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In the Country of Deceit I Just love Shashi Deshpande’s writing her prose are always enchanting to read it gives me immense pleasure to read her works which are ‘simple and sophisticated ’ at the same time She writes about ordinary people about their loneliness their emotions their agony their helpless situations in life Her characters are easily relatable or should I say they are ‘there’ they are ‘real’In the Country of Deceit is a story about Devayani the main protagonist who lives independently in a small town surrounded by few relatives and friends Her life initially is uncomplicated Often she receives few letters from her loved ones insisting her either to leave that place and live with them or constantly indicating her to get married Then enters Rani an ex film actress who lives in that same town and gradually becomes a good friend to Devayani Finally through Rani Devayani meets DSP Ashok who instantly falls for her though married and has a daughter still he just can’t stop following her Finally Devayani accepts him and enters the country of deceit in this book the country of deceit is nothing but ‘deceitful love’ which Devayani was a part of where she constantly lies and deceits her loved ones and secretly meets this man and finally falls in love with him a love which has no boundary no ethics no morals She knows whatever she is doing is not right and it has no future but she is helpless The fear and guilt of becoming “the other woman” in someone’s life is always there and is constantly eating her up inside every time she meets him but she is helpless She urges herself to stop this nonsense yet again she is helpless “Why did I do it? Why did I enter the country of deceit? What took me into it? I hesitate to use the word love but what other word is there?” a line from the bookThough I knew whatever Devayani did was a mistake yet I felt sorry for her Her continuous brooding over herself and for her love for a man who can never be hers’ really makes the reader feel helpless This powerful writing really had a great impact on me I am sure Devayani is going to stay in my mind for while now because I really liked hermy book journal In the Country Of Deceit is one for the light reading category It doesn't have a strong plotit is just a book that goes with the flow It's a story of a 25 unmarried and educated woman living in a small town She is reflected as a smart strong headed and content human being who doesn't need much in terms of monetary earnings or luxurious lifestyle to lead a satisfied life Her character unfolds as a person who in unafraid of staying unmarried and revels in the small joys of life like seeing her garden come up beautifully among others She befriends a retired Bollywood actress and as their friendship progresses she finds that her friend has started trusting her other responsibilities like writing a script or story line for her return to the movie industry Anyway as the book goes on their intimate friendship is one of the three main lines that evolves The second line is the one where the author has introduced a legal issue of a lucrative businessman who tries to acuire a piece of land that the protagonistshe inherited The third and the main story line is her illicit relationship with a married man and how she copes with her guilt of it being an affair and her being helplessly in love with him She goes back and forth in her argument with herself and tries to rationalize her relationship but it takes a toll on her when she realizes what she really wants but will possibly never get I'll keep away from the revealing the ending of each line All in all I felt the story lacked purpose I would read it if I don't have anything else to read The language is easy to grasp and fresh I enjoyed the authors thoughts as reflected from the protagonist's thinking They had a modern non conservative take on issues There is supposedly a preuel to this book where Shashi Deshpande takes the reader through another part of the protagonist's life but this genre isn't really my thing and so I won't be picking that up There wasn't anything negative to write about the book it was an enjoyable read just not an exciting and intriguing one Pick it up if you like to sit back and enjoy reading about the intricacies of Indian family relations countryside descriptions and a look into the mind of a smart helplessly in love modern woman living in a conservative society A perfect story of how once you enter the country of deceit there is little you can do to escape it Although Mrs Deshpande's language is not particularly evocative or ebullient she always manages to get the writing just right This is yet another excellent book beautifully written to evoke an incredible sense of empathy with the protagonist The book is written in the first person interspersed with correspondence between her and various main figures This tool makes the writing even real as the reader is simply given the letter mostly without analysisThe story revolves around the dilemmas of a young woman in a country town who is unmarried shock but fully supported and networked with family Her world is turned upside down when she falls in love with a married man and has to live with the deceits which follow Like the other Deshpande themes I have read which deal with the travails faced by women in India this book is both revealing and refreshing Devayani chooses to live alone in the small town of Rajnur after her parents’ death ignoring the gently voiced disapproval of her family and friends Teaching English creating a garden and making friends with Rani a former actress who settles in the town with her husband and three children Devayani’s life is tranuil imbued with a hard won independence Then she meets Ashok Chinappa Rajnur’s new District Superintendent of Police and they fall in love despite the fact that Ashok is much older married and—as both painfully acknowledge from the very beginning—it is a relationship without a futureDeshpande’s unflinching gaze tracks the suffering evasions and lies that overtake those caught in the web of subterfuge There are no hostages taken in the country of deceit; no victors; only scarred lives This understated yet compassionate examination of the nature of love loyalty and deception establishes yet again Deshpande’s position as one of India’s most formidable writers of fiction This book came into my possession uite unexpectedly I bought it from a book stall about to be closed when the beautiful cover caught my attention I read the name ‘Sashi Deshpande’ and the book was already in my bag Only after reaching home did I realize that I hadn’t even registered the title Once you love a writer their name is enough to lure you into the pages of another bookDevayani Mudhol is living in her recently renovated childhood home in the small town of Rajnur It’s been 3 years since her mother’s death a loss too early and devastating for her After many family troubles only now does her life have any sense of normality Being an unmarried woman she is constantly urged by her relatives to meet a potential man But Devayani is sure that she doesn’t want to get married without love As she settles into her routine of teaching English to college students managing the house and creating a garden overlooking her window she finds an unlikely friend in Rani a former Bollywood actress who has recently shifted to Rajnur She meets Ashok the new police superintendent of police at Rani’s house A meet that starts it all He is a married man with a daughter but he can’t stop thinking about Devayani who spoke only a few words to him that night but a few honest words He calls her after their meet but they exchange hardly a sentence Devayani keeps thinking about him One day unable to keep his emotions at bay Ashok confesses that he has fallen for her but Devayani doesn’t respond to this declaration even though it constantly runs through her mind After a few days they meet again and their love blooms as it if it was always meant to be It is an extra marital affair and both of them are painfully aware of that fact Nevertheless it is love The book is beautifully written There are so many voices that reach to the reader because of the letters that are strewn throughout the book It is not only about the extra marital affair it is also about family ties property disputes love responsibilities life in a small town etc I loved the relationship between the two sisters Devayani and Savi I loved the love between Ashok and Devayani But most of all I loved Devayani I really really liked the book Picked this book randomly from a kabadi shop at Mumbai's Chapel roadThe story revolves around a 20 something woman who lives alone is a small town Rajnur The title hints at her affair with a married man but the book is about than that It is her personal journey her family unlikely friendships and in turn finding her capabilitiesThe book got a bit boring at times I found the plot to be a little weak However I thoroughly liked Deshpande's writing styleHer other critically acclaimed works are considered to be better in terms of plot and the themes they address I plan on reading one of those in the future Language used was okay but not captivating There are times when introspection becomes too monotonous Felt that it lacked depth 'Love is an idea' or is it? And who decides what is right and what is not? The novel is about 'adult love' as the author herself says in an interview Two individuals fall in love despite being restricted by the society's norms Usually in popular media the major reason why lovers fail to unite at the end is death one of them dies But in the real world there are dozens of other 'reality checks' which can prevent them from being together What if you meet the right person at the wrong time? I think the novel explores that possibility The helplessness of the characters in such a situation is beautifully etched out The novel also made me think about the true nature of love and marriage The book keeps you captivated till the end You can relate to the characters very well and most emotions are just as in real life For instance when Devayani decides to give up on Ashok and prays for Arjun to get alright and I loved the letter that Shree writes to Devayani very touching Overall an excellent read the author leaves you asking for

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Novelist and short story writer Shashi Deshpande began her career with short stories and has by now authored nine short story collections twelve novels and four books for children Three of her novels have received awards including the Sahitya Akademi award for `That Long Silence' Some of her other novels are `The Dark Holds No Terrors' `A Matter of Time' `Small Remedies' `Moving On' `In T

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