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Something Wicked When you curse your enemy you curse yourself too Nonpracticing witch Kate Trillo learned this when she walked in on her sister's murder and fought off the gloating killer Staring into his cold eyes she spoke the words that would make his life a living hell until she could get vengeance — and then the strangest accidents began happening to her To make matters worse the killer had a perfect alibi — or a look alike Had Kate said the wrong name or was something wicked afoot By uncovering her own secret heritage and finding a long lost goddess grail Kate might learn the truth But would the truth set her sister's killer free

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  1. Tasneem Tasneem says:

    My first Evelyn Vaughn I must say it has convinced me to go read of her work I'm not that much of a Silhouette reader but there are some writers for whom I'm willing to keep coming back She's gone into that list with easeI adored the characters the story and plot are good and tight Well written I liked the setting the way in which magic and the everyday were blended in together The mythology and the use of ancient religion was really brought to life and I think as a witch that I found it enjoyable to readRe read 16102015This reading made me realise how very ignorant Kate was about anything outside Canada and the US She had no clue about the EU history mythology geography And yet I still liked her as a character I did find it amazing that she found the knowledge Ben had so astonishing I mean he didn't say anything over the top Neither did any of the GreekLatin names come as a surprise for they are the obvious roots to so many words we use in English But perhaps I am biased because of my Classical education as it were In any case I applaud the way the author brings that ignorance to life and allows Kate to learn and grow Victor's evil brings his own destruction That was satisfying too I just wish the author had written in the series This seems like a terrible place to stop there's so much to narrate And I wish I knew what happened to the Kali Cup and what it's destruction brought about and if Maggie is really right in it being destroyed

  2. Yolanda Sfetsos Yolanda Sfetsos says:

    Another terrific Grailkeepers novel This one was a different narrator Kate Trillo but still full of adventure and danger This time the Goddess grail in uestion is Hekate'sKate interupts her sister's killer and puts a curse on him Her life goes to hell from there as she's forced to face the family tradition of being a witch she's shunned for so long She embarks on an adventure that takes her to Greece Turkey and Rome the backdrop to some very cool European historyI really enjoyed this book The heroine's plight was heartfelt as well as the heartbreak of losing her only sister and everything that follows And Ben Fisher is a wonderful hero Vaughn's heros usually are I can't wait to check out the next one But in the meantime if you want to read a captivating tale with a wonderful adventure and a magical story read this book

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    I read about half this book i couldn't really get into it

  4. Heather Heather says:

    I was disappointed at first to see the new main character but it ended when I read this great book The author keeps her great storyline going with strong characters I love the series and wish that there was books to it think of all the Goddess Grails they could find

  5. Deirdre Deirdre says:

    A grail keepers story Kate Trillo cursed the man who killed her sister by name bringing a curse on her as well However the man she thinks did the job may be innocentIt's interesting and fun light but expected from the genre it's in

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    Kate is one of those heroines who embodies the trifecta of anger power and deliberate ignorance that makes me want to go on a political rant Add in a tepid romance and regular info dumping and the whole thing fills me with a vaguely annoyed sense of meh

  7. Lynn Calvin Lynn Calvin says:

    headless woman cover

  8. Anjula Anjula says:

    It’s a romcom on paper aka fun chick lit

  9. Susan Susan says:

    I picked up this book because the author is someone I knew She didn't disappoint me Great story

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