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Love in the Tsunami Love in the Tsunami brings together a selection of Ashok Ferreys short fiction with four brand new stories Enormously wide ranging and endlessly inventive Ashoks pen is rib ticklingly funny and occasionally scathingly acerbic He accurately portrays Sri Lanka in all its diversityThe title story set against the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 describes Veena Patels all too brief encounter with forbidden love 'But Did I Tell You I Can't Dance'is a hilarious fable about old age its occasional humiliations and its many heartwarming victories And in 'Maleeshya'Ashok himself makes a cameo appearance as a dead author who has embarrassingly come back to life

4 thoughts on “Love in the Tsunami

  1. LP LP says:

    Decent read Good for Vacationing

  2. Kim Tong Lim Kim Tong Lim says:

    I was in Sri Lanka in November 2013 and this book by Ashok Ferrey was bought during the trip There are 24 short stories involving Sri Lankans with settings in Sri Lanka or in other countries Ashok brings places of interests famous venues and typical lives of Sri Lankans to the readers I felt a connection with Sri Lanka as I read his very interesting stories Some stories have unexpected endings It was unusual and I am amazed at author's imaginations This book cannot be rushed You have to read it slowly to fully appreciate the story deeply or to understand the intentions of the author After the trip to Sri Lanka this book was the dessert to cap a wonderful trip to a historically and culturally rich country

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    extremely funny book with stories about Africa Sri Lanka and the UK he has a real way og telling stores and a lot of honesty he pulls no punches

  4. Louise Louise says:

    It is not new material except for 4 stories The other stories are from A Good Little Ceylonese Girl and Colpetty People

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