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  • Tony Park
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  • 10 March 2014

10 thoughts on “African Dawn African Sky #2

  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    this is a very disturbing book about Zimbabwe and rhino poaching perhaps i felt it because i am familiar with the country and the places mentioned but i still feel a bit traumatised and i finished it yesterday its pretty violent and the stories of both black and white Zimbabweans is heartbreaking of course there's love interest but that too has a few twists Much tougher than previous Tony Park books But if you're up for the challenge go for it

  2. Marianne Marianne says:

    African Dawn is the eighth novel by Australian author Tony Park and in it he revisits the setting and characters of his third novel African Sky Park takes three Rhodesian families the Bryants and the Ngwenyas who will both be familiar to readers of African Sky and the uilter Phippses and follows them through the turbulent years from 1959 to 2011The fate of a rhino calf Makuti is also monitored From British colony through independence to black rule and seizure of white owned farms Park tracks events in Rhodesia’s recent history and demonstrates their effect on the human inhabitants both black and white and certain endangered animals of the country Park creates a cast of characters with depth variety and appeal; their dilemmas and conflicts are realistic and credible; their passions often fierce Park manages to make the convoluted history and politics of RhodesiaZimbabwe easily digestible by incorporating them into a story that is interesting and exciting Park’s plot is original has uite a few twists and encompasses racial tensions wildlife conservation political corruption and family dynamics Murder kidnapping imprisonment poaching and plane crashes all feature Having skilfully set up his characters and events Park takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride to the story’s dramatic climax Park’s Army background his extensive research and his knowledge of Africa are apparent in every sentence Another page turner

  3. Donna Nicholson Donna Nicholson says:

    After being introducted to the writer Tony Park about a year ago now ive since been on a mission to locate and purchase all of his booksHis writing is addictive to any reader he has you on the edge of your seats taking you on twists and turns you never expect to comeThis book is an emotional ride set in a backdrop we all want to view after reading his books Anyone truly looking for that perfect read WILL find it in ANY of Tony's books So do not just seek out this one go on a real adventure and read them all Can not wait to see what Tony has in store for us next

  4. Cynthia Harris Cynthia Harris says:

    Even I'm disappointed in myself with this rating It probably deserved but the fact is I could not get into it I generally thoroughly enjoy books of this genre set in Africa but because I couldn't get a good head start on it timewise meant that when I did pick it up I had trouble remembering the cast of characters and the storylinePerhaps I should have gone back to start again but there are too many other good books on the shelf waiting

  5. Katrina Katrina says:

    I have previously enjoyed tony park's books but really struggled with this book It took a while to get into the story with the first half jumping around a lot and very political It almost seemed he had too many different elements to the story which made it uite confusing The second half flowed easily but the violence especially towards the rhinos was a bit much in parts

  6. Bree T Bree T says:

    Set in Zimbabwe African Dawn revolves around three families the Bryants ex pat Australian Paul and his wife Pip who run a wildlife park employing local black workers the uilter Phippses with their twin sons Braeden the dashing armed services hero and the uieter Tate who works for National Parks and the Ngwenya’s a poor black family supported and befriended by the Bryant’sStarting in 1969 and visiting important years for the families before settling in current day African Dawn details a broken country struggling to find itself in a bloody and political war where nothing is the same for two days in a row Paul and Pip are conservationists running small herds on their farm and they are in danger of losing it as the government seeks to confiscate it for the ‘good of the people’ Paul and Pip know the real reason though – rhino horn trafficking has become incredibly lucrative with wealthy Asians paying around 50000 US dollars per horn which will then be ground into a powder and used as a remedy for everything from the flu to cancerPaul now in his 90s wants to fight to keep his land so he hires Braeden uilter Phipps as head of security Former armed forces Braeden once saved the life of Paul’s granddaughter Natalie when she was kidnapped by rebels at just 11 years of age Natalie all grown up now and a photographerjournalist is writing a book about Zimbabwe and her experiences there Having lived most of her life in Australia after that traumatic event she has returned to the country of her birth to reacuaint herself with it and to write her story She finds herself torn between the brash overconfident and sure of himself Braeden and his twin brother Tate – uieter anti social harbouring a pain and anger that he has carried around for nearly twenty years Natalie isn’t the first Bryant woman to be torn between two uilter Phipps men – her aunt Hope twenty years earlier had made a decision which ultimately led to her brutal death and the deep seated hatred the twins now have for one anotherA passionate conservationist Tate has a radical answer when it looks as though the Bryant’s will lose their farm to corrupt government minister Emmerson Ngwenyas who harbours a resentment for the Bryant’s after an incident that occurred many years ago He’s been dabbling in some trafficking and sees the Bryant farm as a perfect way to line his pockets even further As The uilter Phipps’ boys and the Bryant family seek to save their rhinos it will end in a bloody gunfire that will effect every family involvedI returned this book to my local library before I reviewed it which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake There were uite a few characters and because it was set in Zimbabwe and some of them were coloured and some white I can’t remember how to spell some of the names African Dawn is uite a long book – 500 odd pages in large paperback form and to be honest it dragged a bit It took me almost 11 days to read it but I have to say that’s not entirely the book’s fault A newborn coupled with discovering the TV show The Big Bang Theory took me away from this book a lot I watched 4 seasons and 3 episodes of TBBT in just 10 days so there wasn’t much time for reading reallySome mild SPOILERS follow hereMy biggest problem with this novel was that a lot hinged on two love triangles the first is barely touched on but involves Hope the daughter of Paul and Pip who is dating Tate but sleeps with Braeden She confesses to Tate who spurns her so instead of staying to fight for Tate which appears to be what she wants she books a flight straight back to Braeden which is then shot down by rebels who then find the wreckage and murder everyone who survived the crash that didn’t go for help Twenty or so years later Natalie Hope’s niece returns to Zimbabwe to write a book and we appear to go through the same scenario she is drawn immediately to Tate and they almost sleep together but he runs away tormented by memories of Hope and so she sleeps with BraedenFirstly I find the relationships a bit well distasteful to be honest Sleeping with twin brothers? Seriously that’s not really very nice is it? Can’t really think of a better way to betray a guy than to sleep with his sexier confident womanising twin brother as Braeden is painted And then Hope is baffled by Tate’s running off and Braeden is furious that Tate didn’t forgive her and blames Tate for causing her death Oh I don’t know Braeden maybe you had a hand in it too for not keeping your hands off someone you knew was your brother’s girlfriend And Hope well she didn’t waste much time trying to run back to Braeden either Somehow I find Tate the least to blame in this scenario And then we go through nearly the exact same thing with NatalieI could almost understand if I found Braeden at all an enjoyable and likable character But he’s mostly a douche – I don’t go in for that overconfident very sure of himself and his abilities arrogant kind of jerk I’m not sure if I’m supposed to understand both Hope and Natalie’s attraction to him If I am then that’s an epic fail because in a novel that included murderers rhino horn traffickers Robert Mugabe etc he was my least favourite charactersBasically I wish this novel were about the plight of the rhinos It starts off wonderfully with a much younger Paul Bryant herding rhinos away from a lake that’s being dammed including a young rhino who makes reappearances throughout the book and there are sections later on with Tate tagging rhinos and recording their information and the end of the book which is about saving the rhino population on Paul and Pip’s farm is awesome But the rest of the book is bogged down in family drama and relationships and I expected about the rhinos I expected most of the book to revolve around them and their plight but for me it didn’tHowever what did work for me was the portrayal of the turmoil that is the country of Zimbabwe The book spanned a lot of years during which the country underwent a lot of changes and I really got a feel for that Tony Park is an Australian who also spends a lot of time in southern Africa and this shows He knows the places he is writing about and his knowledge which is political environmental and cultural is crystal clear I learned while looking up his previous works that one of his novels African Sky is the story of Paul and Pip Bryant’s meeting and I’d very much like to read that I think that with Braeden uilter Phipps removed I would really enjoy his novels all of which are set in Africa I think that Tony Park can tell a story and paint a picture of Africa that is very vivid for someone that has never been and is never likely to It was just a particular aspect of the plot in this instance that didn’t work for meI’m going to reuest a couple from my library and see how I go with them

  7. Nina Nina says:

    Rhino poaching civil war in Rhodesia enforcing of the so called historical justice corrupt Zimbabwean regime in the three family saga that spans for over 60 years In my view one of Tony Park's best novels even though the ethnic conflicts are oversimplified The most important message comes from the belief that fighters for the wildlife preservation are doomed to failure unless democracy prevails and corruption is stopped in Zimbabwe Kiedy to piszę ani przyszłość nosorożców ani losy demokracji w Zimababwe nie są znane zaznacza autor w posłowiu do książki Jest to saga obejmująca ponad 60 lat dziejów dwóch rodzin białych i czarnych Rodezyjczyków którzy pod koniec ubiegłego stulecia stali się obywatelami nowego państwa Zimbabwe Dziejów okrutnych nie tylko dla nich także dla największych skarbów tej ziemi na czele z ginącymi gatunkami nosorożca Ludzie mordują siebie nawzajem najpierw w tzw wojnie o niepodległość potem w procesie egzekwowania sprawiedliwości dziejowej Całkiem niewinnych trudno w tych mordach wskazać a najgorsi oprawcy może nie staliby się takimi gdyby nie historia Niewinne są zwierzęta Nosorożca skazała na zagładę głupota chciwość i korupcja Najgorsze że w skorumpowanym reżimie Roberta Mugabe przy biedzie i degrengoladzie cywilizacyjnej które sprzyjają kłusownictwu nawet najbardziej oddani obrońcy zwierząt ponoszą jedną klęskę po drugiejTony Park Australijczyk z urodzenia Afrykanin z wyboru należy do grona zafascynowanych czarnym lądem przede wszystkim jego przyrodą florą i fauną Sądzę że większość jego czytelników podziela te fascynacje nawet jeśli ich znajomość kontynentu ogranicza się do udziału w turystycznych safari oglądania filmów na Discovery i lektury właśnie Afrykański świt jest ambitną pozycją przy której nie sposób się nudzić Podczas gdy opis rewolucji wyzwoleńczej w pierwszej części książki trąci nieco schematyzmem problemy współczesnego Zimbabwe przedstawione są w całej złożoności a losy ofiar zwierząt i ludzi są naprawdę przejmujące Przy czym oczywiście jest to powieść z gatunku popularnych czyli namiętności bohaterów też dostarczają odpowiednią dozę wrażeń

  8. Linda Linda says:

    An African thriller that takes place from 1959 to 2011 during and after the terrible bloody convoluted political change in Rhodesia that created Zimbabwe and the change in fortune for the white farm owners as the government took their farmskicked them out and redistributed the land back to the Africans but in doing so allowed corrupt and vicious politicians to dominate the country through terror Government participation in poaching the black rhino and selling its horn at large profits to Eastern clients apparently was an attempt to make up for the lack of tourisism and to enrich the corrupt and vicious leadership It is a tale of three Rhodesian families the Bryants and the Ngwenyas from the first book and the uilter Phippses handsome twins wild Braedon and solitary conservationist Tate are introduced following them through these turbulent years Another page turner African history and a great escape

  9. Sheena Sheena says:

    While some parts of this book were passionately and beautifully written the story got bogged down by overlapping plots I found it a complicated read Tony Park is a thoughtful author who brings the plight of the African people and their daily reality to the attention of the reader His descriptions of life in Africa are vivid and intense shedding light on the contradictions of racialism greed and corruptionUnfortunately this was the first book of his I have read and perhaps my rating would be fairer had I read African Sky first I do intend to read this soon I shall then return to edit this review

  10. Carinya Kappler Carinya Kappler says:

    Tony Park writes with a dynamic yet elegant flair He has set his novel in Zimbabwe with the tale commencing in the 1950s Political unrest economic uncertainty and fear were ensuring that this part of the world did not attract many tourists and forced many loyal local farmers and business men to leave properties and successful businessesThe love stories woven between the terrorism animal poaching and racial tension span two generations This book is written by an author with an understanding of human frailties and strengths This story is generous and understated in a time of hatred and misunderstandingsI recommend this book to most readers Carinya

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African Dawn African Sky #2 African Dawn by Tony Park the author of Red Earth is a full throttle international thriller that will engross fans of Clive CusslerIt's darkest before the dawnThree families the Bryants the uilter Phippses and the Ngwenyas share a history as complex and bloody as Zimbabwe itselfDedicated conservationists Paul and Philippa Bryant are struggling to save their farm and small herd of endangered black rhinos from seizure by corrupt government minister Emmerson Ngwenya Twin brothers ex soldier Braedan and environmentalist Tate uilter Phipps join the fightBut when the brothers fall in love with the same woman Natalie Bryant their rivalry threatens to put the lives of all involved at risk And with Emmerson vowing to stop at nothing until he gets what he wants a bloody showdown seems inevitableIn the broken country that is Zimbabwe only the strongest can survive

About the Author: Tony Park

Tony Park was born in 1964 and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney He has worked as a newspaper reporter in Australia and England a government press secretary a public relations consultant and a freelance writerHe served 34 years in the Australian Army Reserve including six months in Afghanistan in 2002Tony and his wife Nicola split their time between Australia and Africa where they