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The Man Who Saw Her Beauty Blair MacIntyre's daily routine put on her brave face and try not to be so distracted by unnervingly gorgeous Nick ConwayAll Blair wants is to be normal To be the Blair BC— before cancer She's determined to show her friends she's okayeven if it means bluffingThere's only one person who doesn't treat her with kid gloves In fact Nick Conway doesn't treat her with any gloves whatsoever—especially when saying exactly what he thinks of her helping his daughter in a beauty contestSoon Nick is getting under Blair's skin—and defences Maybe he's the one to show her she's just as beautiful as before

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  1. Paige Paige says:

    25THE MAN WHO SAW HER BEAUTY felt lacking in many ways The plot couldn’t have been tear jerking but I felt there wasn’t enough pages devoted to the right cause and the constant back and forth between the characters got old uick Blair MacIntyre has lost a lot to her battle with breast cancer including her right breast her hair and the normal way people use to look and treat her Coming home for a month is Blair’s way of showing her aunt that she’s on the mend and not to worry When Nick Conway finds his 16 year old daughter Stevie signed up for the towns beauty pageant and has meet Blair his fears and protective instinct cause him to go off on both Blair about staying away from his daughter and Stevie for getting mixed up in the importance of beauty After the downfall of his marriage to a woman who let beauty and following Blair’s success become all she cared about which ultimately killed her he’s not going to let Stevie become the same way Compromising Blair slowing shows Nick through Stevie and her friend Poppy’s rising self esteem that the beauty pageant is about than just beauty but being comfortable in who you are Her helpful hint is to bluff through it Yet as Nick learns about Blair and the attraction for them both grows she won’t risk a relationship with him for the fear of reject from herself and like her ex boyfriend The back and forth wasn’t something that interested me One minute Nick was there to wait for her and the next he was putting distance between because he wasn’t waiting And although she wanted people to treat her normal I felt Nick could have had a little sympathy for her In the end Nick’s words finally get her to accept herself and her body now before she comes to him finally ready for a relationship I would have liked to of seen a lot romance and a little less back and forth

  2. Jo Jo says:

    Former model now fashion designer Blair is in remission from breast cancer and is trying to rebuild her life However having lost a breast and all her hair it is proving hard to convince those around her especially the aunt who raised her that she is up to even simple tasks So she's giving herself a month with her aunt to prove otherwise and gets involved in the local beauty pageant that launched her career years agoNick father of an awkward teenager does not want his daughter anywhere near the beauty pageant given his model ex wife destroyed herself in the excess of the fashion world In his anger he is the first person who doesn't handle Blair with kid gloves and the two spark a connection However Blair's former partner rejected and humiliated her when he'd seen her after her mastectomy so she's not willing to share her cancer ravaged body again She can't even face it herselfObviously the main focus of this book is the romance between the two characters which is progressed in a realistic and fresh way pushing both characters to develop and grow and come together However I felt this book was also a sensitive study of how breast cancer can have not only long term physical effects but psychological effects too We get a sense of how much Blair has already changed due to the cancer but the book portrays her as neither victim nor all conuering; a woman still vulnerable but determined Watching this character come to terms with her condition in a heartfelt way is a highlight of the book and I would recommend it to romance readers who want to feel the real conflict such circumstances bring to a woman

  3. Tonya Warner Tonya Warner says:

    Having once been the beauty ueen and the fashion model Blair is trying to get her life back together after struggling with breast cancer While trying to prove she was all better and fully recovered she helps teens deal with a pagent she herself had won years before Trying to present a brave face she ignores the uestioning glances of others and faces down the one man who treats her as a womanNick lived the life of having someone he loved totally devoted to the beauty circuit The death of his wife had left him raising their daughter alone and a bitter taste for beauty ueens Finding himself attracted to Blair is not what he wants The fact that Blair has cancer and still has to face it and the results are significant They are dealt with very nicely

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