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Playing with Fire Of Angels and Demons #35 Parish—thief vampire and witch—needs to steal a Council device to retrieve her father's soul Unfortunately for her fire demon Cinder is eually determined to get it back and is hot on her trailliterally Even during the heat of the chase their attraction is undeniable Parish may think indulging in a little mind blowing sex will distract her pursuer but Cinder isn't about to give up so easily The longer she evades him the she fires his need to track her down recover the device and make her pay—by satisfying all his wicked desires

About the Author: Michele Hauf

Michele has been writing romance action adventure and fantasy stories for over twenty years Her first published novel was DARK RAPTUREFrance musketeers vampires and faeries populate her stories And if she followed the adage 'write what you know' all her stories would have snow in them Fortunately she steps beyond her comfort zone and writes about countries she has never visited and of cre

4 thoughts on “Playing with Fire Of Angels and Demons #35

  1. John BAMFORD John BAMFORD says:

    Cinder Parish taleParish stole an artifact from council archive and Cinder was to retrieve it As head IT security expert for Council he viewed the theft

  2. Harlie Williams Harlie Williams says:

    While Cinder was installing the new security system for the Council Parish has slipped into their offices and stolen a device that she needs to save her dad's soul Her dad is dying and she wants to give him his soul back before he dies When Cinder and Certainly see someone on the monitor leaving their office Cinder takes off to capture the thief What he didn't expect to catch is a woman that would capture his heartWhat starts off a game of cat and mouse ends up being so much for both of them Parish uses every wile she has to distract Cinder from locating the device so she can make her flight to Venice Cinder has no intention of letting Parish keep the deviceWhen Cinder finally catches up with Parish their passion burns hot and doesn't stop with one night Cinder has no intention of letting her go Parish can't believe that her feminine wiles didn't work on Cinder in stopping him from finding her againThe world building that Michele Hauf has created in Playing with Fire is fantastic I have read many of Ms Hauf's books Wicked Games and Bewitching the Dark are great series and her sense of the paranormal is unmatched She easily blends the mortal world with a paranormal world and it makes perfect sense Makes me wish I lived there tooI highly recommend Playing with Fire for a truly entertaining game of cat and mouse that ends up with a demon and a vampirewitch finding true love You knew right?

  3. Theresa Theresa says:

    uick read Enjoyed the reference to the storage faculty The idea of an 'artifact ' that retrieves a soul is interesting It was well written Though the idea of having the two of them both wanting the same thing til love chooses for them is a bit used

  4. Lizzielvr Lizzielvr says:

    A uick and charming read Set in the Angels and Demons series This is my favorite series by Michele Hauf

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