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The Wayward Governess Threatened with an unwelcome marriage Claire Davenport flees to the wilds of Yorkshire There the darkly enigmatic Marcus Edenbridge Viscount Destermere comes to her rescue—and employs her as governess to his orphaned nieceFinding his brother's killer has all but consumed Marcus until Claire enters his life Her innocent beauty and uick mind are an irresistible combination but she is forbidden fruit It's not until their secrets plunge them both into danger that Marcus realizes he cannot let happiness slip through his fingers again

10 thoughts on “The Wayward Governess

  1. Claire Claire says:


  2. Angela Angela says:

    A you woman who forced to marry runs away to her old governess and ends up becoming one herself Her new employer ends up falling for her The title really doesn't describe her story

  3. Enisca L Jones Enisca L Jones says:

    A nice light read

  4. Mnms Mnms says:

    A classic romance and very sweet too

  5. Nicole Nicole says:

    The publisher clearly used The Romance Novel Title Generator to name this book because the events of the story certainly don't suggest such a title Despite what the audience may have been led to expect by the title what we got was a simple forgettable story with some cartoonishly bad people I wish all evil people looked boorish or had bad breath Think of how easy it would be to identify and then avoid them

  6. Kara Kara says:

    As sweet and insubstantial as a single sugar cookie

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    Ms Fulford's writing always grabs at my heart

  8. Renn Renn says:

    Excellent story of the olden days with the horses and carriages and how people used to arrange marriages Thank god that doesnt happen any

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