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Getting Married Again 9 Months Later His jobor his familyJackson Garrett is a Hot Shot one of an elite team who fights forest fires More than once he's saved the lives of the people on his crew And than once Jackson knows the reason he's made it out alive is Lexie his one true love It's always been a relief that he could go home to her But now she doesn't want him backLexie Garrett doesn't feel as if she ever had a husband With Jackson always away she's raised their daughter alone During one last night of bliss before she finalizes their divorce she becomes pregnant Lexie loves Jackson she has no doubt about that But will he be there for her the way he says he will This time and forever

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  1. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    Lexie and Jackson were High School sweethearts who married young Even though Lexie was pregnant they loved each other Jackson became a firefighter elite forest fire team Lexie is the responsible one throughout the marriage while Jackson is a charming easygoing hotshot firefighter hero Always willing to spend time with his buddies andor helping out a friend he leaves all the responsibility of their life together to Lexie; away fighting fires much of time missing family events not calling when late etc Lexie begins to feel neglected and distances herself from Jackson view spoilerAfter being told she would not have other children she finds out she is pregnant again She arranges to meet Jackson for lunch to tell him and he does not show helping a friend with a car; she miscarries and does not tell him hide spoiler

  2. E-Reader Addict E-Reader Addict says:

    This book has two tropes that are like catnip to me second chance and secret baby I would normally stay away from a book with such an uncreative titlebut second chance romance AND secret babyI can hardly stay away from one but both together? Nearly impossible Jackson and Lexie married young and found themselves divorced after ten years When Jackson returns home after being in Russia to train firefighters for six months he’s determined to win back his wife He’s shocked but then thrilled to discover Lexie is seven months pregnant Lexie is determined to keep Jackson from working his way back into her life She’s tired of broken promises and feeling like his job and everything else comes first and she doesn’t want to feel let down again Jackson is persistent But then he isn’tThis book started out well Really well Lexie still loves her husband and desperately wants to be with him but knows she deserves better Jackson knows he messed up and just wants to make things right with his wife When he finds out how much she’s been struggling since he left and how difficult the pregnancy has been he’s determined to do what he can to help It was sweet to see how much Jackson wanted to make things right and how much Lexie wanted to be with her husband but was afraid to let him in However they have serious issues to work through Namely poor communication skills on both their parts Everything was all heartfelt and compelling Until things took a left turn towards melodramatic around 60% And it was all from the hero and went downhill from there He wants his family but he’s no good for them He loves Lexie and his new son but it’s better if he’s not in their lives I was kinda afraid Lexie was going to have to deal with whiplash in addition to postpartum issuesHere’s the thing I’m not a fan of the “grand epiphany” as a result of a tragic situation This couple had issues from their childhood they needed to deal with they had issues from their marriage to deal with Jackson’s job as a hot shot firefighter causes a lot of strain both for him mentally and on their marriage and they were currently going through a difficult situation with the birth of their son NONE of these things are going to go away just because you suddenly realize you don’t want to live without the other person I want to see people do the hard work like go to a therapist to work through and earn the resolution to their problems This couple did not do that In fact I have a problem with an author reinforcing whether intentionally or not the message that seeing a therapist or going through counseling is useless or makes you weak Thankfully this was a uick easy read I liked the characters and was glad to see this couple find their way back together but I really feel like all their problems were swept under a rug and not dealt with After such a strong start with the couple dealing with realistic issues in a realistic way it felt like it turned into one big angst fest before “Ta Da” everything was all the sudden all better There were a bunch of things I liked about this story but the schmaltzy ending doused water on all my positive thoughts

  3. Rosemary K Rosemary K says:

    Jackson Garrett is an elite firefighter He's a member of the Hot Shot This is his life work Has this dedication cost him his family? Lexie divorced him because he had withdrawn from her and their daughter He's so very sure that he could win her back Boy was he in for a shock Lexie didn't tell him that she's pregnant with his baby and she's determined not to let him hurt her again I felt sorry that Lexie felt so abandoned She's struggling with her pregnancy and with her finances but she can't let him come back Jackson can't confide in her or in anyone that he's lost his edge Pain and guilt are his constant companion I could tell how hard this was for him I wanted to tell him to let his family know what he's feeling The drama ramped up with the premature birth of their son It was so emotional I could understand their terror Itoo was afraid for baby Henry I really wanted them to come to terms with their problems Melinda Curtis has written a wonderful story that is well researched I cared for all the characters The story was an emotional journey The characters are easy to care for the drama heart stopping and their love amazing I'm looking forward to stories about the Silver Bend Hot Shots I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed My comments are my honest opinion

  4. Brittany Brittany says:

    This was a great second chance love story What a journey these two main characters went on Jackson grew so much throughout the entire novel learning that he needed to be there for his family in a way that he never had been before I liked how the reader got a peek into his heart and realized that he had loved his family all along but did not show them by being there for themLexie was a great character too and she loved Jackson so much She was a strong woman who was doing her best to make it through some very emotional and stressful times It was clear that these two characters loved each other and their journey back to a better marriage the second time around was wonderful to read about This was a clean story but I do want to point out that there were two or three light curse words for those who are sensitive to thatI really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series45 starsI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

  5. Valri Western Valri Western says:

    To everyone around him Jackson is a hero They call him Golden because if he's fighting a wildfire with you he gets you out of that fire alive always He's always there for you no matter what except for his wife Lexie has loved Jackson as long as she can remember that's why she married him when they were still in high school BUT she just can't be married to him any He's never there for her when she really needs him or for their daughter It's possible to love someone so much but still not want to be with them any This book was SO emotional and had me in tears so much of the time I felt for both Jackson and Lexie I could see both of their sides and didn't know how it was going to work out for them I was so involved in this story I felt like they were real people I desperately wanted them to work things out Lexie has an unplanned pregnancy and the emotions between the two of them are incredible You have to read this book What is going to happen? Be sure to have a tissue with you

  6. Melinda M Melinda M says:

    A Son for the Mountain Firefighter by Melinda Curtis is book 1 of The Mountain Firefighter Series The Mountain Firefighter Series is about firefighters that are part of the forestry department they battle They battle the fires on the ground shovels and chainsaws A Son for the Mountain Firefighter is the story of Jackson Garrett and his wife Lexie Jackson is considered a hero by almost everyone except his wife Lexie is having trouble with the traveling Jackson does for his job A divorce happens but so does a surprise This is about second chances for a couple who always love each other It also shows how jobs can put a strain on a couple and a marriage Melinda Curtis write a clean romance with well developed characters and story Melinda Curtis has used scary situations to bring appreciation for what Jackson and Lexie have as well as to remind you to appreciate what you have and a happy endingI received an advanced copy from the author This is my honest review

  7. Maria Maria says:

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  8. K B K B says:

    A Son for the Mountain Firefighter A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 1by Melinda Curtis 5 stars I purchased a copy of the clean novel A Son for the Mountain Firefighter A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 1 Jackson and Lexie by Melinda Curtis and this review was given freely Poignant full of family drama and action this suspenseful novel contains two romances a wonderful introduction to the Silver Bend Hot Shots of Idaho portrays the danger of fighting wildfires and expresses the mental struggles after loss Returning home after almost dying and after losing a Russian trainee to a wild firerecently divorced ten year veteran Hot Shot Jackson Golden Garrett struggles with PTSD the loss of his wife Lexi the emotional withdrawal of his eleven year old daughter Heidian unplanned pregnancy and with his sense of self worthTwins for the Mountain Firefighter A Redemption Romance The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 2by by Melinda Curtis 5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novel A Son for the Mountain Firefighter A Redemption Romance The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 2 Logan and Thea by Melinda Curtis and this review was given freely Initially sad and heartbreaking this ultimately heartwarming story is the struggle to find lovefamily and healing after bad childhoods after depression and despite dementiaIrritable and grief stricken after the loss of his twin sister Deb to cancer and his nieces to their unreliable father confirmed bachelor assistant superintendent of the Silver Bend Idaho's Hot Shots Logan Tin Man McCall returns home not only to find his nieces Tess and Hannah but also their nanny Thea and a dogA Baby for the Mountain Firefighter A May December Older Woman Romance The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 3 by Melinda Curtis5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novel A Baby for the Mountain Firefighter A May December Older Woman Romance The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 3 Aiden and Becca by Melinda Curtis and this review was given freely A suspenseful drama and action packed novel of misunderstanding love sacrifice and forgiveness Playboy assistant superintendent of the Silver Bend Idaho's Hot Shots Aiden Spider Rodas is confronted with his past when not only is his errant father but a one night stand in the form of a pregnant and single NIFC’s senior Fire Behavior Analysts Becca Thomas appear at a Montana wildfire

  9. Lghiggins Lghiggins says:

    Honesty first I know very little about firefighting I had read one novel about a wildfire prior to reading A Son for the Mountain Firefighter In traveling I have seen groups of enthusiastic firefighters stopping for lunch on their way to fire camps Of course there is the occasional TV show with burning buildings but they are pretty far removed from mountain firefighting Melinda Curtis’ Mountain Firefighter Series contains an interesting blend of romance and firefighter proceduralHandsome Jackson Garrett nicknamed “Golden” because of his luck has demons to face his status as a husband and father and his fear of fire after losing a rookie firefighter on his crew Curtis takes us behind the scenes to see how hard the firefighting life is on the family back home and the difficulties of fighting fires fueled by dry foliage and fickle winds We experience the firefighters’ camaraderie as well as the isolating necessity to show no weaknessAlthough I was at times uncomfortable reading about fires I learned a lot about the subject which I consider a real plus I enjoyed the characters who were realistically portrayed as simultaneously weak and strong It was a fairly uick read and so interesting that I didn’t want to put it down Now I’m looking forward to reading Twins for the Mountain Firefighter that focuses on Jackson’s best friend Logan AKA Tin Man a name given him by a “particularly disappointed woman” who “publicly proclaimed Logan to be lacking a heart” I would like to extend my thanks to Melinda Curtis for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Margie Margie says:

    Lexie Garrett filed for divorce from the husband she still loved Jackson Garrett is a Hot Shot firefighter Hot Shots travel the USA to where major wildfires occur Lexie felt that even when Jackson was home he wasn't committed to her and their daughter Heidi She decided to harden her heart and end the marriage for her welfare and the good of Heidi The day Jackson signed the divorce papers Lexie wanted one last time with Jackson Since she was told she could never have another baby and had a miscarriage shortly before Lexie never thought she'd get pregnant But she did Meanwhile Jackson ran away from his heartache to Russia to train firefighters there A tragedy brought him home early to find his ex wife pregnantA Son for the Mountain Firefighter by Melinda Curtis is the first book in her new series Mountain Firefighters This is a thought provoking read with lots of emotion involved Lexie and Jackson still love each other but must overcome some misconceptions to make a remarriage work Their newborn premie son is a great starting place once Jackson comes to the realization that his son is a fighter and has every chance to survive Lexie instinctively knows this Some scary situations bring appreciation for all that they have together to lead them to a HEA

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