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The One That Got Away A romance set during a fishing trip Hmmmm not really my cuppa But then I read in boogenhagen's extremely detailed review that view spoilerHero makes a habit of inflicting really gross verbal and emotional abuse on heroine when things don't go his way Their last fight which happened when the heroine went to his hotel room to work things out had him suggesting group sex to her to broaden her experience After that she is AGAIN the one to be the bigger person and fly all the way from Australia to US to declare her love hide spoiler This book was good I liked the characters and the emotions This was written well and pulled me in a little with feelings and excitement I was smiling at the end Great HEA I learned a lot about fishing that I never imagined too I would read this again but for passing time or for something to read Enjoy Decent book kind of enjoyable The hero is a football star and a movie star and he comes along with his people for some fishing on the heroine's father boat but her father is laid up so the heroine has to take charge and she fears financial backlash so she tries to get the hero warmed up to her by dressing sexily but that backfires when she almost does the deed with him and then tricks him to run away with his pants down literally She is angry at herself for her behaviour and thinks she has let her father down but the next day the hero and his people show up She has feelings for him but know he will leave and wants love instead of just sex when they do get together and he says touchdown she mistakes that for his having duped her months of separation follow both of them are miserable when the hero's agent approaches her and she goes to him Jillian the h in this book is the skipper of a deep sea charter fishing boat for Black Marlins With all the heroines and their many varied jobs that I’ve come across in the years that I’ve read Harleuin Romances this is an effing first It blew me away Ok so she was forced to captain the boat for her father after a serious accident took him out of commission But without her skill ingenuity and sheer bloodymindedness they would have lost their boat and their number one standing in their local fishing area But stillSo the group that chartered her boat were Americans The main person is Taylor a top uarterback an leading actor and the H in this bit of paradise They’ve come to Australia to try their hand at Black Marlin fishing specifically to break the work record They weren’t pleased to learn that the man they chartered to sail them was in hospital and his beautiful daughter would be skippering in his place There were threats of law suits for breach of contract sigh we Americans love to sue for every damn thingThe h had to make things right and took a few unorthodox chances to try to resolve the situation Some were successful than others She soon had the clients convinced and was off on the two week trip with them On the night before the trip she and the H had a uncomfortable dinner that almost ended in disaster The H got the wrong idea about the h and things almost went too far While on the cruise the misunderstandings continued between them both Soon there was hostilities from the H Blue wasn’t his favorite color And when the h finally did give up her precious v card the idiot H had to say something stupid about a “Touchdown” Smh Men are idiots Jillian was a truly wonderful character I loved her guts to do what she did Taylor was the typical alpha hero No big spoilers there The author did a wonderful job of explaining the processes of making Black Marlin fishing and making it interesting This really was a delightful first for me When her father is injured Jillian takes over being a skipper for her father's fishing charters But she doesn't have the experience that her father does so it's a contract breaker when American football player and actor Taylor Marshall show up for their Black Marlin fishing charter In order to get them to stick around and pay for the full charter Jillian tries to hook Taylor the old fashioned way but having little experience with men find herself way over her head And honestly this was a jerk moment on his partmaybe it was acceptable in the 1980's for a man to chase a woman out of a hotel calling her a liar bitch because he didn't get any This was IMHO pretty revealing of character also so not something I'd have forgotten real uick but Jillian does and the charter goes on All the while Taylor and Jillian are flirtingJillian is in love but it seems that Taylor is only after the one that got away and completing the challenge And this is when sports metaphors confuse Touchdown tells Jillian that he never loved her at all She fights back pretty viciously so Taylor won't get his victory and the two don't work things out So there is a separation and both are miserable but Jillian does go after him with the help of his agent It was good especially for a 1987 HN and I enjoyed reading about the fishingit was new for me and was written well enough that I didn't feel like I was being force fed information I didn't need I just wasn't completely sold that Taylor Marshall wasn't a jerk for his earlier behaviorhe seemed a bit like a date rapist What would have happened if he'd actually caught up to her Everything you ever wanted to know about Big game fishing in Australia and American football Loved the story and the characters The ending was so sweet Solid vintage HarleuinRomance during a big game fishing trip was actually an interesting plotIt started off really good The hero never really took off for me he seemed alternately like an jerk and a gentlemanI usually like my hero to be the one to do the chasingStill an interesting read and I would've liked to know what happened with the H and h after she moved to the US to be with him Amazing ePub, The One That Got Away author Emma Darcy The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story. [PDF / Epub] ✅ Peyton and the Paragon By Cathy Peper – The One That Got Away author Emma Darcy The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story. Interesting plot different from other vintage HPshttpwwwalphafangirlcomharleuin Good story Great heroine who tries the bimbo tactic thanks to colliding circumstances but gets than she wanted and ultimately gets better results once she just is herselfReally liked the setting and both the heroine and hero were very likeable

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