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  • Paperback
  • His Duty Her Destiny
  • Juliet Landon
  • Italian
  • 27 August 2016

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His Duty Her DestinyHis Duty Her DestinyBy Juliet Landon 2006 produced by Mike Carrington Wood Playing time approx 4 hours 30 mins read my Michael Praed a historical romance Abridged London 1473boy and girl and feuds' and secrets This makes for a very nice light listenI am sure however that I enjoyed this much than I would have had it been a woman who narrated it To listen to this narrator getting caught up in the flames of passion had me giggling uncontrollably Now I mostly dislike romance and Mills Boon is no exception if not the reason It happens on occasion that I get gifted a book and read it in this case a set of three audio books Now I might not be swayed to change my go to genre I might however pick up a Mills Boon narrated by a man in heart beat Whenever I read romance in a book I always thinkhmmm now if a man in that situationwould say that to mewould I be rolling on the floor in a giggle fit or will I find it romantic I have my answer and even though it is not a positive one it is a fun one Try it If this is your genre you might love it for it's true value if it is not listen to it in anyway it is FUN Londra 1473Fergus Melrose è pronto a onorare la volontà di suo padre e a prendere in moglie la fanciulla che gli è stata promessa uando entrambi erano bambini L'impresa però si rivela più ardua del previsto la corteggiatissima Nicola Coldyngham infatti non intende rinunciare alla casa in cui vive con i domestici e all'indipendenza che solo di recente ha conuistato Ormai non è più la bambina che seguiva adorante le imprese dell'adolescente splendido e orgoglioso che non la degnava di uno sguardo e anche se ha un motivo segreto per accettare di sposarlo preferisce rendergli la vita difficile Fergus da parte sua non è certo il tipo da resistere a una sfida e pur di conuistare la fiera Nicola è disposto a tutto Anche a rivelarle il suo lato più vulnerabile

About the Author: Juliet Landon

As the author of books on embroidery design the progression in 1994 from fact to fiction was perhaps less daunting for Juliet than it might have been for a complete beginner But in many ways the reuirements are similar a strong imagination and sense of design; an eye for detail; a love of color scenery and research; and a willingness to share inner thoughts and feelings with readers Dedica