चंद्रकांता संतति 1

चंद्रकांता संतति 1 Chandrakanta #2 Where the fuck is the book to read? Send me link or pdf Awesome contemporary of Sherlock Holmes seriesfirst hindi thriller novel in Indiaproved itself a awesome version of fantasy and thrillloved itEverything is just perfect as needed nothing to dislikeif you are classic reader go for itI can link myself to this story and imagination become real when you know this places personally although not exactly as explained but cities are in existence Written by Babu Devkinandan Khatri Chandrakanta Santati is the seuel to his earlier popular novel Chandrakanta Its popularity in the nineteenth century led to hundreds of thousands of people to learn HindiIt follows the adventures of Chandrakanta's sons Kuanr Indrajeet Singh and Anand Singh Many of the characters from Chandrakanta the first novel still play an important part in the story

About the Author: Babu Devakinandan Khatri

After his earlier education Devkinandan Khatri moved to Tekari Estate in Gaya He became an employee of the Raja of Benares He started a printing press called Lahari and started a Hindi monthly Sudarshan in 1898 The various works of Khatri and his son Durga Prasad were republished by Lahari Press in the early 21st century Lahari Press is still in existence in Ramkatora Pisnahariya Kuwan

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