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Hello Sailor What began as a voyage of discovery soon turned into a full blown addiction for Michael Hutchinson when he was caught by the same sailing bug that persuades thousands of others to spend all their money on getting cold and wet Hello Sailor is laugh out loud funny

2 thoughts on “Hello Sailor

  1. Grace Turner Grace Turner says:

    I picked this up at a reduced price from the children's fiction section of one of Glasgow's Waterstones because a the cover art was adorable and b it was evidently about sailing and I have since childhood been obsessed with tales of intrepid seafarers Imagine my surprise then when I realised a few sentences into this story that it was neither aimed at children nor was it fiction It is in fact the non fiction account of one man's desperation to reconnect with the passion of his youth boat racing It's a touching informative readable story though this is not the kind of genre I'll necessarily be purposefully buying on any other occasion

  2. Paul Paul says:

    A laugh out loud book about sailing Very very funny

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