly moved uickly was engaging and the magic ideas were interesting especially as users reached the end of their lifespans and chose actions accordingly The identity catechism ambiguity which was only a side point of this book seems promising As an aside the writing didn't annoy me although it didn't necessarily soar eitherGavin was by far the most interesting character a multifaceted jewel of complexity and most of the depth is spent on him It was worth it and while he was the character I was ready to hate by the end I think he was rather admirable Kip alas does not fare as well and seems surprisingly modern whiny for a doughy wasn't he penniless? tradeless drug user's boy who is clearly A Speshul Snowflake It rather feels like channeling modern Garion; one minute sulky pouting the next adolescent hormones and the next all snark In this case it seems clearly the fault of the writing which usually picks one of the three traits to emphasize and doesn't let him color far outside those lines Karris is WonderWoman except that she needs to be saved after she sinks into The Pit of Despair and poor young Liv is being set up by Bad Guys on Both Sides I can just tell although she also has an interesting complexity of motivations But I foresee that the general characterization of women will piss me off in the future given that Week's already spoiled Karris by making her into one big ball of tropeThere's lots to love for Epic fans; I just don't seem to be an Epic Fan right now I put it down a number of times because I just couldn't take its demandsThis may indeed be the series that modern Epic Fans were waiting for but I confess I only remotely care Someday I'll have an Epic need and I'll surely pick up the second But I've got a few other higher priority books firstThree and a half starsCross posted at

  7. Bradley Bradley says:

    Update 4820Yet another re read Yes Three times nowCould I be a fanboy? Possibly? Maybe even so after reading the fifth book recently? Wanting to revisit the entire series from the start?Yep And I LOVED it Again So many changes So many plot twists So MUCH To LoveNot to mention how beautiful all the visualizations are It's like this book was written just for me to see in my mind Update 101517Re Read with buddiesThis is one of my favorite epic fantasy series ever and upon re reads I'm hardly in a position to recant Especially now I'm still thrilled as hell I can't uite tell whether I love the magic system or the characters I absolutely love the smartass Kip the lip fat kid whiner turned badass but it's Gavin Guile that really steals the show Has there ever been such a complicated character in existence? Charming devious uber powerful totally evil and absolutely on the side of good all at once What the hell is he? Ah but I've read the whole series and I know it just gets better and better but this first book is utterly kickassIt's almost pure action gorgeous colorful magic system bigger than life characters and best of all it's probably one of the most fun books I've ever owned I've raved about it to everyone I know For good reason Still fantastic? You better believe itOriginal reviewI truly suspected that I'd fall head over heels for the new Brent Weeks trilogy and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest If you are in the mood for a great and creative magic system in a very well thought out fantasy world that is so thoroughly steeped in action melodrama action crazy mind blowing characters action and color then pick this damn book up immediately and thank your lucky stars you did I'm a fanboy I cannot wait until I pick up the second book Oh wait I have it in my hands and I'm typing this out with only one hand Now I've put the book in my mouth so I can keep typing This hurts some because the book is so wonderfully thick and if I ever thought that I might have been getting less than my money's worth then I'm an idiotDid I mention this fantasy is a fast paced action full of twists and gorgeous colors throughout? This novel is what happens when a novelist's imagination is much much bigger than any hope that the story could ever be made into a movie or an anime and will give the reader all of the scope and power to vision it all in as much glory as he or she likes And I liked Oh yes I liked it a lot It's different from most fantasy novels although it may not seem so from these words; in that it allows magic to be big heroes to be big and then let them be bigger and complex and even downright evil while being good at the core at the same time That's as close to a spoiler as I'm going to get You'll see within a few hundred pages what I'll mean by this and then be surprised several times againMy only complaint at this point will be in waiting for the third book because it's not going to be long before I finish the Blinding Knife Brent Weeks has done it again and ranks up there with my very favorite Fantasy novels of all time

  8. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Let me write a short review here and then do a side note I loved the characters of Kip and Gavin and a few others I really want to continue on with their story and see where it goes Especially when I read the part about Gavin and his brother Uh mind blown There was a part at the beginning of the book that just put me off and don't ask and I'm just getting irritated with stuff like that Soooooo many of my friends love these books and some are just okay with them I do have the other current books but I don't know if I'm going to continue Side NoteHere's the thing The other day I got mad and took a ton of my books that I have read and haven't read and mom took me to the used bookstore 5 minutes from our house and we traded in books and toys for money that I need and trade credit Which I got some horror books and mom got some thrillers but she will read my horror as well This side note is about either me being too old 115 and changing my ideas about books or I'm just getting ill from reading too much of the same genre I read ALL genre's people and I appreciate those that like my reviews even if it's not your genre Maybe that's what got me on this book Maybe I need to read of my horror books graphic novels ya books fluffy books smut memoirs I really don't know I got mad and put this book and the others I own in the trade in pile then took off my shelf to to put in the trade in pile I figure if I'm only liking something or feel like I'm not going to read it again then I'm getting rid of it and keeping what I love and getting multiple copies of the different books covers I currently have 19 bookcases if I counted right and it's just too much You know I might feel I need to continue on with this series and see where it goes with Kip and other people in the books If so then there is the library I just really don't know what's going on End Of Side NoteI know that had nothing to do with the book review as a whole but it's just something I needed to say because maybe I would have liked this book at a different time And I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking happy half of my friends loved it and people I don't know loved it For me I just fell flat I don't really think it was the book I think I fell flat I might take a stab at them later because like I said before I enjoy some of the characters but I just don't know and I hate this feeling Sigh MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  9. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    Today we're going to talk about something that every reviewer lives at least once in its reading career that I will call the Is It Too Early To Dnf Syndrome®That syndrome sucks big time 1 Your ereader is failing you and doesn't count the percentages any don't get it back to the store yet You're only bored I know it's tricky Sanderson's fans might not show this symptom though if you like long ass descriptions of how a magic system works well lucky you you may not meet boredom yet 2 There's no gentle way to say it so you morph into a moron What? How would you call it? You laugh when you're supposed to be shocked and there's this little ironic martial tune playing in your head every time a plot point is revealed usually by slapping you straight in the face Special award to the You Have A Kid Note It was fabulous 3 Because being a moron is not enough you'll also know this appalling sociopathic moment that we'll call the Can You Just Die I don't Care symptom Apply it to every fucking character If you snarl at every word they utter you might be touched than I thought 4 You start playing a game named This is ConvenientStupidAnticlimacticWHAT THE FUCK IS THIS strike the odd one out5 You feel old Like very very old because somehow you're convinced that this book has been written by a 13 years old 1 DNF2 DNF and rate it because you don't like when people make up rules for your hobby You're welcome For of my reviews please visit

  10. Dana Ilie Dana Ilie says:

    This is a book that I would highly recommend due to its commitment to the pace and knowledge of further books to come The Black Prism ends on a cliffhanger that sets up the next book uite well I definitely look forward to returning to the colorful so clever world that Brent Weeks has created The writing is good the characters engaging and realistic and the way magic is used is not only uniue in its utilitarian application but also the variety of ways in which it is utilized

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The Black Prism Gavin Guile is the Prism the most powerful man in the world He is high priest and emperor a man whose power wit and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace But Prisms never last and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live Five years to achieve five impossible goals But when Guile discovers he has a son born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart

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In a small town Montana school at age 12 Brent Weeks met the two great loves of his life Edgar Allan Poe introduced him to the power of literature to transcend time and death and loneliness Fate introduced him to The Girl Kristi Barnes He began his pursuit of each immediatelyThe novel was a failure The Girl shot him downSince then–skipping the boring parts–Brent has written eight best sell