The Fire Within Fire Riders #2 eBook ↠ Fire Within

The Fire Within Fire Riders #2 THE FIRE WITHIN has plenty of sex but little emotional intimacy which I look for in romance The eroticism is so scorching and well written it almost made up for the lack of emotional connection between the leads but not uite Eh not a bad read interesting concept but a bit bare I wanted a bit fleshed out about the dragons and the oh my god uncontrolably attracted to you thing is a bit weird to me with the circumstances as they were Not believeable but still not bad Fun for a shortish read for sure I think I liked this one better than the first but there's still something that I can't put my finger on that makes me not just fall in love with these books I'm not giving up on this series though That's for sure Genre hape shifter Paranormal MenageSeries Fire Riders; Previous Book Taming the FireAlin can’t believe he captured Geant Even though he did it unfairly and feels badly about it he feels his people need this leverage against Eastania The grizzled captain of Eastania’s dragon riders is just as fascinating in person as he was on parchment Geant wants his freedom and if his captor would just come in chain's reach he could get away But Alin the captain of Wardona’s dragon riders is a little too alluring and sexy and too smart to take the riskWhen Alin finally does walk within Geant's chain's reach many things could happen But what does is nothing either man expected Combustion And not the kind that explodes dragon riders Volatile chemistry of the sexual sortThen Geant’s mate Elesia shows up along with the Eastania delegation ready to negotiate freedom for Geant; she knows one thing instantly Someone else has been taking her mate What she discovers is an attraction and an interest in Alin as strong as Geant's ownWar threatens to keep them apart Can they deny how they feel or will the fire within consume them allPublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual situations graphic language and material that some readers may find objectionable anal playintercourse bondage malemale sexual practices menage mmf

About the Author: Mechele Armstrong

Growing up I had a vivid imagination with lots of imaginary playmates and stuffed animals to keep me company I even had crayon box adventures where the colors had a kingdom and tales to tell And who says pink is a girl color In my world he was a princeFrom the time I could form my letters this translated into fanciful writings from poems on eye shadow I was six to a story about an Island

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