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Portugal uand un retour aux sources imprévu devient renaissance à soi mêmePlus vraiment d'inspiration plus d'envies et pas de projets l'auteur de BD Simon Muchat végète doucement dans son boulot d'animateur scolaire et exaspère Claire sa compagne ui le voudrait plus investiInvité à passer uelues jours au Portugal dont sa famille est originaire et où il n'était plus allé depuis l'enfance il va y découvrir une autre façon d'exister et d'être et peut être le début d'une nouvelle inspiration

  • Hardcover
  • 261 pages
  • Portugal
  • Cyril Pedrosa
  • French
  • 08 June 2015
  • 9782800148137

About the Author: Cyril Pedrosa

Cyril Pedrosa began his career in animation working on the Disney films Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules He has since become a rising star in a new kind of graphic storytelling combining the influences of animation and the literary traditions of Borges García Máruez and Tolkien to create a uniue visual handwriting

10 thoughts on “Portugal

  1. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    My second graphic novel by Pedrosa whose Euinoxes I read in the last year and loved But that novel is sort of abstract an impressive four season multi layered story I gave five stars to it but I had to look at my review to even begin to recall what it is about It's a work of art about the form and how the ideas get expressed through the form than the specific charactersThis kind of forgetting will not happen with Portugal which I picked up because I have been slow reading it's like the slow food movement The Book of Disuiet by Pessoa set in Lisbon and thought I know so little about Portugal Then twice yesterday people interrupted my reading of this book on the train to ask me if I were planning to go to Portugal people don't usually look at iot talk to each other on urban trains in my experience but as I get older people maybe find me harmless I'm not sure With a title like that the uestions are not surprising But each interrupter told me of visiting this magical place their favorite place they had ever visited and encouraged me to go there In lieu of an actual journey I have these two booksPortugal is a fitting title for this what I take to be semi autobiographical graphic novel than 250 sumptuously illustrated over sized pages a story of Simon Mucha an illustrator in his thirties whose life is at a crossroads He has had some success but he hates all the work he has done He's stuck and his girlfriend is increasingly stuck too in figuring out how to light a fire under him to get him to draw again He's teaching elementary art which is a good thing but this is not the life he wanted to live But what is it he actually needs to do? He is like this blank page on which the future is waiting to be written Or not; he might just fizzle out and unhappily do as he has been doing though as a teacher myself The saddest moment in the book is when she leaves him; she even gives him a script Tell me you love me and want me to stay and he can't say it He is that emptyBut he goes to Portugal for a cousin's wedding with his difficult and distant workaholic father Slowly this lost and essentially unlikeable guy gets transformed And by what? By his long lost family there He can't even speak Portuguese He hasn't been there in fifteen years But he and also to some extent his father gets transformed by family and Portugal A roots story Not so remarkable in that and pretty straightforward as a narrative but uite moving in the way Pedrosa takes his time showing the transformation And it's not sentimental or dramatic this change it's just a start but slowly almost automatically he begins drawing Portugal He draws himself alive again But this begins not with art but with life with caring about his family and especially the story of his grandfatherI can see why this has been a prizewinner and so popular in Europe especially in France where Pedrosa lives He used to be an animator worked for Disney on Hunchback of Notre Dame which he says helped his speed in execution Beautifully drawn with such intimacy such a gorgeous artifact and testimony to spiritual renewalWhen do you begin caring about family history? Not as a young person typically I didn't begin collecting family artifacts until well into my forties But coincidentally a guy from California whose mother's name was Schaafsma emailed me yesterday he saw some of my work and has been talking to me about shared Dutch connections I never would have cared about that kind of thing at all when I was in my twenties But I now totally get Simon's drive to get to know his long gone grandfather I highly recommend this beautiful touching book especially if you have ever been as I have been a few times stuck in your life And I am so happy to have now been to Portugal with Simon through this book And now I also have wonderful images to bring to my reading of Pessoa

  2. George George says:

    Only way for me to describe this comic is very human It has a very natural flow and character

  3. RACA RACA says:

    I had never felt so aloneBut I felt good💖

  4. Larry Larry says:

    I cherish this beautiful warm captivating book An artist going through a creativepersonal trough chafes against his girlfriend his family his clients then finds new meaning in his life and work in his ancestral village in PortugalIt's a story that could only have been told as a graphic novel; prose or even film wouldn't do it properly There are very few words and the majority of those are banal smalltalk The artwork taken as individual pieces is for the most part not something to linger over But put the words and drawings together and Pedrosa performs feats of narrative magic which fittingly I can't describe with nouns and verbs By not focusing on details of faces and places we see past the surface deep into each character's body language and attitude So much of the personality and communication is done without words At times the characters aren't even filled in they float like ghosts over the backgrounds creating moods and feelings beyond language and lineEven in this English translation uite a bit of dialogue remains in Portuguese which I kind of understand but it almost doesn't matter if you don't since the point is to share the protagonist's experience of immersion in a new foreign place I bought this book because I was mainly interested in a cartoon narrative about Portugal It turns out that Portugal only accounts for around 14 of the book But I was completely overwhelmed at how deeply moved and inspired I was by the story so than practically any novel I've read or film I've seen in a long time

  5. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous book Simon Muchat is a comics artist who's lost his direction in life He suffers from writer's block and is stuck in a job that he hates He feels like he’s going nowhere until he gets invited to appear at a comics convention in Portugal His family emigrated to France from Portugal and he hasn't been there since he was a kid Once there he feels the beginnings of a connection and grows interested in his family history This is a very warm rich graphic novel Pedrosa has a wonderful facility for faces and expressions The book is about Simon’s inner journey out of the rut in which he finds himself Pedrosa heightens the feeling of being in a foreign country by having characters who speak untranslated Portuguese We learn the language as Simon does through gradual recognition of familiar words and phrasesSimon and his family are a delight to spend time with There's a very natural feel to the dialogue and the story’s pacing All in all this is one of the best graphic novels I’ve read in uite a while Highly recommended

  6. Murat G. Murat G. says:

    Portugal has a special place in one of my tiny lists; have visited and gonna visit again countriesAnd I felt the streets atmosphere warm people of this beautiful country through this graphic novel once againPerfect colors perfect drawingsThe story is also absorbing even if it is a kind of cliche; A free spirit man who doesnt know what to do with his life investigates family history to know what to his lifeetcWhat i wanna say is I would not like this graphic novel that much if it didnt take place in Portugal

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    After reading Portugal I immediately added Pedrosa to my TBR list Great style in both story and art This tale winds through geography and family history changing perspectives and focus in the story to different family members The main story revolves around Simon an uninspired artist living in France He visits Portugal for a cousin's wedding and reconnects with family members he hasn't seen in decades thus discovering himself and finding deeper inspiration A familiar trope but a slightly different take a compelling story beautifully illustrated

  8. Sylvester Sylvester says:

    Such beautiful art The colours This story isn't bad either But the art is great

  9. Fei Fei says:

    I fell in love with this graphic novel Those moments of life the good and the bad touched my heart because I found my family in them expatriate family too I really liked the themes covered through Simon's journey the search for our roots for inspiration for identity Ho and it looks fantastic by the way ^^In short another gem by Cyril Pedrosa 3

  10. Derek Royal Derek Royal says:

    I'd be hard pressed to determine which I appreciate this work by Pedrosa or his most recent one Euinoxes While the latter might be ambitious this one is successful at what Pedrosa set out to do from what I can determine The three part narrative structure works well at making this a seemingly ensemble story while in reality focusing primarily on just one figure Simon This is a hefty tome one definitely deserving the tag novelistic

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