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Honor and Obey A lot happened in this book in a short time All I have to say is I NEED for the forth book comes out I have too many unanswered uestions and I need to hear what happens from William's pov In Book 2 William appears to be spiraling out of control and I thought this would be a great set up for an amazing story in the third bookbut less than halfway into this book he gets the ultimate redemption with no accountability for his previous actions The ending is abrupt and makes you wonder about Emma's sanitybut then again nothing makes sense in this book neither the beginning nor the middle nor the end A huge thank you to Teresa Mummert for providing me with an ARC of Honor and Obey xoxo “In here I’m in charge” I cleared my throat and tried to sound confident “You don’t touch me unless I tell you it’s okay” He walked closer but stopped short I grabbed his belt and slid it out of his belt loops “Take your clothes off” Ohmeghosh Looks like the tables are turning Honor and Obey starts off exactly where Honor Student left off view spoiler With William proposing Emma and asking her to marry him hide spoiler After reading the first two books I was SO excited to read number 3 tonight it took me all of an hour and a half but I start reading it upto the car crash the book is fantastic then he looses his memory and Im like ARE YOU FOR REAL? She then goes on to marry this new version of him shes known for what 4 days? 90% of which time shes spent off her face drunk and crying maniacally Sorry but I thought it was a total cop out to have the book ending like that where he turns into her submissive she pushes him from alpha male to a boy with all the self restraint of a randy teenager The 3 I gave this book were for the first half the author is talented and I love her other books I just think this one ended REALLY poorly I was fairly disappointed in Honor and Obey if I'm honest I feel that reading Honor Thy Teacher has ruined some aspects of the storyWe find out in William's PoV he knows Emma's Aunt then he has to meet her in Honor and Obey and suddenly she is dead Emma is about to find stuff out about his past and her Aunt when they are in a RTA and suddenly after looking at Emma he's lost his memory having had an insight into Williams mind I personally think he has made up the memory lossá la The Opportunist this is my own conclusion and i will definitely be reading Honor and Betray to see if i'm rightThe ending of the book seemed very rushed one minute she was fighting being with him the next they were being married by Stephen who until the last page or so had no mentionsStill cannot wait for Williams PoV I think his mind is interesting with all his dark secrets and hopefully their will be a fifth and sixth book so we can see if they pull through everything 35 I liked this book It was a bit short for me At times I felt like all they did was have sexnot that I am complaining It was hotI enjoy reading William's POV because he is so sneaky I don't want to give away any spoilers but I think someone is lying again Can't wait to read ★★★★★ I highly recommend this series I couldn’t put it downWonderful I looked at this series for weeks not realizing that it would be one of the most enjoyable and sexiest booksseries I have ever read Hero William Honor 29 yearsdark brown hairblue eyes is better than Christian Grey in class with Gideon Cross albeit darker He will stay with you for awhile especially book 2 written from his POV I wish Ms Mummert would let us know how many books total will a Book 56 end series? Please read series in order Also I love the cover art and if I’m not mistaken it was made by the author herself – good jobHero rating 5 starsHeroine rating 45 starsStory line rating 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book Yes I need to start off by saying what the FREAK did my Arse just Effin read?Wooooow this was by far thee longest I have EVER taken to read a book and it was only like 256 pages long That was because I had to put it down after only a couple of chapters for about a month then had to force myself to finish it just because I refused to uit and because I like the POV of William in the first series For me this is pretty much how the book wenta bunch of useless boring thoughts narrated inside of Emma’s mind sex with William sleep wake up have coffee cry over anything that moved get bossed around by William violated by Williams fingers stuck up her Va jay jay constantly sex again of Emma’s narrated boring thoughts sprinkled with tears blurring her eyes sex again to the point that I was ready to scratch my eyeballs out and scream bloody MURDER wait a minute that’s Williams job coffee in the morning followed by sex and crying I’m surprised this broad didn’t shrivel up like a dried up prune from crying so day um muchThis book was so senseless to me and so very one sided with minimal dialogue between the two characters that it should have been just one book but I’m guessing that this way there would be to write for the authors next book with Williams POV I realize by reading this type of trilogy or whatever this series of books is considered is not my cup of tea I would much rather have the author make the books complete with thoughts action plot and dialogue rather than having me read the same story twice with each book being told by 2 POV’s Having said all of that I’m hoping Will’s POV will be much interesting like it was with the second book Honor Thy Teacher He’s a controlling manipulative lying premeditated lil So and So which is NOT my ideal book hero for sure This author has got me wanting to read the next book ONLY because of that son of a watch cho mouth William’s crazy ass POV I’m wondering if he really did the things I believe he was capable of doing Emma has found the love of her life but his dark secrets could change everything With a horrible accident and the loss of another loved one the student must become the teacher As secrets begin to unravel will she be able to look passed them or will she have to leave William and start life new again SPOILER ALERT1 Book one was written from her POV and book two from his This was book three and written only in her POV which was a horrible decision In book two we learned how messed up he was a murderer manipulator cheater druggie alcoholic etc Then in book three since it was written only from her POV it was like we only got half a story We needed to know his crazy thoughts and just not hers Especially knowing how crazy his thoughts can be2 Knowing how he was we just have to assume he killed her Aunt That was not confirmed but based on book two you could only assume3 His amnesia??? Seriously he had to be faking that Especially since we learned how he manipulates from book two And he was so scared to lose her Also how did he remember her name but not anything else about her??? And why was it never mentioned around the doctor that he had memory loss????4 And she married him??? That made no senseBook three leaves us with tons of unknowns What about all his lies murders etc?? And Allison?  The author can't honestly think we would believe all is good and they are married with a happily ever after??? He had to have just tricked her into marriage Nothing makes sense So frustratedBook four better not be a repeat of book three from his POVI am getting tired of these hisher POV books Just give us a complete story in each book

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