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  1. Grégory Grégory says:

    What a gorgeous gorgeous book It took me than a year to finish it 'cause I could never bring myself to read it properly given its format but I am really glad I took the timeGiven the outstanding amount of pictures you would think that it is a uick read but absolutely not It is full of full fledged chapters rich with illustrations historical points reference studios and designers to check out It features a rich amount of notes to go further and explore on your ownI was pleasantly surprised with the geographic extent of the book that featured mainland Europe as well as the UK and US uite an effort for a book in English really It could have featured oriental examples but that would have left us with a book two or three times the volume so I'm not that mad about itIt completed my curriculum nicely and left me much enriched I'll keep this book close for the selection of inspiring visuals and the numerous notes and Post It notes I left in itI would strongly recommend this herculean book to anyone who's interested in and or works with typography or poster design It's a real inspirationThe ending was a bit abrupt It was a bit odd to get no real closure or epilogue The rest was great

  2. Frederic Frederic says:

    An outstanding survey of the history of type and graphic design especially for the period from the late 18th through early 20th century Chock full of fabulous examples and beautifully printed on high uality paper Made me see in printed work than ever before and tempted me to collect in some new areas

  3. John John says:

    Absolutely stunning color plates of broadsides and advertisements before there was graphic design this is an era when type influenced design and it is spectacular From a scholar of printing history comes a great look at how printing type and design made beauty

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Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers Who first coined the phrase “graphic design” a term dating from the 1920sor first referred to themselves as a “graphic designer” are issues still arguedto this day What is certain is that the kinds of printed material a graphicdesigner could create were around long before the formulation of such aconvenient if sometimes troublesome termHere David Jury explores how the “jobbing” printer who producedhandbills posters catalogues advertisements and labels in the eighteenthnineteenth and early twentieth centuries was the true progenitor of graphicdesign rather than the “noble presses” of the Arts and Crafts movementBased on original research and aided by a wealth of delightful and fullycaptioned examples that reveal the extraordinary skill craft design senseand intelligence of those who created them the book charts the evolution of“print” into “graphic design” It will be of lasting interest to graphic designersdesign and social historians and collectors of print and printed ephemera alike

  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers
  • David Jury
  • English
  • 08 March 2014
  • 9780500516461