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Daddy on Her Doorstep I overall enjoyed this book but had very mixed feelings on it along the way When I first read the synopsis I couldn't wait to read it then I started reading and had trouble getting into it Finally after a little bit I started to get into it and the story carried me away Some parts of the story I didn't like and even a few caught me off guardThis story is about two people that think they have figured out or have been told how their lives should go They become connected to one another when they meet but each holds on to the belief that getting close to the one another is not how their lives are supposed to go and that they can't break from that path for anything I especially loved the character of Claudia's father and his friend On the other hand I didn't care for Andy's family as much especially his father Claudia Nelson has made the decision to be a single mother has planned it all out right down to the birth in a uiet Vermont town before heading back to New York to return to work She rents from landlord and doctor Andrew McKinley who is a bit laid back and knows that all of Claudia's plans are going to go awry And he's absolutely right I liked Andrew I thought he was crazy to be attracted or drawn to Claudia and to not go screaming from her neuroses but I liked him Claudia was a piece of work She does everything she can to avoid weakness she's detail oriented a planner and so smug about how everything is going to work and how she doesn't need help that I had no sympathy for her at any point Even after her plans go apeshit she's not sympathetic perhaps because I couldn't find much that was likeable about her in the beginning of the story nothing much changed When she's all neurotic about her baby and the routine I don't feel sorry for her I want to scream in frustration and tell her to get over it already Maybe this is because I'm not a mother and cannot possibly empathize with what she was going through but she got on my nerves I alternately wanted all her plans to go up in smoke but I also wanted them to succeed so she'd stop complaining This book seems a lot less like a romance and a lot like a story of new parenthood and realizing that life doesn't go as planned Also view spoiler the ambiguous ending does nothing for me and I think it's a cop out You can't just leave it as We'll figure it out as long as we're together No really I want to know whether they live in Vermont or New York Because both of the characters have time invested in each place who sacrifices That's important to me hide spoiler Really good book I loved Andy He was a terrific doctor able to keep his patients calm and relate well to them while maintaining a good doctor patient relationship I loved how laid back he was When Claudia moved into the other side of his house he tried very hard not to get over involved in her life a problem of his according to his uptight father But there was something about her that seemed to cry out for his involvement Claudia had decided to do the whole single parent thing by herself depending on no one She was very into planning and schedules What she didn't realize is that babies don't follow plans And when she went into labor early she didn't know what to do Fortunately Andy was there to lend a hand They spent most of the book bouncing back and forth between involved and pulling back Seeing their internal conversations with themselves was pretty funny I liked the way they finally worked things out I'm looking forward to the other two books Miniseries McKinley MedicsCategory Heart Home I liked the whole story of this book the uptight character of Claudia Nelson and involved character of Andrew McKinley However in my opinion it's rare that you have a neighbor to be OB GYN and you as a character to be pregnant from the beginning of story you could guess what the result will be overall it was good 25 stars Obstetrician Andrew McKinley was intrigued by his new single tenant and neighbor who looked about ready to pop—and also about ready to jump down the throat of anyone who even hinted that she might need some help So he knew he should not get involved But with Claudia showing every sign of labor what could he do but come to her aidManhattan accountant Claudia Nelson was a self confessed control freak Research plans schedules—that was her approach to everything including having her baby Suddenly nothing was happening as she'd expected Because after going to so much trouble to go it alone how could the man on her doorstep turn out to be her knight in shining scrubs

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