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Sinful Seduction Twins of Sin #1 Skylar Lawrence isn't looking for romance when she arrives at the Davies' sumptuous Hamptons estate But when Skylar meets her ex fiancé's twin brother their chemistry is as tumultuous as the storm brewing outside Sinfully handsome Alessandro Davies exudes the kind of animal magnetism that's impossible to resistand hazardous to a woman's heart Sandro desires Skylar from the minute the stunning veterinarian turns up at his door but his honor forbids him from pursuing a relationship But his plan backfires when he starts falling for the forbidden seductress Until a shocking discovery threatens to tear Skylar from his arms and force Sandro to give up the woman he needs

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Sinful Seduction Twins of Sin #1
  • Ann Christopher
  • English
  • 19 May 2015
  • 9780373862450

About the Author: Ann Christopher

A recovering lawyer Ann Christopher was first published in 2006 and is the author of 18 contemporary romance novels 5 novellas and a tragically bad starter novel that will forever remain under her bed where it belongs She’s also written a young adult novel that will be available very soon When she’s not writing or communing with her readers on her Facebook page AuthorAnnChristopher Ann like

10 thoughts on “Sinful Seduction Twins of Sin #1

  1. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    35 starsThis is my first book by Ann Christopher and it pulled me in from the very start Allesandro Davies is a broken man after coming home from the war that killed his twin brother Tony He lives in his families sweeping mansion in the Hamptons with his estranged teenage son and his disabled war buddy The last thing he wants is a visit from Tony’s ex fiancéSkyler has tried to contact Sandro many times to discuss the generous beueath of half of the family home from Tony in his will In fact she only wants to give it back to the family but Sandro won’t take her calls That’s what drives her to venture to his home in the middle of the night during the storm A storm that drops a tree on her car and ends up trapping her on the property while she recoversThere is an undeniable heat between these two main characters and it kept me wanting to turn the pages to see them finally come together The writing was very engaging and immersed me in the storyI was disappointed when I learned how little of a foundation this to actually had however The story made it seem like they had an opportunity to have developed a connection one that made their fantastic sexual tension believable Spoiler alert they had only had one conversation in their past so it made what seem to like a legit foundation was really a mondo case of instalove That bummed me outAlso the author did note that the story was kind of short but it did not keep me from being surprised when the book ended around the 80% mark I thought there would be I guess it speaks well for the book that I wanted As I said the tension was great the sex was hot and I enjoyed both main charactersIf you like a brooding sexy military hero who acts like a bear with the thorn in his paw And you’re down with a scoop of angst on top of your sexual tension this might be for you As long as you’re in the mood for something uick and instalove doesn’t slow you downWould read from this author again

  2. Toni Toni says:

    In Sinful Seduction Skylar Lawrence is in a precarious situation Right before he shipped out to Afghanistan she broke up with her fiancé Antonios Tony Davies Soon after he was killed by an IED that hit the convoy containing he and is twin brother Alessandro Tony never took Skylar out of his will and now she is part owner of his family home in the Hamptons along with Sandro After weeks of not having her phone calls returned Skylar arrives at the home with every intention of signing over her share and closing that chapter of her life When she arrives on the twins' birthday she finds Sandro missing his brother and suffering from a severe case of survivor's guilt Seeing him again for the first time in almost two years reminds him of their first meeting and the undeniable chemistry they shared That chemistry is what convinced Skylar that Tony wasn't the right man for her and led her to call off their engagementThis novel sets itself apart from others by broaching the very timely subject of our veterans returning from the wars in Ira and Afghanistan and the post traumatic syndrome that many suffer It blends these serious issues seamlessly with the the story of two people trying to fight their attraction for each other because of the loss of someone they both loved The seuel Sinful Temptation will be out in February

  3. Desiree Desiree says:

    Great story although I felt it needed adeuate background as to how long Sky and Sandro had liked each other I'm not saying there wasn't information about it but if you weren't paying close attention to every single dialogue it was easy to miss and piece together the timeline of how and when they first met Tony's death the issue of the will etc It just seemed like the action started all of a suddenIt was really touching to see Sky force Sandro's hand and make him confront his survivor's guilt Also thank goodness she was stubborn than he was Talk about unconditional love right there I applaud Ann Christopher for taking on the topic of war veterans and post traumatic stress disorder It's such a real issue and it's great that she introduced this piece of real life into the book view spoilerIt's really making me look forward to reading Tony's story in Sinful Temptation hide spoiler

  4. Kim Kim says:

    This story was an unbelievably powerful ride There were so many strong emotions going on for Sandro that you couldn't help but to feel for him and Skylar really bought him back to life At first I didn't really know how this story would play out but as you keep reading further and further along you just get so sucked into it that you just cannot stop reading The roller coaster between Sky and Sandro was something else The fight from Sandra had me just wanting to shake the life out of him but when they came together it was like fireworks The love scenes were some of the most sensual and passionate that I have ever read I cannot wait to read about Tony because if his story is anything like this one it is going to be explosive

  5. Megan Megan says:

    So intense so dramatic over the top actions and statements in a very dramatic setting during a very dramatic storm emotions consistently described in terms of overwhelming internal violence inside the characters and lots of toe to toe confrontation with repressed tenderness and expressed resistance sensuality This read a whole awful lot like a Presents it was originally published as a Kimani Not really my thing but it was completely Very Much What It Was and that was well done and I loved Skylar as a protagonist

  6. Byron Washington Byron Washington says:

    The plot may engender feelings of incredulity but it is still a good read

  7. Vee Vee says:

    I saw this in the library and decided to pick it up It was a decent uick readProsSurprisingly the author was able to biuld suspense and create tension I'm being kindConsPart of the twist was very predictable but I did think this book was going to end on a sad note with a cliffhanger to compel to get the next offering

  8. Hopeless Romantic Chick Hopeless Romantic Chick says:

    Hotness overloadThis is one hot romanceLove it The characters are so genuine and relatable I admire Skylar's persistence and devotion Sandro's such a man of dignity and honor for doing his best to respect his supposedly dead brother by staying away from the one woman he truly love and want I'm solo hooked Thanks and good job Ann

  9. Kate Douglas Kate Douglas says:

    I really enjoyed this book in fact the entire series It’s been way too long since I’ve read a book by Ann Christopher an error I’m currently rectifyingit all began with a BookBub ad for SINFUL SEDUCTION I read the blurb it sounded pretty good so I downloaded the book to my iPhone—my ebook reader of choice When I finally came up for air it was time to order SINFUL TEMPTATION because I could not get Sandro and Skylar out of my mind Their romance was absolutely perfect and damn but Ms Christopher can write Her dialogue her characters’ emotions their fears and desires all laid out in an absolutely beautiful story set in a world of wealth and privilege that I didn’t want to leave Ergo the only cure was to buy the next book in the series for an even deeper and profound romance and once I finished that one it was time to read SINFUL ATTRACTION with two truly uniue protagonists and another heart meltingly perfect romance SINFUL PARADISE is currently in line for my next read though I did take a break in between the first two in the Davies Family series to read the first book in the Warner Family series TENDER SECRETS I just checked—there are at least four in that seriesYes Every single book I’ve read has been absolutely wonderful and after the stressful few months I’ve had the escape into this author’s world has been a giftSo at this point even without having read everything Ms Christopher has written I can seriously recommend her books All of her books Start with SINFUL SEDUCTION and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about

  10. Charlene_Paula Charlene_Paula says:

    The price of guilt honor and painGuilt versus love The chemistry between Skyler and Sandro was undeniable and their desire to act on those feelings was an emotional rollercoaster because of their guilt feelings about betraying Tony who just happened to be Skylers' ex fiance and Sandro's brother I applaud Skyler for not continuing a relationship with Tony when she didn't love him as a fiance should I also understand Sandro's feelings of honor towards his brother but everyone believed Tony was dead and given time life must go on Enjoyed Skyler's interaction with Nicholas and helping to bridge the relationship between father and son Mickey was funny Loved the story twist that Tony was alive Though he will struggle with being held captive his being alive is the greatest gift for everyone Love heals

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