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Battle Station Star Force #5 In BATTLE STATION Kyle Riggs faces new challenges new alien fleets and learns the secrets behind the war he has been fighting for yearsIn the fifth book of the Star Force Series the Eden system is in humanity's grasp but can they keep it Star Force is weak after a long war and many yearn to go home Knowing the machines will return with a new armada eventually Riggs seeks a permanent solution Along the way worlds are won and lost millions perish and great truths are revealed

  • Kindle Edition
  • 292 pages
  • Battle Station Star Force #5
  • B.V. Larson
  • English
  • 10 March 2016

About the Author: B.V. Larson

Brian Larson is an American science fiction and fantasy author

10 thoughts on “Battle Station Star Force #5

  1. C G Bronson C G Bronson says:

    I have read all of the Star Force novels up to date Swarm Extinction Rebellion and Conuest This is the fifth book in the series I have to say it is apparent that this one was not given the same effort as prior novelsLarson is freuently criticized for moving too fast He doesn't take a lot of time to setup a satisfying background story or develop characters Another minor criticism is that his story and character progression are too unbelievable to be taken seriously I will talk in a little bit detail about these critiues later but suffice it to say that all of these problems were on major exhibition in this installment I'm going to give one early example of a repeating theme throughout the book and will try to leave out details on the rest so I don't spoil itKyle Riggs is off in a foreign solar system where he is engaged in a struggle to aid an alien race of biotics called the Centaurs rebuild their civilization after being exiled from their planets and seuestered off world in a giant space station by the Macros essentially a race of genocidal biotic hating robots Without much in the way of planning or even any recorded person to person interaction between Riggs and one of the Centaurs excluding short radio transmissions you see the Star Force battalion already making moves by chapter 12 to capture a major Macro production facility In the very short time period leading up to that point Riggs has already flown through the ring basically a mysterious wormhole conduit that allows fast travel between far away star systems situated at the end of Eden into an unknown system This is after telling the reader countless times that doing such a thing would be idiotic and potentially draw Macro aggression As a side note one of the most annoying things about the story at this point is how nervous Riggs is about the Macros being triggered to attack their colony by someone going through the ring while there is a large Macro presence on almost every single world in the Eden system At any rate Riggs space walks through the ring and discovers a brand new alien race of crustaceans he refers to as the Lobsters as captains of the long lost Nano shipsThe first 12 chapters are annoyingly incomplete and Riggs very briefly summarizes segments of the story that deserve much care and full narration The part with the “Lobsters” supposedly a brand new alien race of water dwelling crustaceans was exceptionally ridiculous and made me almost stop reading right there Riggs discovers a member of the new alien race aboard one of the pre programmed Nano ships beats him unconscious as part of the tests the ship reuires to allow control over them and tries to demand that the ship not kill the concussed lobster The ship then proceeds to do the thing where it heats the floor up to a very high temperature burning the alien to death Riggs comments that the smell is mouth watering I'm not kidding This along with the ever changing personality of the robot Marvin who accompanies him on the trip made me wonder for a second if Larson was purposefully trying to derail the series What starts as a semi serious military sci fi”light” space opera begins morphing into something along the lines of a C rated comicThe conversation between the lobster race and Riggs afterward is also uite ludicrous but I won’t go into details Suffice it to say that I got the distinct impression that nowhere near as much thought was given to this part of the story compared to first contact events recorded in book #1 and especially in books #2 and #3 with the Worms and the Centaurs I came away from those episodes feeling somewhat intrigued and perhaps even slightly attached to the universe that Larson was building When compared to this whole episode my thoughts that Larson may have rushed this novel started to solidifyBut aside from my problems with story progression the incongruousness of the individual characters was uite annoying First of all I never fully bought Riggs as a military tough guy and strategic mastermind given the fact that he is a college professor with no training education or extensive warfare experience I was willing to ignore this little issue because the other elements of the story were entertaining even if they weren’t very believable But in this book Riggs seems a lot less stable and his personality seems to change from time to time without explanation There is a scene in which Riggs asks one of his men to fly in front of a Macro missile to block it from knocking out millions of Centaurs Riggs proceeds to watch the event unfold and then starts cracking jokes with Miklos the previously stoic overly cautious second guesser of Riggs In this scene Miklos doesn't seem to have any real objection to the death of human Star Force marine in order to save the Centaurs It seemed that both of them were out of character for the entirety of this segment But then again when you are pumping out one novel after the other in a period of a few brief months it is unlikely you have time to do any detailed analysis of hero congruity One character that doesn’t seem to have undergone an Axis II level shift of personality is Sandra Just when you thought you were going to be able to take a breather from her as she didn’t initially leave earth with Riggs she still finds her way into the action about mid way through the story In predictable fashion she immediately starts interfering with operational control and pulling Riggs into awkwardly placed sex scenes at the most unbelievable moments If you couldn’t buy a computer science professor as military mastermind and chief defender of humanity I don’t see how you could buy an uneducated bimbo as a superhuman assassin and bodyguard not to mention a seemingly welcome and freuent distraction to every single strategy session that Riggs has with his staff during a crisis In my review of book #4 in the series I stated that she nearly made it unreadable In book #5 she is eually if not annoyingI remember reading BV Larson say that half of the stuff he has sold in the last couple years was written during that same time period Apparently a good portion of Star Force was written before he was even a big seller on I could tell from books #1 #3 that a good but not great deal of care and effort was put into plot and character development It was not on the scale of what you would expect from the blockbuster writers of the genre but the style still had some appeal nonetheless Larson was far concerned with avoiding sheer boredom with drawn out background stories technical minutiae and overly done descriptives I have even come to appreciate that about Larson on some level and his success as a self published writer shows he has no shortage of appeal for his techniueOne the other hand one has to wonder if his effort to release a new book in a variety of genres every other month is part of the reason this book seems so rushed I'm not sure I will read the next in the series but if I do I'm not expecting much of an improvement The thing that is most aggravating is that Larson has the talent to be a good writer of space opera He just needs the time to put in the level of care reuired to make the story believable to those of us who read science fiction regularly This production is nowhere near his level of potential and he undersold the reader and himself by putting it out in its woefully unfinished state

  2. Jonathan Pettit Jonathan Pettit says:

    Very entertaining Military science fiction action Kyle Riggs continues to do the unexpected As he tries to defeat the Macros and unite all the biotic specifies he still manages to entertain us I still enjoy the series though it's not as thought provoking as previous books Mark Boyett does a great job as narrator on the Audiblecom version

  3. Shaft Shaft says:

    More of the same from a pretty solid series but oh my goodness Kyle can make some dumb and impulsive decisions sometimes He is definitely flawed though it feels like the book goes a little overboard painting him as a hero Definitely a series you need to start at the beginning things change a great deal from book to book

  4. John Merrick John Merrick says:

    Nothing sophisticated just an interesting imaginative space adventure with intriguing characters Escapist Sci fi that doesn't strain the brain but also doesn't insult your intelligence I'm reading all of his series of books

  5. allan graham allan graham says:

    Love this series old style sci fi yes it has its faults but still worth 5 stars

  6. Jim Jim says:

    The previous books in this series have been all out war War with the Macros who are machines bent on eradicating all biotic life They have found Earth but one guy Kyle Riggs an enhanced human who has overcome serious run ins with Macros now leads the Earth Marine Force and Fleet to track down and destroy the Macros He does that with a vengeance in the previous four booksNow in this book he begins a much needed consolidation of his forces in one of his liberated galaxies He's got some new allies called Centaurs which seem to be some kind of goat people They have the ability to fight but they have some serious draw backs Additionally while Colonel Riggs owns the space he now must clean out the Marcos that are still on several planets And while he's doing this he finds out that his neighbors in the next galaxy beyond the ring at Hellios are not the most friendly So while trying to make sure they don't start a fight he gets busy building a massive battlestation next to the Hellios ring and getting ready for either the Lobsters people or a renewed attack by another Macro fleet This book doesn't have a lot of fighting until towards the very end Then things get fast and furious as usual If you need a breather from the battles and carnage of the first four books then you'll enjoy the logistics preparations reuired during the first two thirds of this book It is well written and has a lot of further character development There are a few things I find troubling with these books One is that Colonel Kyle Riggs is the only genius in the entire Marine Corps He has to come up with all the fantastic ideas and then get them implemented Even his favorite robot Marvin doesn't seem to be much help And there there's his extremely jealous girl friend who almost kills anyone that even looks at Col Riggs This part is pretty ridiculous and gets tiring with her stupid antics Still Riggs manages to get things put together so he can stave off an attack by the Lobster people and another Macro fleet Only problem he has is that Earth has been calling him back home and he isn't ready to go back just yet Also his counterpart back at Earth seems to have gotten really egotistical with Riggs gone He's now getting information from Imperial Earth which doesn't sound goodOn to the next book

  7. Mike Nemeth Mike Nemeth says:

    In Battle Station author BV Larson focuses on one of the coolest themes in his series about Kyle Riggs an unlikely hero who has repeatedly saved the human race from extinction This theme is that of rebuilding and construction of devices that will prevent the machines from killing everything not mechanical This time Riggs is stuck in the Eden system of planets with the Centaurs the odd and gaseous Blues and weird intelligent bacteria He has disobeyed Crow yet again angering the other chief of Star Force Riggs has decided to stay and fight If he leaves he would cause the likely destruction of the entire Centaur race So he sticks around to clean the region of machines He succeeds in liberating a Macro manufacturing site using Marvin his sentient robot to translate and recode the device But just when Riggs looks like he's winning he has to take a couple of steps back Crow is up to something and turns Riggs' most loyal people against him Riggs is a rebel He does what he does because he alone sees it as the most logical path It's almost like a despot However a lot of these plot twists remind me of old westerns where the hero comes in and mops up no matter what the costs Good stuff Anyway this time around we get a look at the Blues who are apparently the creators of the Macros and unleashed their exterminating on all of space All the main characters stick around but Larson sacrifices many of the supporting players The Battle Station is pretty awesome too but it's mostly the result of this episode

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Another BV Larson book I totally demolished in a little over a day I just can't get enough of these books I know they will eventually have to end when earth wins and battles and gains production ability to finally defeat these robotic foes but I really don't want it to end My greed is total sorry Mr Larson I love the battles the disputes between fleet and marines the characters I could go on and on Military scifi is really taking over as the dominant scifi sub genre now at least for me that is I cant think of any other section of the scifi genre that I have enjoyed as much Reviewing the story or going into just how good this series is is becoming pointless now This is the fifth time I have said this Get this series read it and enjoy it

  9. Alexander Bradley Alexander Bradley says:

    BV Larson is becoming one of my favorite authors of all time He has such an imagination that its unbelievableSo onto the book Another great Rigs Pigs tale about being undermanned under gunned and still coming out on top with a few scars to show for it Admittedly the battle station only shows up at the end but the stories still fantastic with great pacing that few writers have mastered I can read this series and not even think about how far I am in the book cus I don't want to know I never want it to endIf you haven't read the others please do before reading this Fantastic book and can't wait for the seuel

  10. BobA707 BobA707 says:

    Summary uite enjoyed this the premise just doesn't work the characters are all pretty unpleasant but the plot moves along briskly and plenty of action Some 'blues' interaction but otherwise minimum aliens Some poor editing and some massive plot holesPlotline Not well thought out but moves along very nicely plenty of action Some huge weaknesses so best to not think too hard about this plotPremise No just doesn't make sense well may be a bit than it didWriting The characters are all too one dimensional Some poor editinginconsistencies creeping into this volumeEnding Plenty of actionPace Never a dull moment

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