Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife MOBI ô as the Sheikh's

Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife After a mysterious object that Violet Hamilton found under a floorboard is valued by a TV expert Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa comes to find Violet Thanks to her discovery of his long lost heirloom the only way he can keep her safe is to put her on his private jet take her to his desert kingdom andmarry her

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  1. Debs Debs says:

    When going on an antiues programme leads to troubleThis was a satisfying read A sweet story without being too sweet Bereaved Violet ends up on an antiues roadshow with a family heirloom found under the floorboards Unfortunately the family heirloom is a long lost artefact of a country whose leaders and would be leaders are determined to see the symbolic relic returned One of the things I enjoyed most about the story was that Violet is uite alone at the beginning of the story having just lost her grandmother Her subseuent journey reveals a branch of her family literally a tribe are very much in evidence and that her looks which she herself has not thought much of make her easily identified as one who belongs My one complaint about the book is I could have read some about Violet and Sheikh Fayad

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