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Heart Strings Keely Johannsen idolized Mark Jefferson from the time she was a little girl He was everything she wasn't strikingly attractive irresponsible daring They were friends but then he took her to her first dance and gave her her first kiss She was devastated when he died racing his Mustang down a residential street Eight months later she's still living in a grief filled haze She doesn't even look at boys until she meets a stranger outside Mark's house Jonathan Michael Andrews III Tripp as in triple is about her age tall with light brown hair and coffee colored eyes He's everything Mark wasn't cautious reliable considerate He even volunteers at the hospital entertaining children in coronary care Keely finds herself drawn to Tripp to his sensitivity and honesty and he seems drawn to her She's delighted when she discovers he'll be spending the summer with his aunt Mark's mother Keely's heart starts to heal as she and Tripp grow closer but as the summer reaches its peak she discovers that Tripp is not who he says he is He's been lying to protect a secret—a secret that could shatter Keely's heart all over againReviewsHEART STRINGS is a uniue story Tender moving funny gripping and intelligent a perfect mix excellently written with a wonderful ear for modern teenager's dialogs The serious issues organ donation recklessness honesty melt seamlessly with the smoothly flowing plot “HEART STRINGS” by Betty Jo Schuler will capture your heart for eternity Is it ever okay to withhold the truth Tripp finds it extremely difficult to confide in Keely his secret Should he take a chance and tell her the heart transplant he received was donated by her recently deceased boyfriend How will Keely react when she discovers the truth Will she believe Tripp truly loves her or will she think it's Mark's heart This tale isn't for only Young Adults I recommend it for all those hopeless romantics Kim's ReviewsReviewed by Kim Gaona

10 thoughts on “Heart Strings

  1. Autumn Review Autumn Review says:

    I accepted the book for review because I thought it sounded like it would be a sweet story ANDit was but it was easy to put down and come back to I felt there could have been depth to the characters I did like Tripp but didn't see Mark's appeal at all Keely was just ok to me She had such an idolized perception of Mark We get a brief view of her history with him but again I didn't see the appeal I did think Tripp and Keely's relationship was sweet So while I may have had some issues with the characters I did enjoy the story

  2. Rachel Costa Rachel Costa says:

    This is definitely a book that you need to be in the correct age group to read I think It was cute but it didn't catch my interest at all and I just kind of paged to the end without getting caught up in it

  3. Laura& Laura& says:

    Didn't finish Will try and re read later this year

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Also posted to Jen in Bookland15 starsHeart Strings is a uick and easy read though not a particularly good one It wasn't horrible but I wouldn't recommend it either Maybe you need to be younger to enjoy reading it I don't know Everything came together and worked out a little too easy It wasn't really believable Keely is so hung up on Mark still who died 8 months ago in a racing accident Then suddenly Tripp shows up and she is almost instantly starting to like him There were two brief freak outs but then it was just like Tripp all the way for her Alright I guess but if you are so in love with Mark shouldn't it take a little to get over him? Then Tripp I get his whole new lease on life thing but he is pretty much instantly in love with Keely I just didn't see it He seemed like a nice guy but there wasn't enough character development for me to really know either of these characters or see a relationship between the two Every time Keely and Tripp were together it felt a littlewooden? Something was just off so it didn't seem real So I didn't really care about either of them That and they are both keeping secrets which once found out cause a short freak out but super uick and easy working everything out All of the drama in the book also seemed a bit pointless I don't know It just wasn't a very good read for an adult The end just left me shaking my head like really? It is that easy? Alrightwell on to the next book

  5. Elizabeth Randall Elizabeth Randall says:

    this is a very heartwarming book however I was relentless with the same things happening over an over again I had a hard time finishing this book it took me longer than normal the storyline was good one I havent come across in a book to date but the it was very long winded

  6. Autumn Autumn says:

    It was a cute book but I just didn't find it very interesting

  7. Heidi Karriker Heidi Karriker says:

    It was like a 25 but I'm a sucker for a happy ending

  8. Erin. Erin. says:

    DescentDescent read Good wee story to pass the time Bit short but liked the thought behind it

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