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A Groom for Greta Everyone in their small Amish community expects Greta Goodloe to marry her longtime sweetheart Greta included So when he publicly ends their engagement in front of newcomer Luke Starns no less she is utterly humiliated At least she can take comfort in matchmaking between Luke and her uiet schoolmarm sister Yet the she tries to throw them together the Luke fascinates herA serious no nonsense schoolmarm should be exactly what Luke wants in a wife Still he can't help but be charmed by Greta's warm smile and impulsive ways Does he dare to stray from the sensible choice and take a chance on happiness

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Anna Schmidt's historical novel THE WINTERKEEPER received a Five Star rating from Reader's Favorites Reviews for the story have been strong including one from the Historical Novel Society that raved The storytelling and scene building are masterful and create an immediacy that keeps the reader turning pages This is a writer who feels words as well as thinking them Anna is a three time fina

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  1. Carmen Carmen says:

    She found herself thinking about how his full soft lips might feelThis is the second Amish romance I've read that takes place during the Great Depression I don't know if this is a thingThe book opens with Greta getting horribly dumped by her beau of five years the man she thought she was going to be married to Josef He breaks it off with her right outside of Luke's blacksmith shop Luke offers her comfort and helpShe's embarrassed about the breakup and promises to help him court her older sister Lydia if he keeps his mouth shut about what happened She's always coming up with harebrained schemes like thisAs for Luke he came here to Florida from Ontario There are hints of a dark secret in his past He mysteriously came to town no one really knows his background or his people Okay let's break this book down1 I really enjoyed this book Schmidt kept my attention and kept me glued to every page I was truly interested in what was going to happen to the characters It was gripping and suspenseful Her character descriptions were vivid 2 The hero is a huge strapping blacksmith He's kind and although not as even tempered as I like he's pretty close So he was someone interesting to me I could see why Greta was into him He also wasn't so rigid Some of these Christian heroes Amish or not can be real uptight Luke wasn't like that Luke sent up a silent prayer for forgiveness for the lie he was about to tell page 255He lies to male gossips to protect his woman That's good The biggest gossip in the book is a man not a woman Refreshing Greta did not appear to be uite so blind in her faith and Luke realized that this was a trait that the two of them shared page 303Both he and Greta struggle with completely trusting God and going through life without worry Watching him Luke found himself curling his hands into fists He had never in his life wanted to strike another human being the way he wanted to strike Josef page 303Luke never strikes Josef in this book even though Josef definitely is an asshole and you would completely understand anyone kicking his ass But he thinks about it This is about as much as you'll get in a Christian romanceThere's a scene where something bad happens and Luke even though he doesn't have to and it would be understandable if he ran away or ignored it just goes out to take care of shit You know it's going to be uncomfortable and painful for him but he just faces it head on This is super attractive in a man He also kisses Greta I know you are like Well this is a romance of course he did But plenty of Christian romances have zero kissing tragic and if the couple does kiss it's a uick asexual lipsmack that takes 002 seconds There is actual kissing in here that makes me think these two might have a hope of a good and satisfying sex life They both seem to enjoy kissing DSo in conclusion Luke was a little bit nom He wasn't perfect he had flaws but he had an attractive personality 3 The heroine At first I didn't exactly know what Schmidt was doing with this character Greta is what most would call 'a drama ueen' Her moods fluctuate wildly She can change her mood on a dime She is overly dramatic She makes instantaneous and poorly thought out decisions She's rash and impulsive She's meddling and conniving not in a malicious way but still Schmidt might have been trying to make this a little humorous A la Tales of a Drama ueenGreta has great ualities too She is fun funny full of laughter and light She loves people and gets along with almost everyone She's curious and outspoken I personally wouldn't date someone with this personality too much drama and manufactured excitement for me but I can see why certain people would find her appealing I also really relate to her struggles with men One she dated Josef a jerk for five years He wanted to change her and didn't love her for who she was Two she feels like men are too jealous and needy She's right I feel ya sister She's exasperated with trying to have to please and appease men all the time It's exhausting for sure So you're jealous Relief mixed with irritation flooded her veins This was not the first time that Josef had been upset with her for what he saw as flirting and she saw as simply being herself page 242 How many times had she reassured this man over the course of their lives together? How many times would she have to apologize for being herself? She closed her eyes and prayed for guidance and patience page 242 Cowardly Yes that explained it For as long as shed known him Josef had allowed her to have her way and deep down she had known that even the hint that she might be attracted to some other boy could have Josef falling all over himself to win favor with her On the other hand he had made it clear on than one occasion that once they married he would determine where she went and who she saw and when Greta had accepted that once she married the man was in charge But she had always assumed that after marriage she would be able to find her way around Josef's jealousies and strict ways the same way she had during their courtship page 258 As the evening wore on Greta realized that the smiles Josef and Esther were exchanging were far too familiar to be the start of something new No those smiles were the smiles of two people who shared a secretSo there had been someone else Greta fumed silently and she made no pretense at keeping up with the words the others were singing A combination of jealousy and guilt overwhelmed her and this time she needed no excuse to leave the table Without a word she stumbled toward the open doors of the barn and the sanctity of the darkness beyond She felt all eyes follow her as she hurried away and once outside she gulped in the humid night air and fought against the tears that she simply refused to allow herself to shedCry over Josef Bontrager after everything she had put up with all these years? His moods his insistence that everything be done to his satisfaction his constantly trying to change her mold her into some ideal he held of the perfect wife and mother?That was it she realized All the time that Josef had courted her he had been trying to change her He didn't love HER she realized He loved her appearance took sinful pride in being seen with such a pretty and popular woman But how many times when he spoke of their future had he reminded her that once they were married she would need to temper her curiosity and natural instinct to speak her mind?And truth be told she had thought she could change him as well once they were married She had imagined that he would become less reserved and outgoing She had been certain that the children they would have would soften his strict demeanor But now as she walked a distance from the barn to the bench where Lydia had sat earlier she had to admit that she had been wrong as wrong about Josef as he had been about her And in her heart she forgave him for the pain he had caused her and she prayed for God's forgiveness for her own selfishness But heavenly Father I cannot understand what You have in mind for me page 300 Greta was all too aware that Josef's gaze followed her wherever she went If she spent too much time lingering over conversation with any one of the men even the married ones that gaze became a glare More disturbing was the fact that Luke Starns also seemed to be watching her and he appeared to be no pleased than Josef was with her behaviorWell let them gawk all they wanted Greta was so very tired of trying to live up to somebody else's ideal of how she should conduct herself She liked people She found the sheer variety and diversity of them a source of endless fascination Wasn't it amazing how God had given each of his creatures their very own uniue ualities? If Josef and Luke for that matter chose to view her behavior as inappropriate that was hardly her problem Josef had made his choice and as for Luke well if he wanted to be her friend or than that then he would just have to accept her for the way she was After all that's what true friends did page 370 Greta had to wonder if all men were like this always uestioning what her feelings might be what they were going to be in the future Josef had done that repeatedly taking every conversation she had with any male and turning it in his mind into a flirtation or abandonment of him page 390Greta's far from perfect she can be meddling conniving jealous and petty at times But she's a good person and you can see many sides of her in this book4 Josef the villain and Greta's ex The way Schmidt illustrates Josef and his bad character in a variety of ways is skilled You can picture him exactly I feel like she put a lot of work into her characters in this book You are going to want to brain Josef with a shovel I know I did But at the same time he's not one dimensional 5 Same thing goes for Lydia Greta's older sister This is no shallow character but a living breathing person whom you can see in your mind's eye Not only are Greta and Lydia best friends refreshing and great but Lydia's interactions with Luke are also stellar I love seeing strong female friendships in romance novels and I love how Luke and Lydia have long talks are honest with each other and relate to each other After all they will be family Rarely is this shown or focused on in romance novels usually the heroine's sisters are very minor and not developed Schmidt puts in the extra time here to flesh out all the major players It's easy to make them cookie cutter but Schmidt respects her readers than that I appreciate her hard work6 MENTIONS OF GOD 957 HOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?There's no sex this is a Christian romance Minus one star There is some actually good kissing in here though As in they seem to be enjoying themselves and they are not half assing it Schmidt doesn't seem to be as terrified about writing sexual attraction as some Christian authorsTL;DR This is not getting five stars because a no sex and b there's one part of the book where Greta acts like a complete moron for no reason other than Schmidt using it as a ploy to make the plot dramatic That's lazy writingBut overall I have to say this was very enjoyable Schmidt certainly had my full attention I really cared about the characters and what happened to them I was definitely rooting for them to end up together even run away together if necessary It felt good to read about a couple I was behind 100% If you like no sex Christian romances you can't really do better than this I highly recommend it to people who are interested in that sort of thing Personally I can't give five stars to a romance novel that doesn't have sex in it especially if it features a big burly blacksmith I mean COME ON but I know not everyone enjoys sex scenes in romance novels This is a win if you like that subgenre of romance Schmidt should feel proudPS I actually laughed out loud at one point reading this book during the scene where Luke eats Lydia's pie So extra points to Schmidt I usually don't laugh out loud while readingROMANCE CATEGORIESHistorical Romance 1934Inspirational RomanceVirgin HeroAmish RomanceGreat Depression Romance 1934She doesn't work for pay I mean she works hard from dawn to dusk but it's unpaid 'women's labor' like cooking cleaning baking laundry childcare He's a Blacksmith

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    This wasn't so bad for me It was just okay in my opinionThe writing was okay the author was able to paint a lovely picture of her characters for the reader and I appreciated thatI think that the Amish are a very interesting people The language their lifestyle and so onAll very intriguing to me My problem though was with the time frame in which the author decided to give the hero a sordid past It happened too late for me and kinda came out of nowhere and felt foolishThen the resolution It was all so out of the blue and the ending felt rather abrupt In the end I couldn't give this a 3 star review in good faith

  3. Marcie Marcie says:

    Love d it Can't wait for the nest one

  4. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    4 STARSI had a smile for most of the book So Yes I recommend this bookGreta Goodloe live in the Amish town of Celery Fields It is tough time durning the great depression Greta is thinking that tomorrow her banns to Josep will be read in church They have been dating for five yearsJosep is walking her home when he stops and says he can't marry her Greta says if you want to wait another a year she guess it will be alright Josep says never and walks awayGreta realized he was serious and that it was right under the black smith's window She goes into make sure Luke won't tell anyone what he over heard Breaks down in front of himLuke asks her if he can give Greta and her sister Lydia a ride to church in the morning Greta does not want his pity Luke says he is interested in courting LydiaGreta thinks that will get some of the attention away from her and thinks that would be a good ideaLydia has other ideas Lydia thinks that Luke would be better for Greta and asks him to pray on that If he agrees he can come courting to thier house at night on the porch but while everyone will believe he is courting her he could take the time to get to know Greta and see if that would workLydia noticed his attention to watch Greta and Lydia wants to be loved just not a good marrageJosep is starting to court someone else but he can't help still looking at Greta and wants to pick off where they endedI like how the Amish come together to help each other in times of need But the bannished is a harsh thing to do I don;t know if I could do that to ones I cared aboutI like the characters in the book I love Greta laughter and how she brighten the place up and she loves to take care of othersI would like to read books by Anna Schmidt in the future Especiallt Lydia's storyI was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley10012012 PUB Harleuin Imprint Harleuin Love Inspired Historical 283 pages

  5. Andrea Guy Andrea Guy says:

    This was one of the best romances I've read in a long time I couldn't put it down until I finished reading it and considering that it is 280 pages well that's really saying something Lately I've been having a hard time reading books the length of a Harleuin RomanceSo what was it about this story that made it stand out from all the others I've been readingGreta Lydia and Luke were really engaging characters Greta at first seems a little flighty and flirty but that isn't the case really She's really just a people person And Luke and Lydia both appear serious but they have their own secrets too Luke's deals with his past life in Canada and Lydia's deals with a certain someone that we meet near the end of the bookI also liked the setting of the book Depression Era FloridaIt is so nice to read Amish stories that aren't always set in PA or OHPlus even though Love Inspired is a Christian line this book was pure sweet romance which isn't something that you get with a lot of Amish fiction out there This is really a love story between Greta and Luke and it has some ups and downs do to the way the two of them find each otherGreta has just been jilted by her sweetheart just a few days before they planned to announce their engagement and Luke thinks he wants to wed Greta's sister Lydia How the two finally decide to court is uite amusing but you'll have to read that for yourself I will give you a hint that Lydia has something to do with itBut things aren't always easy and fires and secrets make their courtship a little bumpyAnna tied the story together nicely without making things too obvious This is a great afternoon romance and one that I can see myself revisiting again down the line

  6. Abbie Abbie says:

    Greta finds herself dumped by her fiancé in the middle of the street and only the blacksmith Luke heard it happen Trying to save herself some embarrassment she asks Luke to not tell anyone and when she finds out he is interested in courting her sister she offers to help thinking it would take the eyes off her The problem is she finds Luke interesting as well Luke moved to the area to start over Now that his business is doing well he figures its time to find a wife and Greta’s older sister seems like the best choice yet he can’t shake the fact that he finds himself caring for Greta This was an enjoyable book which I have come to expect with the Love Inspired line What I liked I liked all the characters I felt bad for Greta because she got dumped by her fiancé only a few days before it was going to be announced in church Luke had to face his past and Greta was willing to help him do that I also liked Greta’s sister even though she was of a side character in this book I believe she will get to tell her story nextWhat I did not like Greta came across a little immature I understand it would be hard to be dumped like she was but I rolled my eyes at her at times Over all I really enjoyed this book and now I want to go back and read the first two books of the series I am also looking forward to the next book If you like Amish fiction you will enjoy this book You can easily read this book with out reading the first two but you can tell it’s a series bookhttpabbiesreadingcornercom20121

  7. Maureen Timerman Maureen Timerman says:

    When Greta Goodloe is disengaged by her Amish Fiancé in the middle of the streetshe is beyond tears Luke the local blacksmith witnesses what happens and consoles Greta Luke has seen Greta around but he is new to the area of Celery Fields FL Luke thinks he would like a relationship with Greta's sister Lydia He begins to think that this young woman will be his sister in law and may end up living with them?? He is really dreaming aheadLydia does agree to go to a Sunday Night Singing with Luke and now everyone thinks that the two of them will make a match? Greta's old boyfriend has begun flirting with another even though she doesn't love Josef she is hurt that he is already lookingLuke does come with baggage he has come from Ontario and hasn't said what the problem is and why he left? Was a bit surprised by this turn of events there is a bit of deceit going onI did finish this in one day and is a fast and interesting read If you enjoy good Amish stories this one is for youI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Harleuin and was not reuired to give a positive review

  8. IrenesBookReviews IrenesBookReviews says:

    Trying to play matchmaker ends up changing this main characters life I gave this book 55 stars I liked the relationships of the two main characters Greta and Luke I liked how the conversations flowed and were actually real to life I enjoyed the Amish setting and think it made the story memorable I would recommend this book for anyone looking for an entertaining romance between two likable characters I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely read it again I would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read

  9. Kate Kate says:

    This book started out slow for me but towards the middle it picked up speed and by the last several chapters I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to see what happened nextI liked the characters Greta and Luke were solidly portrayed and you couldn't help but feel for them in the situations they ended up in But I have to say my favourite character was Lydia She was a very compassionate soul

  10. Cathy Daniel Cathy Daniel says:

    I wish I could give stars I LOVED this book and can not believe I have not read any others by this author I plan to rectify this soon I loved Greta's character so much maybe because I can relate to her I feel so much like her Both good and bad Lol The romance was sooo tender and sweet I cried at the end Happy happy tears READTHISBOOK

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